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The Floyd Bed Is The Modern, Minimalist Frame Your Bedroom Needs

By Naima Karp
đź“… June 14, 2024

In a Rush? Get the Fast Facts

  • Versatile Platform Design
  • No Box Spring Needed
  • Birch: $590-$950
  • Tool-Free Assembly
  • Holds 600 Pounds

We spend around 8 hours a night sleeping in our bed every night. That’s a lot of time spent on a single piece of furniture – especially one that we recharge on after a long day of work. A superior bed frame is essential to optimizing your sleep sanctuary – you’ll need one that’s functional and stylish. Beyond that, it should be built to last and shouldn’t be too difficult to set up. In this in-depth Floyd bed frame review, we’ll discuss the ins and outs of this platform bed, including cost, materials, build, and design.

Floyd Bed Frame

What is the Floyd bed frame?

Detroit-based home brand Floyd offers a versatile platform bed frame unlike any other. It’s a breeze to put together and take apart. It has a modular design that increases in price based on customization, along with a contemporary look. Floyd also sells mattresses, tables, and bundle deals buyers can take advantage of.

Is a foundation/box spring required?

Many beds require an additional bulky piece of furniture, known as a box spring or foundation. Luckily, the Floyd bed frame doesn’t need one due to a platform bed design, which lets you opt-out of a spacer. Boxsprings can sag over time and reduce support, making for an uncomfortable sleep.

Still, platform beds are relatively low. If you want some added lift, you can always add a box spring later.


If you opt for just the Floyd bed frame, the price in Birch ranges from $590 to $950. If you upgrade to the Walnut, this changes from $795-1,295. Looking to add on a headboard? The price then increases to a rate between $990 and $1,695. Gating under-bed storage for both sides will cost you $560, while just a single side costs $280.

Materials and construction

The Floyd’s height is 7.5 inches, with 6 inches of space underneath. This is lower than many beds and may work for or against you in terms of accessibility. Its design is based on panels, which gives it a genuinely modular nature. Two panels comprise a twin bed, while three make up a full/queen. The four-panel choice is the largest and is made for a king.

Considering buying a larger mattress? Purchase the biggest and store a single panel until you’re ready to use it. Floyd sells expansion kits that allow you to do this.

Pro tip: If you’re looking for a makeshift night table, consider sizing up with the frame, which will create a ledge.

Premium birch is the primary material that the Floyd is constructed with. Birch is known to have great longevity and strength. Adding to that durability are steel supports and nylon ratchet straps, offered in black or white.

If you opt for all the bells and whistles, your bed will also come with clipped-in storage solutions on either one or both sides of the bed.

How to assemble a Floyd bed frame

When buying any large piece of furniture, the set-up is essential to consider. Floyd offers a significant perk in that you don’t need tools – IKEA has nothing on the Floyd. Thanks to its Japanese joinery, the bed can be quickly assembled in your bedroom. And while it may take two people to move some of the boxes, it takes significantly less effort than a traditional bed frame.

Some of you may raise an eyebrow at the fact that there are no tools required, but it actually lengthens the frame’s lifespan. Screws can break down over time, while the puzzle-like fit of the Floyd gives it a long-lasting quality.

If you opt for Room of Choice delivery, a team will carry the boxes into your room. White-Glove delivery provides complimentary setup and removal of packaging for an extra cost.


This bed’s plywood construction is proof that it’s anything but flimsy. Plus, it’s praised as one of the most silent frames on the market. In other words, this squeak-proof bed is perfect for discreet intimacy and better sex. It can hold up to 600 pounds of weight.

The low profile of the Floyd is probably its most controversial factor. Some love the low height, while others worry that it’s hazardous to bump into. Its honeycomb core design helps keep the panels sturdy, but still lightweight and easily moveable.


The Floyd bed frame is unique because it offers an expensive designer aesthetic without the price tag traditionally associated with those items. Though you can find similar options at showrooms across the nation, they’re not often available for such an affordable price. Still, the design is relatively modern, so if you’re more of a traditional interior design lover, it may not be the right choice.

Choose between a standard birch or walnut veneer, which has a darker look. Buyers can also decide between black or white legs. The Floyd’s aesthetic is modern meets understated elegance.

Other factors to consider

When searching for the best bed frame, choose warranty-covered brands that offer sleep trials. The sleep trial period for Floyd is 30 days, while the warranty lasts ten years.

Shipping fees are based on the total cost of your order, while Room of Choice and White Glove are also available for orders over 100 pounds. Generally, the bed frame arrives within a business week.

Pros And Cons

Pros & Cons:


  1. Versatile Customization: The Floyd bed frame offers a versatile platform design, allowing users to customize and upgrade based on their preferences, including materials, headboards, and under-bed storage.
  2. Tool-Free Assembly: One significant advantage is the tool-free assembly. The bed frame can be quickly and easily assembled in the bedroom without the need for tools, providing a convenient setup process.
  3. Aesthetic Appeal at Affordable Price: The Floyd bed frame provides an expensive designer aesthetic without the typically associated high price tag. It offers a modern and understated elegance that is affordable compared to similar options in the market.


  1. Low Profile Design: The low profile of the Floyd bed frame might be a drawback for some users. While some appreciate the contemporary and sleek look, others may find it hazardous to bump into or challenging for accessibility.
  2. Limited Traditional Design Options: The design of the Floyd bed frame leans towards modern aesthetics. If you prefer a more traditional interior design, the limited design options might not align with your taste.
  3. 30-Day Sleep Trial Period: The sleep trial period for the Floyd bed frame is 30 days. While it provides some time for users to assess their satisfaction, this period might be relatively short compared to other brands that offer longer trial periods.


Should you buy the Floyd?

The Floyd is a truly customizable experience, which lets you tailor the budget according to your needs. This frame is where function meets sophistication, with an innovative design. While it truly is one of the best bed frames (and most flexible) on the market, it is better for certain people.

Who is the Floyd bed frame best for?

  • Sleepers who intend on changing mattress size
  • Anyone who’s sick of using a box spring
  • People that move often and want a portable bed frame
  • Lovers of minimalist and modern design
  • Those seeking streamlined under-bed storage

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