As busy seasons come and go, one thing is clear: you need to take care of yourself. Sometimes, taking care of yourself looks like a bubble bath and chocolate. Other times, it looks like a salad for dinner and a 30-minute workout. One thing is for sure, though: self-care always looks like a comfy bed and a good night’s sleep, which means indulging in some nice sheets!

Why You Need Nice Sheets

If you are used to sleeping on the same $10 sheets you bought when you went to college, you probably haven’t devoted much thought to the quality of your bedding. Sheets are sheets, right? Actually, wrong.

Remember when you slept in the fancy hotel with the free bottles of name-brand shampoo and the good coffee? Good, then you probably know what luxury bedding feels like. Maybe you chalked up the coziness to being tired after traveling or the soft hotel mattress, but it was probably the sheets that made the experience heavenly. The good news is you can (and should) sleep that well in your own home.

It can be tempting to take the cheap route regarding your sleeping situation. However, a good night’s sleep is the first step toward a restful spirit and a productive day. There isn’t a bubble bath in the world that can make up for flat pillows and scratchy sheets. So, the question you should ask yourself isn’t which chocolate to buy, but are you a silk gal or a flannel gal?

Silk vs. Flannel

Both flannel and silk material have their advantages, so it ultimately comes down to your personal needs when you buy bedsheets. Let’s take a look at the best qualities of both.

1. Silk Sheets

Silk has long been associated with a life of luxury. Not only is it beautiful to look at, but it is also soft and smooth to the touch. Pure silk is exceptionally gentle on sensitive skin, and it is also hypoallergenic. Because the fibers are so sleek and breathable, silk is not quite as warm as flannel.

An often-overlooked benefit of silk sheets and pillowcases is that they are soft on your hair. So, if you wake up with dry, frizzy hair, silk sheets will help combat that.

If you’re a silk gal, you probably lean toward the “overheated sleeper” side. Personally, my husband emits a lot of body heat at night, so we invested in silky sheets just to keep me from sweating. Of course, he enjoys feeling pampered as well. Additionally, if your skin easily breaks out or becomes dry, itchy, or irritated, real silk will soothe it at night.

2. Flannel Sheets

On the other hand, flannel sheets excel when it comes to warm, cozy, classic comfort. While still breathable, flannel tends to retain more warmth than silk. The fabric, though not sleek, is incredibly soft and comfortable. Flannel tends to insulate your body’s current temperature, so it does work well in the summer. However, you probably don’t want to place a heavy blanket over the top during warmer months.

If you are a flannel gal, chances are high that you love wrapping up in a thick, warm blanket. If you live in a state where it gets really cold, or you love to save money on your overnight heating bill (who doesn’t?), definitely consider investing in some high-quality flannel sheets.

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