Is Sakara Life Worth the Price?

Sakara (or Sakara Life) is a boutique meal delivery service and health company that makes eating nutritious foods a whole lot more fun. With full-on nutrition programs, supplements and snacks, this premium service is setting a new standard for healthy, balanced eating delivered right to your doorstep. With endorsements from celebrities like Gwenyth Paltrow and Drew Barrymore, people are starting to take notice of Sakara and everything this wellness service has to offer. 

Performance/Experience of Sakara Life

Sakara Life is all about providing organic, plant-based products to its loyal customer base. Although it’s not the only thing they sell, the brand provides plenty of ready-to-eat meals and nutrition programs to act as an at-home nutritionist so that you don’t have to figure out DIY dieting at home. Just a week on their Signature Nutrition Program can provide over 15 cups of leafy greens, and more than 100 different antioxidants and phytochemicals. These phytonutrients are often responsible for giving foods their vibrant color, and a colorful meal can help eaters feel more satisfied. 

They don’t freeze or vacuum seal their food, so it’s best consumed ASAP and not stored in the freezer. This might be a turn-off if you like to eat leftovers or save food in the fridge for later. Many of their meals are filled with raw veggies and fresh greens that won’t freeze well. If this kind of food doesn’t sound appealing to you, you might not love the kind of meals that this service offers. They’re also a vegan service, meaning that meat lovers may want to stay away. Still, keep in mind that meals often come with super flavorful dressings and sauces that elevate the meal. Some buyers didn’t like that the salads were heavy on fruit like pomegranates and oranges, but most customers say that it felt like there was a personal chef in their kitchen whipping up fresh meals.

Along with superfood-packed prepared meals, Sakara also sells good-for-you snacks and supplements like Sakara bars, Sakara metabolism powder and the Sakara probiotic. In their boxes like the “Your Daily Essentials” you’ll receive products like a 10-pack of their probiotic supplements, their snack bar which is dubbed a “Super Bar”, and an incense stick along with a few Detox Tea teabags. It’s clear that this brand thinks about the entire lifestyle of their consumer, curating a one-of-a-kind experience.

Still, if boxes aren’t for you and you just want to shop for individual wellness products, you can do that as well. The Sakara metabolism powder, otherwise known as their Metabolism Super Powder, has nearly 5,000 reviews and has become a cult favorite amongst many. With dark cacao and coconut-inspired flavors, this powder fires up your metabolism while easing bloat, curbing sugar cravings, and supporting overall gut health. 

For those who want gut health support without the chocolate-flavored powder, the Sakara probiotic comes in a pill and provides similar benefits along with more radiant skin and immunity-boosting power, which is especially helpful in the colder months. Packed with 11 probiotic strains, enzymes, and prebiotic fiber, this vegetarian pill has become a favorite, and users of all ages write up glowing reviews on the results and affordability of their a la carte products. 

The Sakara bars are another best-seller that we can’t forget to mention. The Protein Super Bar collection offers four different bars, each with a different purpose. Choose between Energy, Beauty, Detox, and Metabolism for a tastier way to take your supplements and a healthier way to snack. Regular protein bars can be filled with junk, but you can rest assured that these plant-based snacks bring results and have a reasonable, clean nutrition profile; and, they are offered in tasty flavors like lemon-poppy, chocolate-almond, and vanilla-tahini. If you don’t like pill or powder supplements, these could be a great introduction.


The food is definitely photogenic from Sakara, and this is the #1 meal delivery service when it comes to attractive and appealing meals. Similar to what you might find at a high-end spa, you can expect to find colorful vegan bowls, soups, and salads. You can scroll through all their products to get a breakdown of their benefits, and what ingredients specifically are responsible for them. 

Many of the supplements and powders are available in both single-serve packets and a larger container, allowing you to customize them to your needs. Packaging is colorful but chic, and prepped meals arrive in a cardboard delivery box with ice pack insulation. Meals are packaged in plastic containers, and freebies are often included like powder or bar samples as well as reusable shopping bags and pouches.

Features of Sakara Life

Every subscription includes a free consult from a Sakara Life wellness coach. Just fill out their health questionnaire and get ready for a 20-minute call with the professional to go over your health goals and see how you can best maximize results.

The variety of meals and the fact that they don’t just stick to Western foods is another reason that many love Sakara. Breakfast tends to be on the sweeter side, and on any given day, you might find a Japanese noodle bowl or an Indian curry. It’s a great way to surprise yourself with new foods or cuisines without leaving the house. All meals are vegan and gluten-free. Website visitors can sort products via function, including Beauty, Gut Health, Detox, Energy & Focus.

For those wondering just how many calories in Sakara meals are to be expected, the brand has a refreshing, anti-diet philosophy that’s against calorie counting and finds it misleading. Rather than focusing on a number, this brand is based on holistic nutrients with a plant-based focus. They even have a whole blog post dedicated to why they don’t count calories, breaking down the science for us amateurs.

The meals are all fully prepared, meaning that you don’t have to heat anything or do any prep beforehand. Many of us, tired after a long day of work, crave a meal that’s satisfying yet healthy. Luckily, Sakara has your back.


A popular question about this company is: how much is Sakara per week? This is where many consumers raise an eyebrow. Although a range of plans are offered, they’re all slightly expensive. Five days of meals will cost around $70 a day, and if you only opt for a couple of days a week, it’ll be a whopping $80. If you stick to just lunch and dinner, you can get it down to $54 a meal, but this is still a major fee for some people. For many of us, these prices equal a grocery store haul, and biting the bullet on a handful of fresh meals may be too much.

Sakara Life


There are no under $100 subscription options, and hence it may be a nice way to detox or treat yourself with their one-time purchases. But for many budgets, making this a regular part of your diet may be difficult. However, this is where the lifestyle shop  – their a la carte offerings are way more affordable and a lower-stakes way for you to experiment with different products based on your needs. Sakara is also available on Afterpay. 

Their cleanses are also pricey but rival similar bundles in the space. For instance, one of their five-day detox cleanses, known as the Level II Detox Cleanse costs $400 but is packed with detox teas, detox water drops, supplements, and snacks. Even if you don’t have cash to spend, their blog features free healthy recipes you can try at home.

Pros & Cons




Ultimately, Sakara Life is ideal for those looking to eat more plant-based meals as well as people looking to invest in supplements that are fully transparent about their formulas. They offer plenty of variety in their boxes, with a range of internationally inspired meals, a whole food philosophy, and a focus on freshness. As delicious as their meals and snacks our, we appreciate their mission to abolish diets and the surrounding themes of guilt, failing, and falling off the wagon.

Still, buying these products, and especially the boxes consistently will cost you a pretty penny. But if you can afford it and are sick of takeout or cooking at home, channel your inner influencer and try out a Sakara Life subscription.


What is Sakara’s customer service like?

They can be reached by phone or email during regular business hours. However, people report reaching out on a weekend and hearing back the same day. They also report low wait times on the telephone. 

What is Sakara’s shipping and return policy?

Since items are made-to-order they don’t accept returns. It’s not clear whether they take returns on their pre-made items, but they don’t have a happiness guarantee on their site. 

The company says that most people receive the order 4-10 days after placing it. They ship everywhere in the continental U.S. but don’t ship to Canada.

How do subscriptions work?

Subscriptions are discounted and have a waived delivery fee. You only have to commit to the first week and after that, there’s zero commitment. Changes must be made by Wednesday at midnight EST for the following week. 

What is the best way to use Metabolism Super Powder?

It can be mixed into a smoothie or hot coffee. You can also use a shaker bottle to mix it with dairy/non-dairy milk or water.

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