Review of Framebridge Ornament

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If you’re looking for a great way to give a Christmas tree some flare this holiday season then look no further! Framebridge ornaments are 3×3 wood frames that come with a picture of your choice inside of them. Framebridge offers a quick and easy delivery service that is guaranteed to give you a decoration that you’re satisfied with. Because of their sentimentality, these ornaments serve as a wonderful gift to a family member or friend this holiday season. With that being said, Here was my experience when ordering from Framebridge.

Ordering from Framebridge

Framebridge’s site is easy to navigate around. I’m not the most tech-savvy person in the world, however; it took no time at all for me to discern what steps I needed to take to order the ornament. After finding the frame you want, all you have to do is upload the photo from your device. This is also a quick and easy process provided you know what picture you want ahead of time. Afterward, it was as simple as putting in your details and hitting the order button. 

Delivery and Packaging

The delivery time for the Framebridge ornament took around 2 weeks. It showed up in a small cardboard box that was filled with cushioning to make sure the frame wasn’t damaged. When I saw this cushioning a lot of my worries about the shipping process were relieved. It arrived in perfect condition and looked even better in person!


The frame was durable and looked aesthetically pleasing on the tree. The photo also was designed to fit the frame perfectly. This left no room for those annoying gaps that let the photo slide around to be present. The loop was also strong enough to keep the frame up while sustaining no strain.

Overall Experience

Overall, Framebridge ornaments are a fantastic addition to any home. They provide the consumer with a lot of opportunities to personalize it and give it that sentimental touch. It is pleasing to look at on its own but it also blends in nicely with the other ornaments you would put on a tree. Its price tag sits a little high at 25$ but you get what you pay for with this frame. On top of this, Framebridge offers different deals that let you purchase a bundle of these frames at a reduced price. If you’re looking for a gift or a trinket to help you remember this holiday season then order a Framebridge ornament!

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