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You may have heard about Cozy Earth from Oprah, who vetted this luxury bedding and loungewear company as selling the softest sheets ever. Their cooling bamboo material feels softer than silk and is the reason that Cozy Earth went viral in the first place. Founded by Tyler Howells back in 2011, this brand focuses on high-quality pajamas, sheets, and blankets that are intended to last decades.

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Cozy Earth sheets and Cozy Earth pajamas are both made from the brand’s signature fabric: organic bamboo-derived viscose. It’s durable, ultra-soft, and naturally temperature-regulating, making it a year-round bedroom essential. The sheets are also designed with a sateen weave, which acts as a preventative measure toward pilling and discoloration. It’s a great choice for hot sleepers or anyone with sensitive skin thanks to minimal use of dyes and harsh chemicals.

Its temperature regulation is one of the most effective on the market, but how exactly does that temperature-regulating tech work? Bamboo-derived viscose is made from the pulp of bamboo grass. It wicks away moisture from the skin and evaporates it before the fabric can absorb it. Bamboo fabric has a hollow surface that’s covered with micro-gaps, making it even more breathable than cotton and twice as absorbent. This feature also makes it powerfully insulating. This brand’s products all have the ability to cool in the warmer months and keep you cozy during winter. 

The smooth texture itself on these sheets and pajama sets is somehow more comfortable than silk itself, with a softness of jersey. After personally trying out the brand’s duvet covers, blankets, sheet sets, and silky soft loungewear, I can vouch that Oprah is right – these are definitely the softest sheets and pajamas that I’ve ever owned. 


The look of Cozy Earth bamboo sheets and clothing is simple and minimalist, allowing you to integrate them into any bedroom setup or living space. This includes their sheets, blankets, and garments. Their PJs are sold in chic, subtle solids like navy, blush, gray and black. The bedding is sold in similar neutrals like oat, charcoal, driftwood and light grey. 


We love how sustainability is a focus at Cozy Earth – bamboo itself is much more sustainable than cotton and synthetic alternative. Plus, all their products are wild-harvested and organic without any pesticides. They also use a patented fiber treatment process that recycled wastewater and avoids the use of chemicals. This is officially a bedding product that’s good for your skin and the planet. 

Another major feature of these sheets and bedding products is how anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic they are. This means that you won’t have to do your laundry as often as you would with cotton or synthetic alternatives. Whereas many hot sleepers sweat and overheat in their pajamas, the bamboo fabric of Cozy Earth’s loungewear means a night of dry and odor-free sleep.

Along with their regular bamboo sheets, they also sell sheets that are a blend of bamboo and linen for those who love the texture of French linen.


With a twin sheet set starting out at over $200.00, this is definitely not your average budget bedding. They use USDA-certified organic bamboo that’s wild-harvested, which is part of why the price tag is so high. But this also means that these sheets will last you a lifetime. And if they don’t, the company’s 10-year warranty and 100-night sleep trial will help ensure that you’re a happy customer no matter what.

Given the potential longevity of these sheets and Cozy Earth’s stellar customer service, the high price tag is backed up by a quality product and a company that truly cares about its shoppers and their experience.



Their best-selling offering, this set includes a fitted sheet, top sheet, and two pillowcases that envelope you in the brand’s signature breathable weave for an uninterrupted night of sleep. This cooling set is also suitable for deeper mattresses. 

An ultra-light duvet over that feels decadent on bare skin, you might even ditch the flat sheet when you convert to this bamboo duvet cover by Cozy Earth. Solid in several chic colors, this duvet cover can help you protect your comforter and keep your temperature regulated all night. 

Sold in a super soft stretch-knit, these PJs for men and women are extremely cozy but simultaneously feel like wearing nothing. They also have a short version with a t-shirt and short, and you can customize to mix and match separates if you’d like. The inseam length is also customizable. According to reviews, they’re not just extremely comfortable but stylish as well. 

Get ready to throw out the rest of your living room throws and summer blankets, because this covering is about to outperform all of them. With a fuzzy surface that’s impossible not to snuggle up to, this blanket is somehow just as cool as their sheet sets but has a more substantial feel and a fuzziness that feels like fleece mixed with lambswool.

With its silk filling, this luxury pillow is filled with 100% silk and features a medium loft. Just like bamboo, silk is naturally temperature-regulating and breathable. It’s less fluffy than down but still perfectly supportive for side and back sleepers with a consistent filling that never shifts. Comes complete with a cooling bamboo cover.

Along with being a gorgeously soft piece of loungewear, this robe is also suitable to slip into after a shower, given bamboo’s moisture-wicking properties. It has great coverage and hits just above the knee. This robe is a lightweight alternative to cotton and terrycloth. It’s also a lot more flattering.

If you find that this company’s regular bamboo sheets are too thin and you like the texture of lived-in linen, opt for their sumptuous limited edition Linen Bamboo collection, combining two breathable fabrics like never before with a relaxed, European aesthetic. 

The ultimate hack for a too-hot mattress, anyone who owns a memory foam mattress or sweats through the night will appreciate this cooling bamboo mattress pad. It protects your bed and slightly softens it while keeping you comfortable all night – one reviewer even comments that she wishes she could sleep directly on the pad. Available with standard fill or extra fill.

Pros & Cons


  • They can pill when washed on the wrong settings
  • Expensive price tag
  • Some may feel the texture is too thin
  • Must be washed on certain settings to preserve quality


  • Packaged in stylish reusable bags with zippers
  • Sustainable bedding choice 
  • Extremely soft
  • Great for hot sleepers and sensitive skin


Cozy Earth bamboo sheets and PJs are so luxuriously soft that it feels like sorcery. After just one night, you’ll notice that you might even sleep longer and more deeply, as I did. It’s a non-irritating sleep option that you’ll never feel stuffy in, and while the price tag is high, this buttery fabric can withstand more washes than cheaper sheet sets and loungewear on the market.  Plus, their new color options give them an elevated edge over competitors. Combined with their ethical and eco-friendly values, this is a brand you can stand behind that will also keep you comfortable all night long. 


Because they’re longer-lasting, softer, and better at regulating temperature. This is partially due to how involved they are with suppliers from start to finish.

Turn it inside out, lay your comforter on top, and connect all the ties from the cover to the matching loops on your comforter. Start at the bottom and roll the comforter and connected cover towards the opening of the cover. Then, keep rolling all the way up to the opening and pull it right-side out.

Machine wash cold and dry on low to medium heat if possible. Don’t use bleach or fabric softener.

They ship to USA and Canada. All products can be returned or exchanged for free within 100 days, but those outside the US will have to pay the shipping costs.

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