The Goody App Will Take Your Gifting Skills Up a Notch

By Naima Karp
📅 June 14, 2024

In a Rush? Get the Fast Facts

  • No Need for Recipient’s Address
  • Curated Gift Options from Beloved Brands
  • Swap Feature for Foolproof Gift-Giving
  • Payment Only Upon Acceptance
  • Special Offer of $10 Off

While giving (and receiving) gifts usually fills you with joy, the actual process of gift picking can be stressful! The researching, the shopping, the scrolling, the wrapping… and of course, the crossing your fingers that they like it and won’t return it (or even worse, for sale on Ebay).

What if it’s the wrong size, a color they hate, or even worse, a scent that makes them gag? And on the flip side, gift cards or cash can feel impersonal or make it seem like you forgot and had to scramble at the last minute. Which, let’s face it, you probably did. 

I am very familiar with gift-giving stress, or, I was until I found Goody. Goody is a start-up app that’s turning the chore of sending a gift on its head. Instead of stressful and tough, they want to make the gift-giving process easy and fun, with the added bonus of making it a task that can be done completely through your Smartphone (through text message!), so it’s the perfect option for last-minute gifting, too.

Forget standing in lines or ordering from websites with unreliable shipping times – this app is about to be your secret weapon for every special occasion. 

Here’s what we love (and what you should know!) about Goody.

All you need is the name & phone number of your recipient (no address, size, favorite color, or favorite fragrance knowledge required)

That’s right, no need to know (or ask for) your recipient’s address. Just enter their name and phone number to send your gift. Plus, you don’t have to guess sizes or flavors. In fact, many Goody gift options allow the recipient to pick the size, color, scent or flavor of their choice- so you pretty much can’t get it wrong. Your recipient gets a text, accepts the gift (through text message), enters all their information and it’s delivered directly to their door. No stress required.

Explore Goody

Amazing gifts from both beloved and new brands

Goody’s expert merchandising team does all the research for you, pulling together a list of curated gift options for you to shop. From well-known legacy brands to exciting up-and-comers across all industries, there’s no shortage of first-rate options.

Think Brooklinen, Levain Bakery, Dagne Dover, Raaka Chocolate, Food52, Rooted, Brightland and more. Whether the person you’re gifting loves name brands or is more into unique, niche items, there’s something for everyone (plus, their lists offer just the right amount of selection, so instead of scrolling for hours, the decision-making process is easy).  

Many of the brands are direct-to-consumer, which reduces all-around costs and gets you better value. Others are emerging brands like non-alcoholic aperitif Ghia and wellness company Moon Juice. It’s like a shopping mall for small businesses, and a way better place to put your dollars. 

Swap feature (basically making gift-giving foolproof)

So you still managed to choose something your recipient didn’t love? (Not likely with Goody, but…) No problem! They can easily swap the item on the Goody App for another gift of their choice that’s of equal value. No gift receipts or shipping labels are required. 

You only pay once the gift is accepted

Yep–you read that right! There is absolutely no payment required until your gift is accepted by the recipient. So, they’ll receive a text that you want to send them a gift and until they accept it, you won’t be charged. 

You can check it out for $10 off

Goody really wants to make it easy and fun to celebrate with others, spread joy, and send great gifts in just a few taps. They want to prove that by offering $10 off your first gift sent. Yep! Just enter code GOODY10 at checkout. 

Ideal for busy moms

Who knew that buying a gift could be as easy as sending a text? For busy moms, Goody is a blessing. Between work, friends, and family, it can seem like there are never enough hours in the day. It’s a gifting solution that helps you save energy and time, freeing up more time for you to do what you love in your downtime. 


A perfect business gift

While it makes an ideal gift for your loved ones, given that you don’t need an address or personal information about your giftee, it also makes a fantastic gift for business associates or saying thank you to a client. 

Categories galore

Not sure what will make the ultimate gift for your recipient? There are tons of different, well-curated categories on Goody to help you decide – you can choose by category or occasion, such as holidays, get-well gifts, congratulations, or birthdays. Categories include:

  • Wellness
  • Food
  • Experiences
  • Flowers & Plants
  • Birthdays
  • Baby
  • Pets
  • Home
  • Beauty
  • Tech
  • Beverages

There are also Goody boxes and gift collections that do all the hard work for you with their curated selections. Discovering charming new products is also easy, and the app will even send some recommendations in the form of notifications.

Gifting with a conscience

You can also organize via values, which is a unique feature that not too many gifting websites feature. It lets you support these small businesses on another level. At big box stores, you’ll never get this added perk. Some of these values include:

  • BIPOC Founded
  • AAPI Founded
  • LGBTQ+ Founded
  • Female Founded
  • Social Impact Driven
  • Sustainable
  • Vegan

Reminders to keep you in the loop

Forget scribbling important dates on paper calendars – instead, use their built-in reminder feature to organize your loved ones’ birthdays. Just enter their date and get a reminder a week ahead of time. You can earn up to $10 in Goody credit adding birthday reminders over time.

They also have a helpful Wishlist feature, which you can send to friends, families, and colleagues with upcoming birthdays. Just swipe right and the gift is added. 

Pros & Cons: 


  1. Convenient and Stress-Free Gift-Giving: Goody eliminates the need for knowing the recipient’s address, size, or preferences. The process is simplified to just entering the name and phone number, making gift-giving convenient and stress-free.
  2. Curated Selection from Diverse Brands: The app offers a curated selection of gifts from well-known legacy brands and emerging businesses. This provides users with a diverse range of high-quality options for different occasions.
  3. Swap Feature for Flexibility: The swap feature allows recipients to exchange a gift for another of equal value easily. This flexibility ensures that the recipient gets something they truly love without the hassle of returns or exchanges.


  1. Limited Control Over Gift Selection: While the curated selection is a pro, some users might prefer more control over the specific gift chosen. Goody’s approach of simplifying the process may limit the options for those who enjoy personalizing their gifts extensively.
  2. Dependency on Recipient’s Acceptance: Users are only charged once the recipient accepts the gift. While this delayed payment is a pro, it also means that the sender is dependent on the recipient’s response, potentially causing uncertainties in the gifting process.
  3. May Lack the Personal Touch: For individuals who value the personal touch in gift-giving, Goody’s streamlined approach, which doesn’t involve detailed knowledge about the recipient’s preferences, might feel impersonal. Some people enjoy the


Science says gifting is good for you

Ultimately, Goody makes the whole process of gifting a better experience for the gifter and the giftee.  An app like this increases the frequency that we send gifts to each other, and ultimately, gifts are a reminder that our loved ones are thinking about us and letting us know we matter. Normally, the process of doing that can take up valuable time and effort, but Goody makes it low maintenance and is a great way to spread the good vibes around.

Science says that humans feel happier when giving a gift to someone else rather than buying things for our own benefit. Doing so activates a region in our brain which makes us feel all warm and fuzzy – the same feeling occurs when you receive a gift, and when you give one. Plus, gifting to others is a healthy dose of good karma that suggests you will be rewarded down the line in some way. Expressing gratitude also strengthens our bond with our community, which can improve mental health.

The app’s ease of use and freebie incentives combined with the remarkable selection of premium, vetted products get Goody a thumbs up in our book. For iPhone and Android users alike, this is a time-saving hack that you should have on your phone. Make your life easier and

download the app ASAP!

Goody makes it easy to be a total gifting hero. This App earned itself a permanent place on our home screen. Try it for yourself and get $10 off your first send with code GOODY10.

Explore Goody

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