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Athleisure is the comfy trend that we’ll never get sick of. Even if you don’t care what you work out in, the right athleisure can be a staple in any wardrobe, especially with fitness brands creating more elevated design aesthetics than ever. But rather than going through a big-box store or discount retailer, you may want to consider buying from a high-quality athleticwear brand like Outdoor Voices. You may have heard of the Instagram-famous Outdoor Voices exercise dress that’s popping up everywhere. Outdoor Voices sells a men’s and women’s line with more than just your standard leggings or running shorts. Filled with minimalist or two-toned basics in understated colors and matte finishes, the look is a classier and more expensive alternative to brands like Lululemon. Here’s everything you need to know about Outdoor Voices.

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Durability-wise, their outfits can withstand many washes without losing their stretch or fading. They last a lot longer than cheaper knockoffs, no matter what cycle you set on your washer. However, they do recommend you wash some garments in cold water and tumble dry on low heat.

With a pocket on the back of the waistband, their TechSweat leggings are bestsellers. Good bang for your buck, and effective at wicking sweat away these leggings are super lightweight and stretchy. Plus, they’re stylish enough to earn you compliments. Their compression garments are also less compressive than other brands. While this might be a dealbreaker for some. Other bestsellers include their crop tops, skorts, shorts and dresses.

Although their emphasis is on not quantifying excellence and comparing your performance to others, these pieces do hold up during a tough workout.

For those looking for compression gear, the fit on pieces like the OV leggings still have sculpting benefits but are less compressive than other brands on the market. This is also what makes them more appropriate for daily wear. Always check the sizing chart and be sure to size up when it comes to this brand since some reviewers seem to think that the clothing is too tight when they bought their regular size.

OV carries a range of different collections, kits and fabrics, including:

  • RecMesh: A basketball mesh made from recycled water bottles.
  • Splashknit: A quick-drying, UV protection-infused fabric for “water adjacent recreation”.
  • Techsweat: A cooling and quick-drying material for high-intensity, sweaty workouts.
  • Textured compression: A 4-way stretch heathered material that also sculpts.
  • Cotton: ideal for sensitive skin, and available in lightweight and heavyweight options.
  • TerraStretch: A hiking appropriate, crisp knit that’s wind and water-resistant.
  • BreakLite: A lightweight and durable material that dries fast.


While some brands pride themselves on just their garments’ performance during a workout, OV’s garments are equally effective as casualwear, even if you’re not an athletic person. They’re more than “workout clothes”. While brands like Girlfriend Collective do offer a greater size range, if you’re not larger than an XL or XXL, this brand is worth taking a look at.

Rather than emphasizing gear intended only for the super fit, OV offers a refreshingly body-positive alternative, emphasizing everyday movement and workouts that fit your own pace. It’s clothing that looks good but also makes people feel good about themselves.

Garments like the Outdoor Voices exercise dress and Outdoor Voices shorts for men and women show just how versatile this brand really is for all kinds of occasions. With plenty of collections, there’s no shortage of looks to choose from.

Their Sun-to-Water collection is intended for working out or lounging by the water, bringing water-resistant features to classic athleisure silhouettes. The brand’s most popular best-sellers include the Outdoor Voices Exercise Dress, the Outdoor voices shorts, and this multi-functional Relay Snap Skirt. Color options are wide – customers who prefer neutrals or bright colors will both find an option here.


These flattering garments have tons of secret functions but masquerade as chic everyday clothing items. They’re one of the first fitness brands to offer feminine athleisure basics like skorts and dresses that are also functional enough to work out in.

Their huge range of fabrics, outfits, and collections ensure that you find the look that perfectly matches your activity. OV garments are completely unique, like these Snacks shorts which are designed with storage in mind with smart pockets, a removable mini backpack, and short loops. There are also features in garments like their Court Skort, which has built-in shorts and a phone pocket to safely store your device while you’re playing.

Most of their garments have thoughtful, hidden storage compartments that aren’t noticeable to onlookers. OV looks allow you to build an entire everyday wardrobe that you can also work out in.


From brands to sunglasses, this brand has no shortage of outdoor gear accessories, both from their own in-house brands and more. They also carry socks, sunscreen, sandals, water shoes and bags, including this Doing Things tote/backpack and the Earth Pak Viewpoint Dry Bag. The accessories are all functional for daily use as well as more rigorous activities, which is in line with the rest of the Outdoor Voices products.


The price of Outdoor Voices isn’t cheap, but it’s also not expensive for the quality you get. With so many ultra-cheap fast fashion brands out there offering low-quality materials that disintegrate or degrade over time, we appreciate a high-quality option that lasts.

Multiple customers claim that the colors don’t fade, the stretch stays the same, and the quality remains as it did when they bought it brand new. This durability, in our eyes, makes that slightly elevated price tag a wise long-term investment. Especially for those looking to get good wear out of their outfits over the same outfits over the years. They also have OV Rewards, which lets you unlock perks as you rack up points.

Pros and Cons


  • Sophisticated color palettes with a minimalist look
  • A variety of comfy, eco-friendly clothing/matching sets
  • Good quality that lasts through many washes
  • Lightly sculpting but relaxed compression gear


  • Slightly more expensive than similar brands
  • Not as size-inclusive as some would hope
  • A specific aesthetic
  • They don’t offer international shipping
  • Additional fee for Canada returns


Outdoor Voices garments feel like a second skin and perform as well in your everyday life and casual get-togethers as they do during a workout. Their stylish, timeless aesthetic combined with sustainability-focused values makes this a brand to watch.

There is one drawback, however, and that’s the price. Although it may cost you a little more than your standard Forever 21 leggings, it’s worth it for the smaller carbon footprint and the more impressive longevity. It’s also a more casual option than Lululemon, offering a more versatile look that fits in with your wardrobe rather than standing out specifically as workout gear. If you like a variety of athletic shorts, pants, tops, dresses, and accessories that don’t necessarily look athletic, Outdoor Voices is worth a try.

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