These Knives From New West Knifeworks Are Razor-Sharp Works of Art

The secret to an amazing meal isn’t organic ingredients or years of cooking experience – it’s a good knife. A low-quality or poorly sharpened knife will ruin all tasks requiring you to slice, dice, chop, and mince ingredients, but a high-quality one will yield better and faster results. And of course, it should look good in your kitchen. New West KnifeWorks offers beautiful and functional knives that achieve all of the above. Invented by a former restaurant line cook Corey Milligan, this knife has been described as a piece of art and is popular with chefs, celebs, and more. Below, we’ll explore if New West Knives are worth the hype, and who they’re best for. 

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New West Knifeworks sells chef knives, knife sets, custom knives, and steak knives. They also sell knife blocks and magnets for you to store your stylish blades on. The chef’s knife is their most popular choice and ranges from seven inches to nine inches, offering smaller blades for a more precise cut as well as longer carving knives. Blades are made with durable stainless steel. 

They also sell steak knives, blades for cutting bread, chopping, camping, and plenty of custom options for a higher price. For those who don’t currently own any high-quality blades, a knife set may be a smarter option. While the custom blades and sets are often 1,000+, they double as a piece of art in any home, making the ultimate statement on a countertop or against a backsplash. 

They describe their tools as being dedicated to “slow food.” One of their most popular knives includes the G-Fusion, which is as gorgeous and slices like butter. Featuring a fiberglass laminate handle, it feels incredible in your hand and does well in hot and humid environments.

Their Rock Blocks, Wood Knife Blocks, and Custom Resin Magnets are all artistic, creative ways for you to store and display your knives. The Resin Magnets are our personal pick and unlike the Rock and Wood Blocks, are available for a more affordable price. Plus, they take up a lot less counter space. 

Buyers love that each knife comes with a supple leather sheath, protecting both the tool and your finger – this is especially useful if you’re storing it in a drawer.


The colors and sleek lines on the New West Knives knives are unreal, and the same goes for their rock block. If you’re sick of boring black handles, look no further than these knives. Some of them have stunning wood handles, while others are made with sturdy materials like fiberglass laminate, as found in their G-Fusion knives. 

The custom knives resemble something akin to samurai swords and are very impressive at first glance. While they’re by far the most expensive knives of the lot, they have an heirloom quality that will be passed down from generation to generation. Some of the knives even have designs engraved on the actual blade. If you can afford the Rock Blocks, they’re essential for any art lover and can act as a centerpiece on an island or countertop.  Many of them use a blend of wood and resin for a dreamy, contemporary-meets-organic aesthetic.


American steel is the secret to all of their products. So is the powder metallurgy that allows them to pack more carbon in their blades with special alloys that let it remain flexible and tough. It’s called CPM S35VN steel, and it’s apparently the “best in class” when it comes to chef knives.

Due to the quality of these knives, you can go mandolin thin, reducing the need for other kitchen tools and appliances. Although some of the blades are large, reviews from professional chefs ensure that it’s completely agile to use and that the chef’s knives are versatile for a range of activities.

While the G-Fusion’s signature feature is the handle, the Teton Edge Santoku is a Japanese-style blade that stands out as their best all-purpose Chef’s knife. This is because it’s super sharp and has an edge that’s designed to resemble the Teton Mountain range. This replaces dimples often found in knives like this, creating an easier slice that doesn’t leave food sticking to the blade. The Petty knife, on the other hand,  is in the middle ground between a paring knife and a chef’s knife. 

All the products hold their edge for longer and are more stain-proof than similar premium knives from competitors. 


There’s no getting around it – these knives are pretty darn expensive, but you get what you pay for. They last a lifetime and do come with a lifetime guarantee, making the investment more worthwhile. If you sign up on their site, you get a 10% discount. 


And if you’re in the market for a home for some knives, their blocks and magnets are a must-have. Best described as hand-crafted knife sculptures, their Rock Blocks act as abstract sculptures in any room and hold several knives. At upwards of $2,000, they’re as pricey as a sculpture but also more functional. The Resin Magnets are placed against a wall and are a more affordable option. 

Other accessories and storage options for sale include their knife rolls, or pouches with individual compartments, other magnets, and round knife magnets, which are the most budget-friendly and only hold individual knives rather than a set. They also sell aprons, cooking utensils, sharpeners, cutting boards, and cutting forks.

Pros and cons


  • Saves money on replacing cheaper blades
  • Top-of-the-line quality and aesthetic
  • Vetted by professional chefs
  • Free sharpening and service on all knives for life


  • Not ideal for people who don’t cook often
  • Expensive 
  • Color combos are too loud for some
  • Not everyone loves the etched blades


With high-performance steel that rivals Japanese competitors, a unique aesthetic, and a G-Fusion knife that we want to drop cash on right now, there’s no question that these products are on everyone’s wishlist. However, although these knives are absolutely dreamy, some of them simply aren’t accessible to folks with a smaller budget for kitchen accessories. That being said, if you cook for a large family, work in a kitchen, or consider yourself a serious foodie, a razor-sharp New West Knife Works knife is a wise investment. These also make a classy wedding or housewarming gift.

If you’re not into the culinary arts or order a lot of takeout, this may not be the right pick for you.  But with a comprehensive and aesthetically pleasing range of options, we consider this to be a kitchen lifestyle brand as much as it is a knife company, and you’re sure to at least find an artisanally crafted accessory if you’re not in the market for a new knife. If you’re looking to replace an old knife with a high-quality one that will last you years to come (they have a lifetime guarantee) and earn compliments sitting out in your kitchen, this is a must-have. Whether you own a catering business or frequently make charcuterie boards for your friends, this is an essential for a range of lifestyles.


It’s not recommended to put your knife in the dishwasher, and you should also avoid soaking it for long periods.

It’s not intended to cut bone, frozen items, or ice. This can result in a chipped blade.

They use UPS Ground for standard shipping. Deliveries take 7-14 days. They have a 30-day return policy – if you’re not satisfied, you can get a full refund including initial shipping fees.  They also have a gift policy, in case a gift recipient doesn’t like the shape or color of an item.

They have a lifetime, 100% performance warranty. If you feel that your knife isn’t sufficiently sharp, you can send it back up for a complimentary re-edge and factory sharpen. Free sharpenings are always available and you can also drop your knife off at any of their store locations or by mail.

The chef’s knife is the most common, and it can handle most daily tasks. The brand recommends starting with a santoku and focusing on finding a wide-blade yet short knife for those who don’t want something massive. The Petty, Teton Edge Santoku, and Chopper are common for this.

A paring knife is used when you’re holding the food in your hand while cutting, and they recommend the Petty for this. The Petty is also useful for cheese. A bread knife has a serrated edge – from New West, this includes the Deli and Super Bread – these are also suitable for cutting tomatoes.

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