What Can You Make with a Waffle Iron?

While it’s pretty difficult to beat a classic waffle with the works, the waffle iron refuses to be placed into a box. After all, who are we to stifle its creative freedom? The truth is, waffle irons can do a lot more than we credit them for. And whether you live in an ovenless home, really love waffle-shaped food, or are simply curious, it’s time to ask serious questions. What can a waffle iron really do?

What Can You Make with a Waffle Iron?

After spending years in a college dorm with nothing but a crockpot to my name, I was shocked (and crushed, really) to discover all that I missed out on. While I am grateful to my crockpot for its loyal service, a waffle iron would have served me much better in the “study snack” department. If you aren’t convinced, check out the following nine examples of what you can make with a waffle iron…besides waffles.

1. Pizza

The real question is why anyone would eat regular pizza when you can have waffle pizza. If you are limited on time or supplies, don’t worry. All you have to have is some store-bought pizza dough, marinara sauce, shredded cheese, and any other toppings that suit your fancy. Turn your waffle iron on, then layer each ingredient. If you prefer your cheese not to directly contact the waffle iron, add an extra layer of dough on top, like a calzone. Close your waffle iron, wait a few minutes, then enjoy your melty pizza goodness.

2. Cinnamon Rolls

Remember that any of these items can be made with homemade ingredients. However, if your love language is ease, then storebought works just as well. Try layering mini canned cinnamon rolls in a waffle iron, then smush and cook them. Use the icing drizzle as your syrup. It’s the perfect by-product of a waffle and cinnamon roll romance.

3. Quesadillas

For a perfectly crispy, melty quesadilla, follow the same steps as the pizza waffle but with quesadilla ingredients. Two tortillas, cheese, and pre-cooked chicken make a perfect snack every time. Serve with salsa, of course.

4. Brownies

Sometimes, you just really need a brownie, and waiting 45 minutes for it to bake is not an option. Enter the waffle iron. Pour your brownie batter into the waffle iron, then cook. The texture might not be exactly the same, but it’ll curb your craving. Bonus points for adding vanilla ice cream.

5. Hash Browns

A great way to achieve crispy hash browns is to press them in a waffle iron. Just make sure to grease your iron beforehand to avoid smoking or burning.

6. Omelets

Lots of eggs but no stovetop? Mix your omelet in a bowl, then pour the mixture into your waffle maker. Add many ingredients like ham, spinach, cheese, seasonings, vegetables, etc. Be careful not to overbake.

7. Paninis

If it has bread, the waffle iron will do right by it. Hamburgers, Reubens, patty melts, regular sandwiches, etc., all taste better pressed. Trust us, your waffle maker is perfect for paninis.

8. Muffins

Is a boxed muffin mix sitting in your cabinet? Mix the batter, then cook it in your waffle maker instead of your oven. It’s faster, and you get a nice “crust” for a change.

9. Grilled Cheese

Technically a grilled cheese is a panini, but this one is so important that it deserves its own bullet point. Add lots of cheese, and feel free to add extras like avocado, ham, bacon, tomato, etc. Make sure you butter both sides of the bread before closing the waffle maker.

Have Fun!

While we definitely recommend leaving the soup to your crockpot, let your waffle iron handle everything else. Anything with bread or cheese is probably going to be delicious. Of course, you can’t go wrong with a regular waffle, either! Have fun, get creative, and most importantly, if you do try soup, send us a picture.

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