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📅 February 28, 2024

In a Rush? Get the Fast Facts

  • Innovative Closet Design
  • USB Charging Port
  • Solar-Powered Backpacks
  • Anti-Theft Lock
  • Sustainable Materials

Solgaard is a fantastic carry-on luggage and backpack brand. Not only do they produce high-quality luggage, but they are passionate about removing plastic from our oceans. This sustainable company offers consumers products they can be proud to purchase and use. 

Carry-On and Check-In Closet

Solgaard has a few size options to fit all of your luggage needs. They sell two different carry-on sizes and one check-in trunk. The first carry-on is twenty inches tall and is approved for domestic and international flights. There is no need to stress about whether or not this suitcase will fit into an overhead bin. If this size is a little small, they also carry a carry-on closet plus. This plus-size carry-on bag will fit on any United States flight. 

Why do they call their suitcases closets? Due to their innovative and pattened design, Solgaard contains a closet inside the case in which you can easily organize all of your traveling needs. Another convenient feature is a USB charging port. No more need to worry about finding a spot to charge up your devices. 

Solgaard suitcases come in luxurious colors such as a deep Venetian red or a vibrant Grenada green. They also offer exclusive colors for a limited time. We love that you can find a suitcase in a different color so you can easily find it at baggage claim. 


Solgaard has you covered with several different backpack designs. Their top seller, the Lifepack, is compatible with a solar panel. Forget charging your devices, because when using the solar panel, it charges up all your devices as you go. Not only is this backpack sleek in design, but it also prevents theft. Yes, you read that right-theft. Solgaard has a patented anti-theft lock on this pack that will be sure to ease your mind. If you backpack, this is a must-have. 

The variety of backpacks available make it easy for you to find one that fits your style and needs. Most of their packs come in a variety of beautiful neutral colors, and the Lifepack even comes with a closet option. What’s not to love about these sleek bags?


On Solgaard’s website, you will find several accessories available for purchase. This is where you can find their solar banks that fit with the Lifepack. They also sell an incredible solar-powered boombox which features a wireless charger and power bank. 

Another traveling accessory that you can find on their website is their modern designed watches. The intricate watch features Swiss-made movement and an opulent watch face. Its unique shape will make it stand out as a needed fashion accessory.   

Sustainably Made

Solgaard pledges to remove plastic from our oceans. They have focused on removing plastic from rivers before it even gets to the ocean. After removing this ocean-bound plastic, it is cleaned and broken down. After stretching it into yarn, it is then made into Shore-Tex which is the material they use to produce their backpacks.

Shore-plast is another innovative material that they use to make their luggage. Also made from plastic found in the ocean, it is made to last. Solgaard produces quality pieces that clean our earth at the same time. 

Pros and Cons:


  • Innovative Design Features: Solgaard’s luggage incorporates innovative features like a built-in closet for organization and a USB charging port for convenience during travel.
  • Sustainable Materials: The brand is committed to sustainability, using materials like Shore-Tex and Shore-Plast made from recycled ocean-bound plastic, contributing to environmental conservation.
  • Anti-Theft Features: Solgaard’s backpacks, particularly the Lifepack, come with an anti-theft lock, enhancing security for users while traveling.


  • Higher Price Point: Solgaard products, with their innovative features and sustainability focus, may come at a premium price compared to other luggage and backpack brands.
  • Limited Size Options: While Solgaard offers different sizes for carry-on luggage, the range may not cater to all preferences, and individuals seeking specific size variations might find limited options.
  • Exclusive Colors Availability: Exclusive colors offered for a limited time may limit choices for customers who prefer a broader range of color options for their luggage.


Solgaard stands out from other baggage brands for its distinctive features and high-quality make. We love these bags and can’t wait to take them on our next trip with us. 

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