Why should I buy organic fruits and vegetables?

Because it’s better for our planet and for your health. An organic item means that it’s been farmed without the use of chemicals, instead using nontoxic measures to prevent weeds, diseases and insects from invading their plants. Organic farming practices are also way better for the land’s natural resources. Rather than putting harsh chemicals in your body and the soil, switch to an all-natural solution! With so many benefits, there’s no reason not to buy organic fruits and vegetables

Some of you might be wondering: is there any healthy food near me that’s also organic? Organic foods can sometimes be expensive, but we’ve compiled a list of accessible places to get your vegetables and fruits in person and online for a range of budgets – even if you don’t have organic stores near you. Additionally, many of these sites like Misfits Market sell other items like meat and pantry essentials. From produce boxes delivered weekly to popular in-person destinations, get access to the fresh products you deserve with our top picks below. 

Misfits Market is on a mission to make high-quality food more affordable while preventing food waste. Just how do they do that? They sell misshapen, “ugly” produce that’s often tossed out because it’s not attractive enough to be sold at conventional grocery stores. These foods are still perfectly good and cost less than what you might find on grocery shelves near you. Weekly subscriptions are the most popular option, with consumers saving up to 40% on vegetables and fruit. Why miss out on delicious foods just because they’re not photogenic?

2. Little Spoon

Finding organic fruits and vegetables for yourself is one thing, but what about making sure that your little ones get the fresh produce without pesticides that their tiny bodies need to grow strong? Ideal for parents who have busy schedules, Little Spoon offers organic baby food that’s free of the sugar, chemicals and cheap filler that you can find in commercial baby food. They also have food for toddlers and kids. And, don’t worry, they are “picky eaters approved”.

Did you know that Amazon sells its own organic products? Amazon Fresh grocery delivery is included with any Amazon Prime membership, allowing unlimited access to a large catalog of items that offer a more flexible delivery schedule than some of the other meal subscription plans on this list. Shop through hundreds of aisles from the comfort of your home.  Right now, Amazon Fresh is only offered within the United States.

4. Local Farmers Market

Support your local small businesses by buying fruits and veggies from your local farmers’ market. Although some outdoor farmer’s markets only operate until the fall, you can often find indoor ones that operate year-round, and some of the farmer’s market vendors may still do local delivery or arrange a pickup with some merchant partners. Along with fruits and veggies, these markets often have prices you can haggle, so bring cash and exact change! Many organic stands will be labeled as such, but if they’re not, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

5. Daily Harvest

Don’t like eating your organic veggies raw or cooked? Or maybe you’re not a big fan of fruit salad? In that case, Daily Harvest has your back with their unique offerings which include options like smoothies and harvest bowls that deliver all the nutrients your body needs in the form of vibrant, flavorful meals using those organic fruits and vegetables rather than basic products that you need to prep at home. 

Not everyone has a disposable income that they can spend at Whole Foods, and that’s nothing to be ashamed off. Healthy food purveyor Trader Joes has just as many organic options as their more expensive competitor, allowing you to stock up on other pantry essentials while you’re also searching for your favorite pesticide-free fruits and vegetables.

7. Farm Box Direct

If you live in the continental US, you can get access to Farmbox Direct’s fresh product that also happens to be organic.  Choose between essentials, small boxes or medium boxes with this accessible service which costs as little as $40 a box. Buyers can choose between a fruit menu, veggie menu, or mixed menu, and they even have a juicing option for those who have access to a juicer at home and prefer to drink their product. Another perk is that they offer a diabetic-friendly box.

8. Produce Stands

At some point, you’ve probably asked yourself: do produce stands near me carry organic ingredients? It’s not always guaranteed that these will be organic, so it’s best to ask whoever’s managing the stand if the products are organic or free of pesticides. Buying locally is great for the environment and often, you’ll find that these stands offer a range of vegetables and fruits for a more affordable price.

Whole Foods sells through its online platform on Amazon as well as in person. In this large international grocery store, you’ll find more organic options than not, making it ideal for those who prefer all-organic-everything rather than just organic fruits and vegetables. While it’s not the most affordable place you can buy your groceries (we’ve included more budget-friendly alternatives throughout our list) if you want the best of the best and a diverse selection, treat yourself at Whole Foods, which also sometimes has flyer deals. 

This might make you raise an eyebrow, but surprisingly the superstore has started carrying organic produce in its grocery department. Although some still might be iffy about eating the fresh options from Walmart, this is the best place to buy organic if you meal prep or use frozen veggies. Frozen organic veggies like baby carrots, bell peppers and more are great for stir-fries, omelettes and other quick dishes where you don’t want to slice and dice. Frozen options are also frozen at peak nutrition, preserving all those good nutrients in your food.

11. Girl n Dug

Another veggie and fruit subscription box option, Girl n Dug is ideal for those who want a more rare and exotic take on their produce. Rather than something you might find in local aisles, you’ll get lesser-known, specialty ingredients like Andean pichu berries and Argentine yacon water root. If you have no idea what those things are, don’t worry – they send a User Manual to help you figure out what they are and recipes along with additional info on how to prepare them. Great for foodies or anyone who hosts dinner parties with other fruit and veggie lovers. 

12. Don’t purchase…Grow your own!

Why spend extra money on organic fruits and vegetables when you could grow them from the comfort of your own home? Delivered farm fresh to you, from you! While it certainly can take time to develop a green thumb and figure out how to grow your own produce, it’s a gratifying and money-saving hobby that’ll often yield the best-tasting food if you give your plants the right TLC. 

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