Swoveralls Review: The Best Work-From-Home Clothes Ever?

I’m a ‘90s kid at heart. I’ve also worked 100% remotely since 2015, so if there’s anything I love with every fiber of my being, it’s clothing that’s both retro and comfy. Cue Swoveralls, a brand that specializes in overalls made from sweatpants material. The second I saw a picture of these cozy, throw-it-on-and-go outfits, I knew I needed to do a Swoveralls review

Are they the best work-from-home clothes ever? Granted my job is pretty casual and comfort is usually my biggest priority, I tend to think so. (In fact, I’m wearing them as I write this.) That said, I’ve compiled all of the most important details below, so you can decide for yourself if they’re worth it.

In a rush? Get the fast facts: 

  • Overalls that feel like sweatpants
  • Made from organic cotton and recycled polyester
  • Featured on Shark Tank
  • Have adjustable straps, a zipper fly, and ample pockets
  • Sold in tons of colors and designs
  • Adult sizes range from XXS to 4XL
  • Cost $98 a pair — but they’re worth it

Overalls That Feel Like Sweats

What Are Swoveralls?

That’s a valid question. As per their name, Swoveralls are a combination of sweatpants and overalls. They’re made from a super soft blend of organic cotton and recycled polyester, so they feel like “snuggling with [a group of] puppies,” according to the brand. 

Since they look like a real outfit, however, no one will ever know that you’re basically wearing loungewear. Swoveralls also have a handful of well-thought-out features, including adjustable straps, a zipper fly, jogger-pants cuffs, and plenty of pockets (including a secret bib pocket with a zipper). 

The History: Swoveralls’ Shark Tank Experience

Swoveralls got its first surge in popularity when the brand was on Shark Tank in 2018. Founder Kyle Bergman pitched the concept to the Sharks in hopes of securing a $150,000 cash investment. While the Sharks ultimately didn’t bite, “At the end of the day, it’s all about the customers, baby!” Bergman wrote. Several years later, Swoveralls is still in business and offering more colors, sizes, and designs than ever before. 

Why Do Swoveralls Make The Best Work-From-Home Clothes?

My two favorite things about Swoveralls are their convenience and their versatility. First of all, when I’m working from home, I don’t want to waste time and effort planning my clothes for the day; I want to throw on an outfit and hit the ground running. 

Second, while Swoveralls feel like I never changed out of my pajamas, they’re cute enough that I look put-together for Zoom meetings, running errands, and walking the dog. Paired with some sneakers and a nice T-shirt, I could even wear them out to brunch.

"Like Snuggling With Puppies"

How Do I Wash Swoveralls?

According to Swoveralls’ FAQ page, Swoveralls aren’t pre-washed, and, granted they’re partially made from cotton, they may shrink with high heat. As a result, you should wash them in cold water and tumble-dry them on low. (I’ve washed my Swoveralls ample times without issue.)

Do Swoveralls Have Any Downfalls?

In my opinion, just two: Like any other single-piece garment, as a woman, they’re slightly inconvenient when using the bathroom. (If you’re not a woman, they have a zipper fly that makes it much easier.) They’re also pretty pricey, otherwise I’d own several pairs.

Why Are Swoveralls So Expensive?

At $98 for most pairs, Swoveralls are undeniably expensive. That said, since they’re made in America using sustainable materials and ethical manufacturing processes, the brand definitely doesn’t cut any corners when it comes to quality. I’ve had mine for a few years now and they’re still holding up well.

What Sizes & Colors Do They Have?

When it comes to inclusivity, Swoveralls goes above and beyond to ensure that every body can “cozy up to a pair of Swoveralls” if they want to. The sizes are unisex and range from XXS to 4XL. The brand now makes kids’ sizes, too. 

You can also get Swoveralls in just about any solid color you could want. I have a Midnight Black pair that goes with everything, but they also come in bright shades like Orange, Rose, and Purple Rain. For a more traditional look, get the Denim Heather — or go extra bold with rainbow tie-dye. The brand even sells Polartec Swoveralls for durable, moisture-wicking adventuring and Swovie Shorts that show a little more skin. New designs supposedly drop every month.

Sizes & Styles For Every Body

Are Swoveralls Sustainable?

Swoveralls is extremely mindful of its impact, making it an ethical and sustainable brand. Most pairs are made from a combination of organic cotton and recycled polyester, and they’re created in an LA-based factory that prioritizes transparency and ethical manufacturing methods. Finally, the brand partners with and supports a handful of programs and organizations.

What Are Reviewers Saying?

I’m not the only one who’s obsessed with these soft, comfortable overalls. Swoveralls reviews have called them the “best overalls” they own, “hands down,” and say the “quality is impeccable” and they “fit like a glove.” Others report that they’ve been “living in them” and will “definitely be ordering another pair.” 

The best news? You can tell from scanning the reviews section that this brand truly is for everyone; some wear their Swoveralls as maternity overalls, while others wear them to work or around the city. Some say they’re the best plus-size overalls they’ve ever owned, and others say their six-year-old wears them at least once a week. 

Interested? Shop Swoveralls Here.

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