No fire is complete without the right accessories to help get it roaring. Even if you own a smokeless fire pit, completing tasks — like getting your fire started, moving logs, and protecting your pit from bad weather — are essential. Luckily, several Solo Stove accessories can help you tackle every aspect of your bonfire. Although they’re designed to be used with the sleek and popular Solo Stove fire pits, many of these accessories for outdoor living can also be used with regular fire pits. Here are some things to consider before you shop.

What To Consider When Shopping For The Best Solo Stove Accessories

Materials: Whether they’re moving logs or keeping your pit sparkling clean, you’ll want durable materials like steel and aluminum to ensure long-lasting accessories. Solo Stove makes its own accessories out of stainless steel, which is extremely sturdy and resistant to rust.

Purpose: The accessories you need will depend on your goal. Starting a fire requires a fire starter. You’ll need a stoker and grabber if you want to maneuver logs or tend to the fire. Likewise, roasting sticks will be necessary if you want epic snacks on a camping trip.

Price: Accessories like a fire starter or a cover for your fire pit will be on the more affordable end of the spectrum, while add-ons like pizza ovens, cooktops, heat deflectors, and full accessory kits will cost you a bit more. 

Ease of Use: Solo Stove accessories are designed to be ergonomic with a unique, bent design. You’ll want to read through reviews and ensure that tools are designed well and easy to handle. Since you’ll be moving heavy things like logs at a very high temperature, properly designed accessories are key. 

Shop The Best Solo Stove Accessories

If you’re in a rush, here are our top picks for the best Solo Stove accessories. 

  1. The Best Solo Stove Accessory To Keep Your Fire Pit Clean: Unark Solo Stove Cover
  2. The Best Solo Stove Accessory For Redirecting Heat: Solo Stove Heat Deflector
  3. The Most Aesthetically Pleasing Solo Stove Accessory: Solo Stove 10-Pack Color Changing Fire Packets
  4. The Best Solo Stove Accessory To Start A Fire: Solo Stove Fire Pit Starter
  5. The Best Solo Stove Accessory For Making S’Mores: Solo Stove Roasting Sticks and Fire Pit Poker
  6. The Best Solo Stove Accessory For Pizza Lovers: Solo Stove Pi Fire
  7. The Best Solo Stove Accessory For Cooking: Solo Stove Grill Top & Hub

The Best Solo Stove Accessory To Keep Your Fire Pit Clean

Unark Solo Stove Cover


Designed to cover the Solo Stove fire pits, this waterproof cover is one of the best Solo Stove accessories to add to your pit set-up — despite being sold from a more budget-friendly brand. It’s an affordable way to add longevity to your existing fire pit while reducing maintenance and cleaning between fires, protecting it from the elements. There are even reinforced handles to make putting on and removing this cover a breeze. Whether you’re looking for Solo Stove Bonfire accessories or Solo Stove Yukon accessories, these covers are available for every pit from the brand’s range.

One reviewer said: “This cover fits perfectly and it rained the night I put it on and it’s completely waterproof!”

Material: 420D heavy-duty weatherproof material. Weight: 12.6 ounces. Color: Black

The Best Solo Stove Accessory For Redirecting Heat

Solo Stove Heat Deflector


While it’s not as cheap as the cover above, this Solo Stove heat deflector is a valuable add-on to your routine, capturing and redirecting warmth exactly where you need it most. Available for the Bonfire, Yukon, and Ranger models, it’s made from stainless steel, just like all the in-house Solo Stove accessories and pits. Detachable legs latch and lock into place to make warming up easy, while the included deflection disc and precision-angle center cone help you get the precise fireside comfort you need.

One reviewer said: “I have been very happy with the amount of heat the solo stove puts out after adding the heat deflector! I also like that it serves as a screen that prevents some of the embers from coming out. It’s a little expensive, but I’m glad I bought it!”

Material: Stainless Steel. Weight: 7 pounds. Color: Silver, Black.

The Most Aesthetically Pleasing Solo Stove Accessory

Solo Stove 10-Pack Color Changing Fire Packets


While not essential to burning a fire, this 10-pack of Solo Stove color-changing fire packets will make your bonfire much more fun. With the potential to turn your outdoor fire blue, yellow, green, and purple, each color pack burns for up to an hour, and the shelf life lasts up to three decades, so you don’t have to worry about it expiring. Just toss in a color pack and watch the mesmerizing flames dance for a light show you won’t forget.

One reviewer said: “One packet produces bright colorful flames. A nice addition to the Solo Mesa stove. I would not recommend using this if you are going to roast marshmallows as the burnt metals are exhausted into the air and you don’t want to get the metals in your marshmallows.”

Material: Copper. Weight: 0.58 Pounds. Color: Rainbow.

The Best Solo Stove Accessory To Start A Fire

Solo Stove Fire Pit Starter


Starting a fire isn’t always easy — and even harder if you’re looking for a clean burn. Made with 100% recycled hardwood, these Solo Stove Starters ensure that your fire lights with ease in a cleaner way that’s pet-safe and non-toxic. The bag is resealable to prevent water damage, and these little wood cubes certainly make a better alternative to newspapers and toilet paper rolls. Suitable for building both wood and charcoal-based fires, each bag contains 16 starters.

One reviewer said: “These are great for starting a fire in your solo stove or any fire.”

Material: Recycled wood. Weight: 5.8 ounces. Color: Natural/Wood

The Best Solo Stove Accessory For Making S’Mores

Solo Stove Roasting Sticks and Fire Pit Poker


This comprehensive kit (including Solo Stove roasting sticks and a poker) is a must-have on camping trips or when going car camping — especially if you like roasting s’mores or hot dogs. Made from stainless steel with a minimalist aesthetic, these sleek Solo Stove accessories include two sets of roasting sticks, a log poker, and a log grabber. The poker and grabber are uniquely angled, so you can stoke the flame and add or adjust logs without getting out of your seat. They’re all packaged in a carry case for maximum portability.

One reviewer said: “The skewers are easy for the kids to use and easy for me to clean: I just throw them in the dishwasher and pack them back up for next time. Moving around the fire is easy with the poker and the log grabber…no need to get scorched with these tools.”

Material: Stainless Steel. Weight: 3.5 Pounds. Color: Silver

The Best Solo Stove Accessory For Pizza Lovers

Solo Stove Pi Fire


Available for use with the Bonfire, Yukon, and Ranger Solo Stove models, this is one of the best Solo Stove accessories for pizza lovers. Turning your pit into a smokeless, wood-burning pizza oven, this genius kit combines best-selling Solo Stove products to create an incredible artisanal pizza. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned chef, this portable pizza oven accessory comes with long legs, high-heat pizza gloves, and a cordierite pizza stoner. There’s even a carry case if you want your ‘za on the go. 

One reviewer said: “Would highly recommend. We love it!

Material: Ceramic-coated stainless steel, cordierite. Weight: 19.6 pounds. Color: Silver, Black.

Solo Stove Grill Top & Hub

Solo Stove Grill Top & Hub


Compatible with all the Solo Stove models except the Mesa, this turns your smokeless fire pit into an instant cooktop surface. The cast iron grill grate comes with a stainless steel Hub, which elevates the grill to the appropriate height and doesn’t require any assembly. Featuring wide grates, multiple stabilizing feet, and a non-stick, pre-seasoned surface, this durable cast iron cooktop will last you many years if you treat it right.

One reviewer said: “We already loved our fire pit, but now it’s even better! We did steaks on it for the first go around; will never regret this purchase!”

Material: Cast iron,  stainless steel. Weight: 20 pounds. Color: Black and silver.

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