Personal care brand Oui the People is working to change the narrative around hair removal – while keeping your skin silky soft and smooth in the process. Although many shaving brands market with the promise of perfection and looking younger, Oui The People isn’t trying to make its customers flawless. Instead, this rebellious brand is making an effort to help empower people with effective, well-designed shaving products that help them feel great in the skin they’re in. 

Perfect for women, men, and non-binary people, this shaving company is a definite upgrade from your average plastic disposable razor. Their products are designed to nurture sensitive skin rather than irritate it, and they’re also irresistibly chic. Find out everything you need to know about this personal care brand in our Oui the People brand review.

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Many people hate the shaving experience, and with the nightmare that is razor bumps and nicks, it’s no wonder why. Thankfully, Oui the People is helping take away razor burn and irritation from the shaving experience with its innovative safety razor. It’s suitable for all skin types (especially those with sensitive skin) and can be used on any body part. 

Unlike other razors, which are aggressive on the skin, less of the blade is exposed on the rose gold razor, which means less irritation and ignorance hairs. It also sits at a tight angle, making for a more gentle stroke and a closer shave. This makes a huge difference when it comes to sensitive areas like knees, armpits, and intimate areas. 

Since the rose gold sensitive skin razor it’s made from high-quality materials, it has a natural weight to it, and users don’t have to press down as hard, risking a cut. The site even has tutorials in case you’re not sure how to use the razor. Buyers of the rose gold razor claim to have no irritation or stinging bumps, as disposable razors can cause. 

When it’s time to swap your blade out, unscrew the handle. The backing will come off, allowing you to easily access your old blade. Then, swap it out for a new one before you screw it back together. 

While the sensitive razor is their most popular offering, Oui the People also offers shaving and body care products with certain goals: 

Brightening/ Exfoliating: Their resurfacing body serum and body polish help to slough off dead skin and unclog pores.

Hydrating: The brand’s hydrating bikini sheet mask, lightweight yet moisturizing body serum, and vegan shave gel-to-milk are some of their most popular offerings, keeping that shaved skin oh-so silky. 

Repair: The rose gold sensitive skin razor, body gloss, and resurfacing serum work to smooth rough skin and increase collagen production. 

With nourishing ingredients like Vitamin C, Aloe Vera, and Rosehip Seed Oil, your legs will be thanking you for switching to these products. 


While they used to have a matte black alternative, at this time, the razor is only available in rose gold. While we wish they had more color choices, the craftsmanship of this stainless steel beauty is clear. It’s stylish enough that you might even want to keep it on display in your bathroom. 

The Oui sensitive skin razor is thoughtfully designed to maximize the shaving experience, making it a truly functional thing of beauty. The handle was designed by German engineers to avoid slices and slips. It’s also longer than your average razor handle, making it a breeze to reach tough spots under the arms or behind the legs. 

Their glass bottles and packaging are unisex, with streamlined, minimalist overtones.

To maintain the rose gold luster, Oui owners should store it somewhere dry.


Being eco-friendly is another fantastic feature of Oui the People’s products. The craftsmanship of the stainless steel razor ensures that you won’t have to replace it, and with thoughtful details like glass packaging and refillable bottles, you can clearly see where this brand’s priorities lie.

Still, the most major feature of all would have to be the fact that it’s a razor designed specifically for sensitive skin. While there are shaving lines with hydrating and nutritious products, there aren’t many razors that can turn around the dreaded strawberry legs and other side effects that come with shaving. And unlike Venus and other brands, your skin isn’t absorbing any chemical-filled moisture strips.

It’s great to see a classy, timeless razor marketed for women. Usually, this classic grooming accessory is marketed towards men – especially in a stainless steel rendition. The Oui razor is elegantly engineered but still has those strong lines that metal razors are known for.


If you buy your razors at dollar stores, you’re probably cringing at the $75 price tag. But you also probably know the issues they can cause on the skin. Although the Oui the People razor is a steep $75, it’s a lifelong investment, and refills only cost $11 for a 10-pack. Your initial purchase also includes a 10-pack of blades. If you shave often, this is a grooming investment (less than 20 cents per shave) that will pay itself off in no time.  Still, since they advertise blades as being good for up to seven uses, this might get expensive if you shave daily or every couple of days. At this time, they don’t offer many promotions or discounts.

Pros & Cons


  • A full line of quality hair removal products with natural formulas
  • More eco-friendly than disposable razors
  • A gentle shaving option for sensitive skin
  • An attractive and luxurious aesthetic


  • Pricier than plastic disposable razors
  • Expensive skincare line
  • They only ship to US/Canada
  • Only available in one color


Thanks to Oui, you don’t have to deal with painful bumps, razor burns, or ingrown hairs anymore. Beyond the fact that the company is Black-owned and women-led,  it feels good to stand behind a brand that encourages us to appreciate our bodies rather than be critical of them. This sustainable brand has an entire line dedicated to making you feel good about your legs and reducing the frustrating irritation that so often comes with the shaving experience. While it may be a pricey initial investment for a shaving item, it’s a self-care investment that will save you money in the long run. Some users say that they’ve had it for six years or more and it’s held up without issues – the proof is in the reviews.


Yes, but due to the tight angle on the Oui razor, it may require multiple strokes for particularly coarse facial hair.

Applying pressure with a safety razor can be dangerous on boney areas and cause cuts or razor burn. The pressure should be akin to tracing a feather, and shaving gel should ideally be applied instead of soap.

The razor can be returned for exchange or repair within a year of purchase if there’s a manufacturing defect. It doesn’t cover misuse, drops, or over-tightening.

According to Oui, it should be changed after every seven uses. Changing a blade is also hygienic and reduces the likeliness of bacteria spreading.

They ship to the United States and Canada.

The razor is engineered and manufactured overseas in Germany – only a few safety razor manufacturers exist in 2022. The engineering is precise to maximize how gentle it is on the skin.

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