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📅 June 14, 2024

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  • Pet supplement brand
  • All natural, effective supplements
  • Products addressing various life stages of dogs
  • Dog allergy relief, mobility assistance, and multivitamins

As pet owners, we’d do anything for our furry friends – especially regarding their health. First founded in 2014, pet wellness brand Zesty Paws formulates all kinds of health supplements that help dog and cat owners do that. From antioxidant-packed allergy solutions to digestive aids and multivitamins, this brand ensures high-quality and delicious products with an emphasis on pet health and nutrition. Investing in your pet’s health long-term can help you save thousands in vet bills. With tons of pets all over the nation obsessed with this brand, Finders & Keep decided to do a deep dive into why they’re the number-one brand for canine owners. Find out more with our Zesty Paws review below. 

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Zesty Paws Products

Zesty Paw’s best-selling items include their Hemp Bites, Omega 3 products, and Salmon Oil. While they have overall multivitamins and supplements to promote your dog’s general health, they also have products that support various issues, including:

1. Gut Health

Zesty Paw’s Probiotic Bites for Dogs are designed to support your furry friend’s digestive tract with a special formula. These probiotic bites are made with a formulation of chicken and essential probiotics to sustain the flora of your pet’s gut. One reviewer noted “It’s been a year since our dog started using Zesty Paws Probiotics for Dogs (gut health), and I can confidently say that the positive effects are still going strong. Not only has our furry friend experienced improvements in his overall well-being, but his breath and overall smell are better – a change we couldn’t be happier about.” Along with their best-selling Probiotic Bites, their other GI essentials include the Chew No Poo bites as well as the Scoot Away bites which are designed specifically to help keep Fido’s bowel function regular. 

2. Mobility

As some pets get older, they may struggle to move as easily as a young pup. Zesty Paws has several products for dogs with mobility or joint issues, seeking to restore their function and mobility. Their most popular is their anti-inflammatory turmeric curcumin bites, which contain BioPerine, curcumin, and coconut oil to help keep energy high and joints supported. 

3. Allergies

Seasonal allergies can wreak havoc on your pet’s life. Zesty Paws created several products featuring Wild Alaskan salmon oil which can help with itchiness and skin irritation. Additionally, their Aller-Immune bites with added probiotics work to fight seasonal allergies and promote a healthy coat/skin. One reviewer wrote: “We have an almost 2-year-old female Frenchie, about 25 pounds, and she had been having a really hard time with allergies and constantly itching herself and nibbling spots on her skin […] When we started giving her the bites, within a WEEK she was showing amazing results! She’s been taking them for almost a month now and her skin looks so, so healthy now.” 

4. Stress response/anxiety

Car rides, thunderstorms, and fireworks can be extremely stressful for some pups. Zesty Paws calming bites can help your dog stay relaxed and stress-free during these high-stress activities. Active ingredients include L-theanine, hemp seed, and chamomile, while the advanced version contains melatonin for an added boost.  

5. Incontinence

Unfortunately, some dogs may lose the ability to control their bladder with age. Zesty Paw’s cranberry bladder bites boosted with Astragalus are great for dogs struggling with urinary incontinence. One reviewer praised the Cranberry Bladder Bites, saying “Our three-year-old Cane Corso started having incontinence issues at night. We started her on these as I didn’t want to put her on Rx meds just yet. She gets one twice a day with meals. No more potty issues at night!”

6. Aging

Zesty Paws makes products specifically for senior dogs that are labeled as such and also have ingredients to support age-related issues, such as their Vision Bites, Cognition Bites, and Multi-Collagen Bites. 

7. Multifunctional Bites

For those looking for a general multi-vitamin, two of Zesty Paw’s best-sellers include the 8-in-1 Multifunctional Bites and the 11-in-1 Multifunctional Bites, which contain a slew of vitamins, probiotics, and other important complexes for the gut, joints, and overall immune system. The 11-in-1 is a better choice for seniors who require a little extra love with ingredients like cranberry extract.



Zesty Paws creates numerous supplements and products to promote the health and well-being of your pets, but here are some overarching features of their products:


  • Treats and supplements sold in unique and mouthwatering flavors like turkey, duck, lamb, bacon, or peanut butter
  • Most formulations are available in Advanced versions, which are a little more potent
  • Reviewers agree that picky pets gobble them up
  • Supplements for cats are also available
  • Most bottles contain 90 chews, lasting 30 to 90 days, depending on your pet’s size
  • A hemp line called Hemp Elements, helps your dog reap the non-psychoactive benefits of the cannabis plant such as relaxation and stress-reduction
  • Premium ingredients are chosen based on science-backed evidence
  • Can be purchased on the company’s site or in brick-and-mortar stores, including Target, Amazon, and Chewy


Zesty Paws takes extra care with its packaging. Rather than being packed in bags, these supplements are packed in sturdy containers that are easy to open. These well-designed jars also help preserve the quality and flavor of your chews so that they don’t lose their potency too quickly. As a bonus, the containers can easily be reused when your pet is done with the chews. 


Zesty Paws packaging features bright, easy-to-recognize colors that won’t be hidden in your cabinet, allowing you to easily identify your pet’s supplements. Additionally, each container is clearly labeled, so you won’t ever get confused about which supplement is for what issue. Even with all that info, the label isn’t too busy, and we appreciate that they’re as informative as possible on it. 

Price and Availability


Prices range from $4.00 to $124 depending on the item or bundle. Although adding Zesty Paw products to your pet’s routine might bump up their monthly budget a little bit, these all-natural chews are extremely affordable when compared to vet meds. They also have deals like 25% off your first purchase and bundles, which allow you to purchase multiple items for a lower price point. 

Pros and Cons


  • Great for targeted issues
  • A well-rounded multivitamin for all kinds of dogs
  • Tasty enough for picky eaters
  • A cheaper alternative to prescription medications


  • Expensive monthly costs for multiple products
  • Not as strong as some vet-prescribed alternatives
  • Some customers find that products are inconsistent

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Zesty Paws

Tips & Tricks


How To Best Use Zesty Paws Supplements


First, start by deciding which Zesty Paws supplement will most benefit your pet. Then decide which formula is easiest: The brand offers bites, mini bites (for smaller dogs), squares, OraStix, dental bones, and even bottles of oil. Read the dosage information on the side of each container and keep an eye out for any changes. 


Choosing The Right Dosage 

The dosage for Zesty Paws will differ depending on the supplement you choose and the size of your dog. Each Zesty Paws supplement features a chart on the back of the tub, which will tell you exactly how much to give your pet depending on weight. The brand recommends that you begin with half the recommended dosage and gradually increase to the daily amount on the bottle. 



Zesty Paws seems to have a solution for every kind of health issue, so if your pet does experience any health problems, whatever they may be, this company will most likely have something to help. There also aren’t a lot of products like their 8-in-1 or 11-in-1 bites, which tackle so many different health aspects at once. Additionally, for dog owners looking for a CBD-free alternative that fights anxiety and stress, this brand seems to be a serious lifesaver. 

While we’re not claiming that these supplements can replace any prescription medicine that your vet might suggest if you’re looking for a holistic option that’s cheaper than a lot of medications, Zesty Paw chews may be an effective answer to your problems. It’s also a healthier way to reward your dog than other treats on the market. Even if your pup has no current health issues, these multivitamins can be a preventative measure. 

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