Therabody Review: Everything You Need To Know About Theragun Massagers

Therabody first came on everyone’s radar when they released the athlete and celebrity-loved Theragun massager, a game-changing percussive device that brings deep tissue massage therapy to the comfort of your own home. In 2020, they rebranded to Therabody to provide a larger range of lifestyle products, including CBD products, foam rollers dubbed the Therabody Wave Duo and Therabody Wave Solo as well as compressive systems like the Therabody Recovery Air. A natural alternative to medications or supplements that allows you to treat yourself at any time and makes your body feel great every time, the Therabody line is for a range of lifestyles and can help support your recovery needs, no matter what they are. Find out more in our detailed review below.


Using a Theragun or Therabody Wave roller can have plenty of mental and physical health benefits. These can include:

  • Improving flexibility
  • Enhancing workout performance
  • Speeding up recovery
  • Aiding injury rehab
  • Decreasing soreness
  • Improving sleep 
  • Reducing stress level

But just how do these percussive devices work? Many people don’t know this, but muscles are actually built during the recovery process, not during the workout. When working out, your muscles experience microscopic tears. As soon as your body begins to recover from a workout, the tears heal and muscles get stronger. The Therabody massage guns can help optimize that recovery phase, keeping you stronger, faster, and healthier. It also takes away the time-consuming and budget-breaking massages that provide similar benefits. They all deliver a targeted, deep-tissue massage at a high-speed frequency.

Despite packing in a ton of features, Therabody products are all very user-friendly. For the Theragun, you can check out their website to see what attachment is best for what purpose. Then, turn on your unit. Based on the model, this method will differ. Some models have a quick start option, which customers might prefer.

Although it might be tempting to blast your percussive device at full power, it’s best to first warm up muscles with gentle strokes before slowly increasing the speed. In this process, try to target trigger points and knots that you’ve felt in the past since this is where the Theragun massager works its magic. Be sure to clean your gun with a sanitary wipe after usage, especially if you use it on bare skin. 

There are a range of models on the market that they currently sell, including the Theragun Pro, Theragun Elite, Theragun Prime, and Theragun Mini.

Customers love that the Prime has customizable speed ranges and a multi-grip handle, offering that signature Therabody experience for a lower price. Still, it has three hours versus the Pro’s five hours, and it doesn’t have the “force meter” that the pricier models have. Plus, at just over two pounds, it’s still super potable. Speeds can be programmed, letting you customize your massage experience. The battery life difference between the Prime and the Pro is pretty major, so that’s something worth considering based on your needs. Ultimately, buyers found that the Theragun was elegant, feature-rich, and performed incredibly.

When it comes to their vibrating smart roller line, the Therabody Wave Duo or Therabody Wave Solo allows you to upgrade from your regular foam roller. While the Solo provides pin-pointed pressure to targeted areas, the Duo is contoured to the spine, back and neck, making it more ergonomic than other foam rollers on the market. The Therabody Wave Duo and Solo both provide the extra relief of a full-body roll and also allow you to lie down on the ground or place it behind you in a chair for hands-free usage, unlike the Therabody Theragun. The Wave Roller is the largest full-body roller for bigger muscle groups. Buyers love that the Wave series is soft yet firm, unlike many manual versions which are either too soft or too hard. They’re also less likely to roll out of place than other options on the market.


Rather than having a straight handle, the Theragun models have a unique triangle shape that makes them a lot more ergonomic to use. This is especially useful for those using the device on themselves rather than another person. The only one that doesn’t have this is the mini Theragun, which is a play on their triangular shape and forms a solid triangle rather than a hollow one. The percussive devices come packaged in a soft drawstring bag. 

Along with the ergonomic, multi-grip shape that lets you use it in a multitude of ways, the head attachments are also thoughtfully designed. Users also appreciate the display screen which allows them to visualize the force meter. When compared to other hammer-like massage gun devices with straight grips, it’s clear that Therabody comes out on top in terms of design and a sleek look that not too many workout accessories can boast.  

The design of all the Therabody products, like the Therabody recovery air compression boots and the Therabody Wave Solo and Wave Duo products, are all designed with creative, out-of-the-box thinking that provides the luxury of massage therapy merged with attractive design elements and quality that’s built to last.


Bells and whistles are truly where Therabody shines when compared to competitors on the market. Power and speed are the first aspects we’ll discuss, and it’s unparalleled when compared to other percussive devices. Every gun delivers a deep amplitude (this is the distance that the head oscillates) as well as a high number of percussions per minute.

Long-lasting battery life is another reason people love the Therabody line. After all, there’s nothing worse than having a well-deserved massage cut off early. Using lithium-ion batteries, the Theragun can last up to five hours or 300 minutes depending on which model you purchase. 

Like many other massage guns, there is also a range of interchangeable attachment heads. Whereas competitors offer two or three, this company offers a whopping six head attachments. Beyond the standard ball head, users can choose from the cone, thumb, wedge, dampener, and a supersoft head. Unfortunately, the Mini only comes with one massage attachment and additional ones must be purchased separately for extra money.

The noise level (or lack thereof, more accurately) is another reason consumers flock to the Theragun massager. When operating, they’re practically noiseless and won’t interrupt conversations, movies, or any other activities that might be going on at the same time. The Therabody vibrating roller line, known as the Wave series, is also very quiet.

Some models have an OLED screen that displays a force meter, letting people visualize how much pressure is being applied, and most of the models have Bluetooth capabilities that allow you to connect to the Therabody app, allowing you to control speed and automate your recovery process for each use. 

The Therabody Recovery Air line offers compression therapy that offers the benefits of a compression massage chair, but can be stored away in your home and costs less than fancy compression chairs. These portable items are offered for all your limbs and can be bought in a bundle for a full-body experience.


The PRO is the most expensive offering at $599, but unless you’re a professional athlete or using this on clients, it may not be necessary. If you do want to treat yourself and can afford it, go for it! The battery life alone is a great reason to invest. Otherwise, the next best bet (and most popular sellers) are their Elite and Prime models. The Elite is offered for $399 and the Prime costs $299. The Mini is their cheapest option at $199, but unless you need an incredibly compact option, you can find better regular percussive devices on the market for a similar price.



The company’s warranty and 0% financing offer help make the products more affordable, as does the fact that you won’t have to spend hundreds on treatments like massage or worry about taking time out of your day to book one. Given the pricey treatments that the Theragun replaces, we think the high price tag is well worth the splurge.

If you’re looking to remain a bit more frugal, consider investing in one of the Wave Series models, which also have plenty of benefits. The compression therapy system known as the Therabody RecoveryAir is expensive, to say the least, with a full-body bundle costing $1,698. However, if you are thinking about investing in a compression chair but don’t have the room or funds for a higher-end one, this is a great save-spacing way to experience benefits.


If you’re looking for the best app-connected recovery assistants on the market, this comprehensive brand has something for every need. Innovative engineering and attention to detail are what make Therabody stand out as truly legendary in the world of percussive therapy. If you’re shopping for a massage gun, we recommend starting with Theragun Prime, but remember to do your research and see if cheaper versions on the market can fit your needs. Some competitors offer very similar versions to the Mini if that’s what you have your eye on. 

Filled with perks, if you have the funds to afford it without stretching yourself too thin, do it! These devices are said to reach deeper into muscles than other brands being sold right now. It’s a long-term investment that may improve your health and reduce the need for expensive alternative treatments that help your muscles and joints recover better. It clearly feels like a luxury product in your hand and feels natural to use thanks to Theragun’s unique shape that’s designed to reduce strain. Based on reviews and critic feedback, the same goes for their Wave Series and impressive compression devices from the Therabody Recover Air collection which can replace a massage chair. Whether you’re looking for the ultimate cooldown accessory or looking to improve your mobility, Therabody has your back with its large range of products.

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Can a Theragun be used on the neck?

The fork attachment is best for neck use as it can massage muscles on either side of the spine without affecting the vertebrae.

How often should I use a Therabody device?

The brand recommends nothing less than 15 seconds and nothing more than 15 minutes for a full-body session. This can be done up to three times a day. 

What is the return and shipping policy?

They offer free shipping. They also offer a 60-day at-home trial with free return shipping on certain items like the Wave Series, Theragun models, and some Recovery Air Products. to ensure that you love your purchase. 


What’s the difference between percussive therapy and vibration therapy?

Percussive therapy reaches 60% deeper than vibration therapy, which just feels good on the surface.

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