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Scent has undeniable power, and for years, candles have been an effortless way to infuse your space with different moods. The light creates coziness, and the scent of your choice enhances that warm and inviting vibe even more. Unfortunately, using candles can be a fire hazard, while incense can create a smoky environment and aggravate allergies. The high-tech Pura Smart Fragrance Diffuser is a fabulous alternative, and it’s way more effective than manual diffusers. Facilitating a new fragrance experience from your phone, it’s controlled through an app and is more flexible than other scent alternatives. With functional bells and whistles, the Pura smart device is a new way to bring the ambiance home in 2022.

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The Pura Smart Fragrance Diffuser allows you to personalize your home fragrance experience in a way like never before. It’s also safe for kids and pets and has the ability to fill an average-sized room. It’s redefining the whole concept of a plug-in fragrance diffuser and makes the experience more customizable than ever. and unlike candles or incense, you can control how much scent is dispersed – the ability to customize intensity scent is a truly unique option, especially for those who are generally scent-sensitive. 

The device uses low heat diffusion and a proprietary solvent to disperse super tiny droplets of fragrance into the air. The Pura holds two fragrances so that you can switch things up with just a tap whenever you want to.

They have a fragrance 101 page on their site which helps you understand the breakdown of scents and fragrance combinations, in case you’re not sure where to start. The main six categories are Fruity, Citrus, Fresh, Amber, Woody and Floral. 

The Pura sits inside a single plug, leaving the other plug in your outlet available for usage. Each vial lasts about 350 hours, which is about two weeks straight when set on the medium scent intensity. Reviewers love how well the scent diffuses throughout a space –  it can still be detected on the second floor of a house, which is impressive and speaks to the device’s power. 


The Pura has a  simple, white design that’s unobtrusive. It’ll fit in anywhere without being obvious, although its white color does help it blend into lighter color schemes better. Still, it has the look of a chic Apple product, so you don’t have to worry about guests seeing it. It arrives in a mint green box with the scents of your choosing nestled right beside it. The integrated nightlight is also part of the Pura aesthetic. You can choose the color the light emits based on your existing home decor, which is a bonus.


Apart from the device itself, Pura’s most appealing feature is that it has a fragrance marketplace that allows you to shop premium, sophisticated scents with the vial version of world-famous candles. Along with crowd favorites, this also includes their own house line of Pura scents. Some of their best Pura scents include:

There’s a huge variety, and many buyers appreciate the fact that they smell like their favorite candles rather than a generic bathroom spray. These fragrances are available as subscription purchases or you can buy them a la a carte. With subscriptions, you can get a new scent every month and customize delivery times with a choice of one, two or three months. 

One of the coolest features of the Pura diffuser is that you can schedule it before you get home, ensuring a fresh-smelling house whenever you need it, without wasting product. It also features a built-in nightlight with colors that you can change. We also love how easy it is to switch up the scent vials in case you get sick of one aroma. 

Another new feature that Pura introduced is the ability to know when you’re low on a certain scent, letting you see on the app your scent level, Total Runtime and days since a refill. 

Still, some customers do complain about the scheduling setup – if you want your diffuser to alternate every hour, you have to go set every box separately. While this is annoying to some, it lets you formulate the schedule precisely the way you want it – hopefully, in newer models, the scheduling will be a more intuitive experience for users.  


The main accessory for the Pura diffuser is their large catalog of scents, which are essential to using your Pura.


At under $50, we think that it’s a steal. It might be more expensive than your average Febreze plug-in, but when you think of what you spend annually on candles, reed diffusers or other scent options, it’s a reasonable investment that you’ll get daily use out of, with useful smart technology that fits in with your lifestyle. This price is a lot cheaper than similar smart home diffusers like the Aera. Looking for an additional discount? The subscription allows for another chance to save money – subscribers get 30%  off fragrances, as well as a lifetime warranty on products.

Pros & Cons


  • Low price tag compared to other smart diffusers
  • Wide array of scents that people know and love
  • Can be customized/programmed with your phone
  • Holds two scents at once
  • Features a built-in night light


  • Only covers a medium square footage
  • Scents are too strong/artificial for some
  • App and setup can be tough to navigate
  • Vials need fast refilling with heavy usage
  • Night light can’t be turned off


The fact that you can control it with your phone with an app stands out, as well as the diverse range of scents. This is great for people who often find it difficult to find a fragrance that works for them. Whether you have a stinky fridge or are simply looking for a non-flammable way to add scent minus allergies, the Pura air freshener can help get the job done. It’s also an eco-friendly alternative to disposable diffusers and candles, and it’s convenient that Pura allows you to return fragrances you don’t love. 

Plus, compared to other smart diffusers on the market, both the device and fragrances have an affordable price tag. The flexibility and customization options are unparalleled for those on a budget. Combined with the fact that the scents are clean and sophisticated,  we think that Pura is a superb way to mask odors in all kinds of spaces.


Their headquarters are located in Orem, Utah.

Each diffuser comes with a one-year manufacturing warranty. If you have a subscription, you automatically get the added benefit of a lifetime manufacturing warranty.

They avoid harsh chemicals and use ethically sourced fragrances.

For orders containing two or more products, good news! Shipping is free.

They offer refunds up to 30 days after the delivery date, and it’s fine if the fragrance is opened or used – if you don’t like a fragrance, the brand will let you return it without a hassle.

Pura is based out of the U.S and only ships in the United States. It’s not guaranteed that the app or device can be used outside the US, but the company is working on expanding their reach to international retailers. You can also find them at some retailers including Walmart, Nordstrom, Amazon and Anthropologie.

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