Your Simple Guide To Buying Gifts For Men

With the holiday season upon us, you’re probably feeling some of the stress of choosing the right gifts. However, finding the perfect gift is easier for some people than for others. One group of people that can be notoriously difficult to shop for is men. While most men may say they’re easy to please and you can get them anything, they probably didn’t show much excitement last year when they got all socks and underwear (no matter how much they may have needed it). This adds to the pressure of finding the perfect gift this year. But how do you shop for men? Whether you’re a partner, friend, or family member, here’s your simple guide to buying gifts for men this holiday season. Get ready to knock it out of the park. 

Make It Personal

No matter how much men say they aren’t sentimental, most are. Personalizing your gift is a great way to touch a man’s heart and make your gift one he’ll be bragging about for years. And no, personalizing doesn’t just mean signing your name on a card.

Make the gift special to him. For example, if you get him a new knife, consider having his name laser etched into the blade or handle. Whether your man is a tech lover or a rustic outdoorsman, he’ll enjoy having something personalized to him. 

Another way to make something personal is to add the sentimental value of a special day. A 3D wood carving of one of your wedding photos or a wood-burned image of your whole family for his office are great ways to give him something unique yet personal.

Make it Practical

When buying gifts for men, remember that while men can be sentimental, they’re also practical (usually). So when shopping for a man in your life, it’s best to get him something he’ll use (or at least want to use, like a custom sword). In short, don’t get him a gag gift like a prank toy or a funny t-shirt that he’ll never wear.

What’s more, just because you find it funny doesn’t necessarily mean he will. If he’s an office fan, don’t get him a t-shirt that says, “Assistant to the Regional Wife,” cause chances are he’ll never actually want to wear it. 

While clothing is practical, it’s not always fun. Try to find a gift that isn’t something he would normally buy out of necessity. Some good ideas include:

  • A customized board game for the gamer guy
  • A custom Air Pods case for the tech guy
  • Sports tickets for the sports guy
  • A deep tissue massage for the athletic guy
  • A field knife or hatchet for the outdoor guy
  • Slippers and a monthly pizza subscription for the couch potato
  • A customized apron and knife set for the chef guy

Before buying a gift, simply stop and ask, “Will he use this?” if the answer is yes, great job! Otherwise, keep looking.

Make it Fun

Truthfully, most men are still kids at heart. Holidays aren’t just about giving practical gifts but also gifts that are fun to play with. A slingshot just like the one he had when he was a kid or a season pass to the nearby paintball field are great ways to bring out his inner child.

 At the end of the day, men need a break, too; a fun gift is a great way to do that. Even if you think it’s the stupidest thing in the world, if it makes him happy and helps him have fun, it’s a great gift. Think through what he likes and consider how you can find something personal, practical, and fun. You’ll do great if you can check at least two of those categories. If you check all three, then he’ll probably brag about it for years to come.

If all else fails, remember you could just ask him to give you some ideas of things he’s been wanting. Men often don’t mind having a basic idea of what you might be getting them. Don’t complicate it. Make buying gifts for the men in your life simple, and you might be surprised at the great reaction you’ll receive!

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