Truefire Guitar Lessons Review: The Best Online Guitar Lessons For Beginners

By Prakriti Sharma
📅 February 22, 2024

If you’re passionate about playing guitar but unsure where to begin, TrueFire guitar lessons may be able to help. A leading online resource for all levels of guitar players, these lessons offer an affordable and convenient avenue to learning. Whether you’re just starting or looking to refine skills already acquired, their in-depth course structure can help you on your journey toward becoming an amazing guitarist. From interactive lesson plans with downloadable tab files to live instructor chats and bonus materials (including play-along, backing tracks, and additional tutorial videos), TrueFire guitar lessons are a great option for any aspiring music guru looking for comprehensive guidance.

In a rush? Get the fast facts: 

  • Every skill level and every style


  • Covers all major guitar instruments, from electric guitar to harp guitar and ukulele

  • Learn from expert instructors

  • Online lessons, tabs and notations, jam tracks, new courses weekly, and an online musical community

  • Free 14-day all-access trial
  • All access plan costing $149 with applied offer ($249 retail)

  • Use code FindersKeep100 to get $100 off TrueFire’s All Access: Annual Plan

TrueFire Guitar Lessons

An Overview Of TrueFire Guitar Lessons

TrueFire guitar lessons are a great resource for guitar players of all skill levels. With over 3,000 courses, there is an abundance of material for you to choose from that can help you improve your playing. Whether it’s basic chords, fingerstyle, or blues improvisation, TrueFire offers lessons from renowned teachers from around the world. Stream these lessons on most devices, or get tabs and notation, jam tracks, and more. 

What makes TrueFire stand out is its interactive features, such as “live play-alongs” where its active community of musicians comes together online. With the help of the forums and chat rooms, learners don’t just learn how to play guitar — they become part of a global musical network. All these elements combined offer a comprehensive approach so that anyone can achieve their goals without having ever stepped foot in a music school. Investing in TrueFire guitar lessons means more than just learning some new guitar chords; you’re also getting access to an interactive learning community full of passionate music makers.

The Best Educators In The World

TrueFire Guitar Lessons offer courses helmed by some of the best educators in the business, including GRAMMY award winners and top session players. From experienced guitarists like Joe Robinson to world-renowned instructors such as Jeff McErlain, every beginner has access to top-quality education. Each educator is handpicked for their unique style and creates something special for everyone. 

Learn From The Best

The Best Guitar Courses For Beginners

It’s never too late to learn how to play the guitar, and the variety of courses and lessons available at TrueFire makes it easier than ever. Thanks to hundreds of courses, even those without any prior experience can start playing their favorite tunes in a matter of days. With each lesson having an overview and streaming audio or video examples, students can progress from novice level to something even more impressive. Best of all, every course comes with detailed instructions so you’re not left guessing how to play each song.

The top five bestselling beginner-level guitar courses are:

  1. Beginner Blues-Rock Soloing by Jeff McErlain
  2. Blues Rhythm Guitar for Beginners 1 by Jeff McErlain
  3. Blues Soloing Guitar for Beginners 1 by Jeff McErlain
  4. Fingerstyle Blues Handbook 1 by David Hamburger
  5. 30 Beginner Fingerstyle Blues Licks You MUST Know by David Hamburger

Genres Covered in TrueFire Guitar Lessons 

With TrueFire guitar lessons, players can find a variety of genres to choose from. From the classic blues rock sound to jazz-inspired tunes, you can explore a plethora of musical styles. Acoustic, acoustic blues, Americana, bebop, and bluegrass are some of the top genres offered as well as country, fingerstyle, and funk. You’ll also have access to modern country, metal, multi-style, and R&B styles for a more adventurous approach. Whether you prefer rock or singer-songwriter music or want to try something new like world music or Texas blues, TrueFire guitar has it all.

What Do The Courses Cost?

Different courses have different plans; some mentors may charge $30 while others charge $50 for lifetime access to the course — streaming and downloading included. The all-access annual plan usually costs $249 per year (or $29 per month) — but you can use code FindersKeep100 to get $100 off TrueFire’s All Access: Annual Plan. (Terms: Offer valid for first-time purchasers only. Maximum discount of $100 applied at checkout towards your first order of TrueFire’s All Access: Annual Plan. Offer not valid for past purchases and may not be combined with other offers. Exclusions may apply.) 

The all-access plan includes:

  • All-access streaming on a browser or apps for Windows, Max, Linux, iOS, Apple TV, Android, and Roku
  • Over 51,000 online guitar lessons
  • Over 30,000 tabs and notations
  • Over 20,000 jam tracks
  • New courses added weekly
  • Free monthly download
  • A 20% discount on purchases


Get 14 Days Free

What Reviewers Are Saying About TrueFire

TrueFire guitar lessons have recieved great reviews from satisfied learners. Many feel that their skills have escalated to a new level after taking this course. One student said, “I wish I would have [had] this course when I was 15,” while another called it “comprehensive deliciousness.”

Finally, one buyer raved, “I’ve been a long-time TrueFire customer. The quality and content of the guitar lessons continues to improve. The variety of courses available is second to none. Truly something for everyone!” 

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