You may remember Outer from the moment they went viral on that Outer Furniture Shark Tank episode featuring founders Jiake Liu ad Terry Lin. This outdoor furniture company claims to make the comfiest, most durable patio sofas in the world, and we’ve set out on a mission to see if that’s true or not. With ads popping up all over, it’s hard to ignore their modular, stylish pieces that are also eco-friendly. However, with any brand that gets popular online, it’s hard to decipher what’s actually high quality and made to last. After all, buying furniture online can feel like a gamble, and it helps to read a detailed breakdown as well as customer reviews to help you make the right decision. In our Outer brand review, we’ll take a look at how these items perform, how easy they are to clean, and how well they stand up to all kinds of weather.

Outer Brand Review: Performance

Here are some of the top, best-selling products and sets on the website, based on Outer brand reviews. 

  • Teak & Aluminum Outdoor Dining Table & 6 Director’s Chairs

    Perfect for al fresco dining, this seven-piece set is crafted from premium, responsibly sourced teak and powder-coated aluminum alloy. Complete with six foldable director’s chairs that are mildew resistant and waterproof, it’s available for a bundled price and comes in white and gray. And of course, all pieces come with the brand’s exclusive OuterShell. 

  • Wicker Outdoor L Sectional
    An L-sectional is a great way to maximize space in your outdoor set-up, fitting in a corner and framing either a coffee table or a fire pit. This sectional is made from wicker and aluminum, although Outer sells them in a range of materials. This set comes with comfy memory foam cushions and can be reconfigured into separate chairs any time you want.
  • Aluminum Outdoor Sofa with Armchairs

    Offering a more streamlined and modern look than the cottage-style wicker material, this aluminum sofa set with armchairs has clean lines and has earned plenty of five-star reviews from customers. The chairs are extremely lightweight and the rust-free aluminum is one of their best easy-to-clean offerings.

  • Teak Outdoor Coffee Table

    All of Live Outer’s seating sets look fantastic with their coffee tables. With a chunky, statement-making aesthetic, this slatted teak coffee table naturally repels moisture and pairs well with sleek pieces from their various collections. It’s also versatile enough to pair with your existing patio furniture at home. Available in medium and large sizes. 

  • Teak Outdoor Loveseat with Armless Chairs

    A more space-saving alternative to the Outer L-shaped sections, this loveseat set also comes with two armless chairs, and no assembly is required. This set arrives in two pieces that are easy to connect and carry. If you do want to expand your seating arrangement, it’s helpful that all the pieces are modular and you can purchase extra armless chairs to make it bigger. 

Based on reviews, the fabric on cushions truly is fade-resistant and stain-resistant. While the cushions are extremely comfortable and cloud-like due to their memory foam construction, the texture isn’t exactly described as soft or smooth, so those who are sensitive to that and like to sit with bare skin on the cushions may want to keep the tin mind.


This is part of the reason so many people are willing to shell out the price tag associated with Live Outer furniture. Not only is all the patio furniture absolutely gorgeous, but it’s well-engineered and built to last for years. With high-quality craftsmanship, they use materials like teak, which naturally repels moisture, and aluminum, which lasts for decades, is rust-free, and simple to clean. The wicker actually has a powder coating of aluminum and magnesium, making it much stronger and more attractive than other wicker furniture on the market. 

The design is as great for twenty-something newlyweds as it is for a large family. The style is timeless and works with a range of existing aesthetics, from silhouettes to color options. It’s a truly luxe look and feel that rivals more expensive options for designer brands. When talking about design, you also can’t forget about the genius OuterShell, which is a sleek, attached cover that can easily be connected to Outer’s furniture, unlike other brands which require separate bulky covers that are a pain to take out and put on. 

The cushion covers can also be zipped off and placed in a washing machine, with their shell if a stain occurs. The cushions themselves are made from multi-layer memory foam, allowing you to comfortably sit for hours on any piece of Live Outer furniture.


The OuterShell is one of the best features of outdoor furniture, especially since this category of furniture can be so frustrating to clean. The shell is actually attached behind the cushions and can be pulled over when your seating or table isn’t in use, protecting it from rain, dew, and dirt build-up. If you have an uncovered patio, this is a game-changer. The OuterShell features a handle, making it easy to transport.

Looking to purchase covers for outdoor sectional cushions that offer more protection than the included OuterShell? Outer also sells more heavy-duty covers for all their furniture pieces, complete with buckled straps and a sloped, vented style that stops condensation from getting trapped.

All the seating is fully modular. They can be rearranged and configured any way that you’d like/ Just clip together chairs under each frame with the included clips to hold them in space and add more stability. Assembling Outer’s furniture is also a breezy, headache-free process which is great for anyone that doesn’t have experience assembling furniture. They offer patio seating, tables, and sets but also sell rugs and fire pits to truly complete the exterior of your home. You can book a complimentary design consult with a designer that lasts around 30 minutes, where you can review photos and dimensions of your space to better accomplish your vision.

What really sets them apart isn’t just the quality of these minimalist pieces – it’s the thought put into the fabric and the long-term protection of their furniture, which is seen in both the construction of the Olefin fabric itself, the OuterShell included with every purchase, and the aptly designed covers sold under their Accessories page. That makes this a must-have for anyone with pets or kids – or any adult messy eaters, we’re not judging!

Not sure how to clean your pieces? They even answer questions on the product page regarding the best way to clean their various Live Outer furniture collections. They even have a 10-year warranty that stands behind the quality. Of their products. If you do ever choose to replace your furniture down the line, it’s fully recyclable.


Live Outer furniture offers good bang for your buck if value and quality are priorities for you. Although it’s expensive to shell out you can pay in installations and save with bundles. Additionally, they sometimes host sales during holidays. Due to the construction of the products, they have fantastic longevity and age well over time as indicated by reviews. That means you won’t need to replace your outdoor furniture anytime soon, making Outer worth the cost. Why not spend money on a high-quality product rather than replacing a shoddy set in five years? Say no to fast furniture and opt for this more sustainable alternative instead.

Outdoor Furniture

Conclusion: Outer Is Changing The Outdoor Furniture Game and Definitely Worth The Price

Ultimately, if you want outdoor furniture that’s easy to clean, is incredibly well-designed, and will class up any space in your yard, Outer furniture is a long-term investment that you’ll want to make. While aluminum is a contemporary-chic favorite, if you love the wicker look, there’s simply no other brand that offers wicker as durable and peel-proof as Outer.  If you’re trying to get the best discount possible, this may not be for you. But if you’re someone that thinks ahead and believes in paying for furniture that provides long-term value, Outer is worth seriously considering.

The brand isn’t just trying to market their products – they’ve genuinely engineered them with the consumer in mind, and don’t want their furniture to end up in a landfill. Combined with ease of use and assembly, this patio line is one of the most unique options out there that will deliver the aesthetic you want while holding up to years of wear and tear, making it one of the best choices for eco-conscious consumers.

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What is Outer’s shipping process?

They offer free return shipping within 14 days of delivery. You can also return it within a year, but they’ll take a 20% return fee. They only ship within the United States and don’t offer expedited shipping. They offer free curbside delivery shipping.

What’s the best way to clean the cushions?

First, hose off the stain. For regular cleaning, mix 2 ounces of mild detergent like Woolite with a gallon of lukewarm water. Use a soft bristle brush and work it over the cushion. Rinse out the soap and air dry. 

What is the wicker seating warranty?

The Outer wicker frame and the cast stainless steel legs are covered by a 10-year warranty. Cushions and All-Weather Wicker material have a 5-year limited warranty.

Is Outer seating modular?

Yes. They can be arranged in any configuration and come with optional clips to hold seating in place and add stability.

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