Thuma Bed Review: The Best Modular Platform Bed of 2023

By Naima Karp
📅 June 14, 2024

In a Rush? Get the Fast Facts

  1. Modular Design
  2. Handcrafted Wood
  3. 5-Minute Assembly
  4. Recycled Plastic Slats
  5. 100-Night Sleep Trial

Thuma Bed

A  bed frame can bring a make-it-0r-break-it quality to a bedroom. A top-quality one will ideallylast decades and elevator your bedroom’s interior design. will  While there are certainly cheaper bed frames available online, they’re not backed up by the raving critic and consumer reviews of the Thuma. Thuma aims to create a quality bed framethat reduces waste and the usage of cheap materials.

Whether you’re looking to get your bed offthe floor or upgrade your frame, the Thuma can support any mattress.

thuma bed

Image courtesy of Thuma

What is the Thuma?

Hailed as the ultimate platform bed by many, the Thuma is one of the most popular bedframes out there. While they sell other bedroom furniture like side tables and nightstands, their platform bed is a best-seller. It’s a wooden base supported by slats to hold your mattress without using a box spring or foundation.

The Thuma isn’t trying to be revolutionary with their looks. Lines are clean with understated curves. It has a look that straddles the line between traditional and modern, offering attractive features for a range of interior styles. This bed frame automatically elevates your bedroom with a focus on craftsmanship and design. It comes with the option of their signature headboard, otherwise known as the PillowBoard.

Materials and construction

No Thuma bed is the same – each contains natural color variations, knots, and grains. That’s because it’s handcrafted, which is a major perk for buyers. Plus, the wood is repurposed, so you can feel good about minimizing your carbon footprint. Worried about damaging hardwood floors? The legs feature cord-padded bottoms beneath them for added cushioning, so forget furniture pads.

The Thuma includes an upholstered headboard, unlike platform beds such as the Floyd. They call it the PillowBoard, and it blends comfort and function. If you hate bumping your head on a hard, exposed headboard, consider one with extra paddings, like the low-profile PillowBoard. It’s made of CertiPUR-US® certified foam and comes with a removable and washable linen-weave cover.

thuma bed pillowboard

The slats are some of the sturdiest you can find on the market. They’re double strength and made fromrecycled plastics, providing a silent sleep experience and long-lasting durability. The slats lock into place, so slippage isn’t anissue, and they’re spaced well to make your mattress more breathable.

A question buyers are wondering is, “where are Thuma beds made?” Unlike most mass-manufactured bed frames made in China,  the Thuma is manufactured right out of the US, in San Francisco. This is abig reason for the brand’s impeccable quality.

thuma bed
Image courtesy of Thuma Instagram


As is common in the new wave of modular bed frames, no tools are required! It’s all made of wood, removing the need for metal hardware. According to the brand, it comes together or apart in just over five minutes. Parts are numbered and organized, just as the boxes are.

Buyers note that the frame is heavy, but that assures us how durable it is. And since it can be quickly taken apart, the weight shouldn’t be a problem.

thuma bed joinery
Image courtesy of Thuma Instagram


Buyers leave glowing reviews such as “We tried a few other companies making these types of beds, but none lives up to the hype like the Thuma bed. “ Another says,  “I’m glad I took the chance because this thing is rock solid, silent, and gorgeous.”

All in all, It’s a practical and handsome piece that makes a consumer-savvy purchase. It’s all in the details, from the joinery to the ample height that lets you store items underneath.

thuma bed
Image courtesy of Thuma Instagram

Still, there is one point of controversy. Some people say that the headboard is a little too low-profile. If that’s the case for you, add a pool noodle or foam roller to boost the height. Others with a sloped or low ceiling may find the low height ideal. Because the PillowBoard isn’t attached to the bed base, it must be pushed up against a wall for added stability.


The Thuma is available in a natural, light wood tone and a darker walnut tone. Both offer a minimalist look. You can choose between Dark Charcoal and Light Linen for the PillowBoard.

The look of the Thuma isn’t ultra-modern. It’s also not old-fashioned. Instead, it falls somewhere in the middle, making a statement with strong lines. It’s not overly trendy, but this is a plus in our eyes. This one offers a timeless look that’s just as impressive and won’t cost you over $1,500, unlike its competitors.

thuma bed
Image courtesy of Thuma Bed

How much is a Thuma bed frame?

At just over $1,000 for a king mattress, the Thuma bed offers a fantastic bang for your buck. Especially considering it’s made with real wood and comes with a headboard. Here’s the budget breakdown for different bed sizes:

  • Twin: $795
  • Daybed: 995
  • Full: $995
  • Queen: $1,095
  • King/California King: $1,195

Shipping & Returns

This bed arrives in three separate boxes, ergonomically designed to accommodate hallways and stairs. Although Thuma has done this to make the bed less bulky, customers note that the boxes are still heavy and might take two people to move. The Thuma takes up to 5-7 business days to arrive.

Thuma offers a 100-night sleep trial, so you have over three months to decide if you want to keep it. If not, opt for their complimentary return – just make sure you keep the original packaging. The bed arrives in recycled cardboard boxes with zero styrofoam.


It’s covered by a lifestyle warranty, which is relatively uncommon for a bed frame. This covers any defects. In the case of a defect, a company might send you a new one or refund your original frame. Thuma’s customer service is all about integrity and attention to detail. They also have 24/7 reps to help you with issues.

Pros & Cons:


  1. High Weight Capacity: The Thuma Bed has a 1500-pound capacity, making it suitable for heavier sleepers and providing robust support.
  2. Quick Assembly: The modular design allows for easy assembly in just over five minutes without the need for tools, offering convenience to users.
  3. Sustainable and Handcrafted: Handcrafted with repurposed wood, the Thuma Bed promotes sustainability and features natural color variations, knots, and grains, giving each bed a unique touch.


  1. Low-Profile Headboard: Some users find the headboard to be low-profile, and if desired, additional measures like adding a pool noodle or foam roller may be needed to increase its height.
  2. Heavy Boxes for Shipping: While the bed arrives in three separate boxes designed for ergonomic handling, customers note that the boxes are still heavy, requiring assistance for movement.
  3. Premium Price: The Thuma Bed comes at a relatively higher price point, with a king-sized mattress priced at just over $1,000, which may be a consideration for budget-conscious buyers.

Is the Thuma bed worth it?

The Thuma bed frame speaks for itself with almost 9,000 reviews and a 4.9-star average. Due to its modular nature, it’s suitable for anyone planning on moving but will also last decades. Admittedly, it’s not the cheapest wooden bed on the market. But its craftsmanship, tiny carbon footprint, and versatile ability to work in any room make it a top contender.

thuma bed
Courtesy of Thuma Instagram

Who is the Thuma bed frame best for?

  • Heavier sleepers (Unlike flimsy frames, it has a 1500-pound capacity)
  • Anyone looking for a quieter sleep experience
  • Those who want a 5-minutes or less assembly
  • Anyone who wants a chemical-free, sustainable bed


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