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What is White Stone Oyster Company?

📅 June 14, 2024

In a Rush? Get the Fast Facts

  • Premium Chesapeake Oysters
  • Same-Day Shipping
  • No Cleaning Needed
  • Salty & Sweet Flavors
  • Recipe Inspiration Blog

White Stone Oyster Company sells premium quality oysters farmed fresh from a dock in Chesapeake Bay, Virginia, and delivered to your door. Their oysters are guaranteed to be without sand, grit, or grain, allowing you to enjoy the highest quality clean, and meaty oysters.

A History of White Stone Oyster Company

White Stone Oyster Company, established in 2015, is renowned for cultivating premium oysters in the Chesapeake Bay. The company’s innovative aquaculture methods ensure that its oysters spend their entire life floating in the open Chesapeake Bay, leading to a unique flavor and quality. This prime location and method contribute to their distinctive earthy taste, which is a blend of saltiness and umami flavors. The oysters are perfect for raw consumption, presenting a culinary delight for connoisseurs, and are favored by high-end restaurants

Why shop White Stone Oysters?

Their farming practices also emphasize environmental stewardship, ensuring that the oysters are sustainably sourced. The company’s strategic location allows for the blending of salty and sweet flavors, a hallmark of Chesapeake Bay oysters. The company also takes pride in its pristine water quality, which allows the oysters to absorb clean nutrients and maintain their exceptional flavor. White Stone Oyster Company caters to a wide range of customers, including homes, offices, and restaurants, making their high-quality oysters available for various occasions

What products does White Stone Oyster offer?

White Stone Oyster offers a variety of options for buying their phenomenal oysters. They sell live-shelled oysters starting at a 25 count, or you could try their Raw Bar Starter Kit, which includes 50 White Stone oysters, a jar of Red Clay Hot Sauce, and an oyster knife. If live-shelled oysters aren’t your style, you can also try White Stone’s Wandering Waders jarred oysters, which are sold by the quart. These jarred oysters are hand-selected for premium quality, and customers rave about them!

Our White Stone Oyster Company Review

White Stone Oyster offers incredibly high-quality oysters right to your door. Here are a few of our favorite things about White Stone Oyster Company. 

Fast Shipping

White Stone Oyster Company farms fresh oysters the day you place your order and offers same-day shipping to ensure your oysters are as fresh as can be when they arrive. They recommend ordering your oysters 1-2 days before your scheduled events and refrigerating them until you need them. White Stone Oysters also offers free 2-day shipping on all orders over $100 and a complimentary bottle of Red Clay Hot Sauce on your first order!

No Additional Cleaning Required

White Stone floats their oysters at the surface of the Chesapeake Bay, where the water quality is the purest. This means that their premium oysters are never in contact with the grime, sand, and dirt at the bottom of the Chesapeake, and customers agree that you will never need additional cleaning of your delicious White Stone oysters. 

Salty & Sweet Taste

The White Stone farm is strategically located to capitalize on the sweet and salty flavors of the Chesapeake Bay with layered flavors that can change subtly depending on the season. Oyster beginners and seasoned oyster connoisseurs alike enjoy the fresh and delicious flavors of White Stone oysters. 

Great Recipe Ideas

If you’re looking to do more with your oysters, White Stone’s blog, An Oyster Life, rounds up a variety of delicious oyster recipe ideas. For those shelled White Stone oysters, try these incredible recipes for grilled oysters. Or, to spice up your jarred oysters, try this recipe for fried oyster tacos. There’s no shortage of great ways to use your fresh White Stone oysters!

Pros & Cons:


  • Premium Quality Oysters: White Stone Oyster Company provides premium-quality oysters farmed fresh from the Chesapeake Bay, ensuring a clean, meaty, and flavorful oyster experience.
  • Same-Day Shipping: The brand offers same-day shipping, ensuring that customers receive the freshest oysters possible. Additionally, free 2-day shipping is available on orders over $100.
  • Recipe Inspiration: White Stone Oyster Company’s blog, “An Oyster Life,” offers a variety of delicious oyster recipe ideas, providing customers with creative ways to enjoy their fresh oysters.


  • Pricing: The cost of White Stone Oyster Company’s premium oysters may be higher compared to other oyster options, potentially making it less budget-friendly for some consumers.
  • Limited Product Range: While the focus is on high-quality oysters, the brand has a relatively limited product range, which may be a drawback for customers looking for a broader selection of seafood options.
  • Refrigeration Required: Customers are advised to refrigerate the oysters until needed, which may pose a challenge for those with limited fridge space or last-minute event plans.

Should you buy White Stone oysters?

If you’re looking to try premium oysters that are both flavorful and fresh, you can’t beat White Stone Oyster Company. With great products that customers can’t get enough of, fast shipping, and incredible recipe ideas, White Stone Oyster Company will have you coming back for another taste of the Chesapeake Bay.

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