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A whopping 164 million people experience sleep issues at least once a week. Many people around the world suffer from sleep issues, and unfortunately, they don’t all have a one-size-fits-all solution. If sleeping pills aren’t for you, we may have found a unique and all-natural answer to that tossing and turning. Sleep supplements are the latest wave hitting the wellness world and helping people get better rest. Proper Sleep offers an individualized and holistic sleep program using vitamins and coaching. Read everything you need to know and weigh the pros and cons with our Proper Sleep aid review below.

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A welcome alternative to chemical-filled sleeping pills and prescription-based products, Proper Sleep takes a holistic approach with high-quality, natural ingredients. The results are proof that Mother Nature can be just as effective. Their ingredient list includes heavy-hitters like l-Theanine, valerian root extract, GABA, broad-spectrum hemp extract, and extended-release melatonin. They also have proprietary ingredients like Venetron, which helps sleepers initiate and maintain sleep during the night, as well as their extended-release technology, which allows melatonin to work throughout the night.

These ingredients are formulated not just to help you sleep better, but to reduce everyday stress as well. Their program also consists a personalized sleep coach that helps you change your behavior with expert tips. This allows you to schedule a 1:1 Zoom consult and get a sleep action plan. You fill out an intake form with your sleep history before meeting with them.

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Proper’s scientific and medical advisory council consists of impressively trained, PhD-having professionals that are leaders in their fields. As a result, Proper Sleep aid reviews are often five stars, and sleepers report having better REM cycles as well as feeling more refreshed in the morning.


The best feature of Proper Sleep is how customizable it is for your issues. Your sleep expert will help you decide the best practices and techniques for you based on your needs, habits, and living situation. There are different collections within Proper Sleep’s website. Scientific citation, dosing, clinical evidence and ingredient info are displayed with every collection. They include:

  • Core Sleep: Contains Sensoril® Ashwagandha, GABA, Venetron®, + valerian root extract. Designed to help users fall asleep gently without disruption and wake up restored rather than groggy.
  • Sleep + Calm: Contains L-theanine sleep aid and promotes better sleep health while reducing daily stress levels and promoting restfulness inside and out.
  • Sleep + Restore: Contains standard + MicroActive® (MA) extended-release (time-release) melatonin and help users sleep better while resetting natural sleep cycles.
  • Sleep + Clarity: Contains clinically-studied Cognigrape™, a red grape vine powder extract with the polyphenolic compounds found in red wine. Improves sleep, concentration and cognitive ability.
  • Sleep + Immunity: Contains clinically-studied Wellmune® and promotes healthier sleep along with a stronger immune system.
  • Hemp: Same as the regular formulas but with the addition of 25 milligrams of THC-free, broad-spectrum hemp extract.

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All of their ingredients are non-habit forming and take about 5 nights to start feeling effects, with about a month for fully-realized benefits. Their ingredients are carefully thought out with common problems in mind. For instance, their melatonin is extended-release unlike most melanin products, so they don’t just put you asleep – they keep you asleep.

Not sure which one you want to take? Proper sells different discovery trial packs with 4 five-night samples in both their regular and hemp products. They also have a subscription program, making sure that you never forget to take your vitamins.


The packaging on the Proper Sleep supplement is clean, modern and gender-neutral. Their products come in blue bottles with matte finishes. They don’t resemble traditional pill bottles and are more appealing to the eye with blue and green hues.

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Customers who sign up for the subscription program will get a free 30-minute sleep consult with a Proper Sleep Coach and free shipping on their orders. Subscriptions can be canceled, swapped or skipped at any time.

Their pills come in 60-capsule bottles and each bottle lasts a month. It costs $40 per bottle without a subscription and $36 with a subscription. You can also save money by buying Discovery Kits and bundles. Depending on your budget, the price can get to be a little high when it comes to committing monthly.


Customers who don’t find relief from weighted blankets, medication, or other sleep solutions might find that the naturally formulated Proper Sleep supplements might help you rest easier at night. We love their philosophy that’s hyper-aware of how important sleep is to our long-term health. In a country that prioritizes work over rest, we definitely need more of that mentality.

Many long-time sufferers of insomnia or morning grogginess reported feeling better and saying that the results were more effective than other melatonin-based products. Beyond sleeping better, Proper Sleep aids can improve daily clarity and productivity, balancing hormones while relaxing your body for a better night of sleep.

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The only downside is the price, which can get expensive if you’re taking more than one product. Admittedly, cheaper versions of these all-natural supplements can be found at health food stores, but only Proper has these unique proprietary blends that boast evidence-backed results.

Unlike quick fixes, they seek to fix the root of your sleep problems rather than putting a band-aid over the symptoms. If you’re looking for a non-GMO, sugar-free, vegan and clean formula made in FDA-safe approved facilities, Proper Sleep supplements are worth a try.

Although the sleep coaches are highly knowledgeable and these drug-free ingredients are generally safe to take, remember to talk to your healthcare provider or doctor about which Proper supplements you’re taking to ensure they’re right for you and your lifestyle.

Pros and Cons


  • Can help with insomnia and sleep disorders
  • An all-natural, evidence-backed alternative to sleep medications
  • Customized plans tailored to your needs
  • A sleep plan with professional medical guidance


  • Have a strong odor
  • Can cause an upset stomach
  • May not be strong enough for those used to prescription pills/THC
  • High price point per month


Subscribers get free shipping and non-subscribers pay a $5.00 flat fee.

They claim to give a full refund within 30 days of the purchase if you feel the product isn’t working, but you can’t return in-store purchases through the website.

Unlike “quick fix” pills, they don’t have a bevy of dangerous side effects and are safe to take long-term without the risk of developing dependence.

They offer normal a la carte ordering, so no, you don’t need a subscription. However, if you do sign up for one, you’ll get a 10% discount every month, free shipping, and other benefits.

How are Proper formulas developed?

Proper formulations are developed by the brand’s resident Ph.D. in Nutrition Biochemistry, Alice Hirschel. Then, they’re reviewed by a panel of world-class scientific experts sleep, naturopathic and integrative medicine.

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