Nugget Brand Review: The Family-Friendly Modular Couch To Know

By Finders & Keep
📅 February 20, 2024

In a Rush? Get the Fast Facts

  • Modular Design
  • Durability and Versatility
  • Aesthetic Appeal
  • Priced between $229-$279
  • Free Shipping and Returns

The Nugget is a modular couch designed for kids. Referred to as a “play couch” by the brand, this fun piece of furniture can be configured in infinite ways. It comes vacuum-sealed in an orange box and consists of four foam pieces, including a thick base, a thinner cushion, and two triangle-shaped pillows. The larger pieces fold together and have large handles which are lightweight enough for kids to drag around.

These pieces are covered in an easy-to-clean microsuede fabric cover in a color of your choice. While modular furniture for adults has been trending over the past few years, the Nugget is a complete game-changer for kid-friendly home essentials. They’re the first brand to truly disrupt the children’s furniture market in an innovative way, and we’re about to break down why they’re so different.


When compared to similar products, the Nugget is superior in durability and quality. It also ships in a compact manner and takes 24 hours to fully decompress. Apart from being versatile for a range of living spaces, it can teach your child creativity, imagination, and motor skills. They can build different shapes with them (including making a fort) and can be easily moved around the house. Thanks to the foam construction, kids can jump to their heart’s desire without parents worrying that they’ll damage the Nugget.

Whether your little one is fort-building, making mazes, or finding the ultimate position to lounge in for story-time, buyers can keep finding uses for the Nugget, making it a fantastic children’s furniture alternative (and gift) for many ag groups. Ideal for both infants just starting to roll and sit, or older kids looking to build a private spot to read and watch movies.

This piece is ideal for smaller apartments or larger homes. Many parents with the space buy two at once for greater configuration possibilities. The removable covers are machine-washable, so you don’t have to worry about sticky hands, pet fur, or crumbs leaving permanent damage. They contain heavy-duty zippers and seams. Safety-wise, this sofa a solid choice as it doesn’t have any sharp corners and is made with Low-VOC CertiPURTM Certified Foam. For those with young and adventurous climbers, consider configuring the Nugget closer to the ground. Always supervise young kids on it.


While it is kid-friendly, the subtle, contemporary shape of this couch and its understated cover options in standard and double-brushed microsuede allow it to seamlessly fit into your living space without giving it too much of a playpen look. The wide range of color options helps add to the Nugget’s versatility. Choose between attractive tones in the realm of forest green, earthy brick,  and dark charcoal, as well as solid pops of color.

If you’re looking for something more playful in a kids-only zone, they have plenty of Special Edition prints and patterns. Right now, they include an Elmo cover, a Cookie Monster cover, a Monsters, Inc. cover, and a Toy Story cover. It’s worth noting that these Special Edition prints are not eligible for return. Most of the color and print options are gender-neutral.

Cost: how much is a Nugget couch?

The Nugget couch is a reasonable purchase that costs between $229-$279 based on what cover pattern and material you choose. The original, classic microsuede fabric starts at $229, while the cozier, double-brushed microsuede for $259. The Special Edition Nuggets, which consist of limited release patterned prints, can be priced up to $279.

If you consider the price of other luxury goods for kids that don’t have the multifunctional nature of the Nugget, this price is a steal. It’s suitable for a personal purchase or as a gift for anyone who has an infant, toddler, or young child.

They sell a Nugget pillow pack with two of their triangular pillows for $99. They also sell $99 Certified Nuggety Liner Sets made from a waterproof material that can help provide your couch from accidents, spills, and other mishaps. Looking to switch things up with an alternative cover? You can get extra ones for $109+ and mix and match to your heart’s desire.

Shipping, returns, and other factors to consider

Nugget offers free shipping within the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii but not Puerto Rico. They ship to Canada within 3-7 business days, and Nugget subsidizes the shipping costs and covers 100% of Taxes/Duties/Brokerage fees.  All orders ship within a week of purchase, and users receive a shipping confirmation email.

Nugget ships directly out of their warehouse in Butner, North Carolina, with fabrics sourced from El Salvador, China, and Vietnam. Their foam is produced locally in North Caroline.

While all unopened products are eligible for return within 15 days of being received, the brand also offers a free 30-day trial so you can see if your kiddo truly loves their new piece of modular furniture.

Who is the Nugget couch best for?

If you’re wondering what age the Nugget couch is for, the answer is anyone from an infant up to an adult. Although they’re most popular with kids, the founders actually originally designed this couch for college kids. It was meant to be a comfortable, lightweight, and cost-effective solution, and it is!

So whether you’re purchasing this for your little one at home or are an empty nester whose children have gone off to college, this item makes a fantastic purchase either way and there’s really no age limit.

It can even be used as a position-enhancer for adults to aid in after-dark bedroom activities. The possibilities are limitless, so use your imagination!

Pros & Cons:


  1. Versatile and Innovative Design: The Nugget’s modular design allows for infinite configurations, making it a versatile and innovative piece of furniture suitable for various uses in different living spaces.
  2. Durable and Kid-Friendly: The Nugget is praised for its durability and quality, standing up to the playful activities of children. The design promotes creativity, imagination, and motor skills development in a safe environment.
  3. Affordable Pricing and Additional Accessories: With a reasonable price range of $229-$279, the Nugget offers an affordable option for families. The availability of additional accessories like pillow packs and liner sets provides customization options.


  1. Limited Special Edition Return Policy: Special Edition prints and patterns are not eligible for return. This limitation may be a concern for customers who prefer flexibility in returns, especially when choosing unique or limited-edition covers.
  2. Shipping Limitations to Puerto Rico: While Nugget offers free shipping within the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii, it does not ship to Puerto Rico. This may be a drawback for customers in Puerto Rico who are interested in purchasing the Nugget.
  3. Foam Sourcing: Although the brand states that their foam is produced locally in North Carolina, the fabrics are sourced from various countries including El Salvador, China, and Vietnam. Some customers may prefer products with locally sourced materials for environmental or other reasons.


Is the Nugget worth it?

Ultimately, there’s a reason that this family-friendly sofa is in such hot demand. For those who don’t understand what the hype is about, unwrap one of these around your kids or nieces and nephews to see how young imaginations quickly become obsessed. From acting as an educational tool to being a modular furniture piece the whole family can use, there are tons of reasons why the Nugget is worth it.

It stands out from the crowd of modular furniture because it’s not for one single demographic – it’s an all-purpose, affordable piece that’s so much more than a novelty kids’ couch. Normally, children’s furniture can affect the overall aesthetic of a home. But the Nugget only adds elegance and fits in with most interior styles. Behind that low-key style is a tool for kids to explore, and for adults to explore their inner child.

Similar brands like the Jaxx Ziplin Kids Modular Loveseat and the LUCID Folding Sofa are nowhere near as chic or as versatile. Even their top competitor, the Foamnasium Blocksy, has a vinyl cover, which is nowhere near as comfortable on the skin.

Best of all? It’s a long-lasting product that your kids will never age out of – they might even bring it to their dorm room one day. Whether you’re looking to have Netflix time, give your kids an entertaining play couch, or just add a multifunctional piece of lounging furniture to your home, there are tons of reasons to say yes to a Nugget couch.

You should buy the Nugget couch if:

  • You have kids of any age
  • You want your kids to learn and explore their imagination in a non-traditional way
  • You want a position-enhancer for adult-only time in the bedroom
  • You love modular furniture that can be rearranged over time and/or stored
  • You’re in search of a functional sofa or armchair as an additional seating option

Head over to Nugget and check out your options today.

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