Prose Hair is a custom hair care company that produces a fully personalized hair routine, from shampoo to supplements. In the past, you’ve probably been told to use conditioner and some other items that are a staple in your hair routine. However, hair health starts from the inside out, which is why Prose formulates not just products applied to the hair, but supplements to take that encourage shiny and nourished locks. When it comes to beauty routines, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, and that’s why this subscription-based hair care brand takes such a unique approach with their detailed system. Read our Prose breakdown below to find out more and change your relationship with your hair. 

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You’d never go into a drugstore and see conditioner made specifically for you, and that’s exactly the problem that Prose tackled. Their bestselling products include:

With so many different, one-of-a-kind hair products, this unique website allows you to go to the product you want and click “Get Your Formula.” It’ll also include an example formula for a client, with a list of some common ingredients used. This can include vitamins, botanical extracts, and silk proteins. 

After you press “Begin,” Prose will ask you a multi-part quiz. The first part includes queries about your age, your hair type, hair length, how oily it is, density/thickness, and how often you wash it. The second part is about how you style your hair and asks questions about treatments, styling products, and preferred hold. Part three asks questions about your lifestyle and how you live. This includes questions on diet, water intake, stress levels, and what kind of workouts you do. The quiz is very detailed, and every question features a “Why We Ask” tab that explains more, in case you’re wondering how it’s relevant.

The products are high-performing, and the Prose hair care reviews speak for themselves – Prose shampoo is one of the most popular products that people keep returning to buy, but the conditioner has mixed reviews. The shampoo is clear with a thick consistency that suds upon contact with water. The conditioner, even with several pumps, may not be sufficiently moisturizing for thick hair, especially if you’re used to detangling in the shower.

Still, the majority of users note that the results with these products were more visible and showed up faster than other products and that the carefully formulated scents are truly luxurious. The masks appear to be effective, as does anything tackling scalp health from Prose hair care.  Many also reported less shedding after usage.  Based on preferences and requests, your formula can be fragrance-free, dye-free, silicone-free, gluten-free, or vegan; and, this preference will be labeled on the bottle. Beyond topical products, their new Custom Root Source is a supplement line that’s designed to soothe the scalp while stimulating hair growth. 


The aesthetic of the eco-conscious packaging is just as enticing as the product itself. Packaged in an amber-tinted bottle with a minimalist label, it reads the name of the product, your name, and other features of the product. The bottle has a fancy look, and just seeing your name on it makes the process feel more custom-tailored for you. The bottles are amber-tinted to preserve the active ingredients inside, and the plastic used is BPA-free. 


The most obvious feature of Prose hair care is their lab innovation and how customizable the products are. They seriously put some effort into getting to know your hair and lifestyle for the most comprehensive regimen ever. Their variety is unparalleled (millions of unique customer profiles, to be precise), and even fancy salons don’t compare. A whopping 85+ factors are considered when it comes to creating custom formulas. Another major feature is that it’s inclusive of all hair types, which isn’t always the case with hair care brands.

The brands use natural ingredients that are also exotic, and concentrations vary from person to person based on your specific needs. As is the industry standard for high-quality hair products, all Prose products are free of controversial ingredients like sulfates, dyes, and parabens. While they are a certified B Corp, some people question their commitment to fully disclosing what’s in the fragrances. One of their most popular fragrances is Corsica, but shoppers have the choice of four different scents before they check out. 

One perk that many customers appreciate is their customer service and 100% satisfaction guarantee. Prose is willing to re-tweak formulas if it doesn’t work for you and this reformulation process is usually done by email or by re-taking the survey on the website.


The bottles cost $25+, and this is comparable with many salon prices or luxury drug store products. If you’re used to drugstore prices, this may not be a long-term investment that you’re willing to bite the bullet on. But if you already spend tons of money on different products trying to figure out what works best for your hair, this line of products may be ideal for you. The hair care line is available a la carte or with their subscription, ensuring that you never run out of hair products. A subscription is available at no cost and ensures you get 15% off every order. 

Pros & Cons


  • Makes hair soft and shiny
  • Provides highly customizable hair care for all hair types
  • Different scents you can pick
  • Can help with shedding and improve hair health


  • Some scents may trigger headaches
  • Not everybody finds that every product works
  • Not 100% transparency on fragrance
  • Delivered in plastic rather than metal/glass


If your hair struggles with run-of-the-mill products at grocery and drug stores, and even salons

You might just find your dream conditioner, shampoo, or styling product. Whether you’re dealing with frizziness or scalp flaking, there’s no solution that this brand can’t target with their routine. 

Plus, the Prose reviews speak for themselves, and who doesn’t want to see their name on their hair products? If you’re on the fence about scents, you can always start fragrance-free.

Many customers do see positive results, while some customers do wish there was more transparency with the brand. While products do make a difference, so do stress levels and your diet, so keep that in mind when buying any hair care products. If you’re looking for a tailor-made experience and haven’t experienced relief with run-of-the-mill products, Prose is worth a shot with their meticulous ingredient combinations, unique scents, and formulas that cater to any and every hair type.


The delivery timeline is approximately 5-14 days.

They offer shipping within the United States, U.S. territories, and Canada. All products are shipped via DHL and local USPS carriers.

The company is based out of Paris and New York City.

The masks last up to 10 weeks. The shampoo and condition last approximately six to eight weeks.

With both haircare items and Root Source supplements, if you’re not happy with the results, you can get a refund within 30 days as promised by their 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Click the active subscription under “Your subscription” and select the button to cancel it. If you have both supplement and haircare subscriptions, one will not affect the other. To cancel an existing order, use their contact form to request an order cancellation.

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