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📅 February 28, 2024

In a Rush? Get the Fast Facts

  • Interchangeable tops, called Solemates, with a Comfort Sole Base
  • Offers 12 interchangeable tops
  • Sizes 6-11
  • Comfort Sole costs $59.99
  • Solemates are $33 a piece

Solely Jane is a new company that is revolutionizing women’s shoes. Rather than buying multiple pairs of shoes, Solely Jane enables you to purchase one Classic Comfort Sole base and combine it with interchangeable tops, known as Solemates. The Solemates slide on and off the Classic Comfort Sole, making it possible to change the look and style of your shoe with ease. We’ll take a closer look at the Classic Comfort Sole and the various Solemates available through Solely Jane in just a few moments. But for now, let’s learn a little more about the company.

A group of women founded Solely Jane in 2020 with the goal of offering a stylish shoe with interchangeable tops to meet the demands of each important moment, while still ensuring maximum comfort. The company’s headquarters are in Draper, Utah, but Solely Jane’s website makes it possible for individuals to shop from the comfort and convenience of their own homes. Check out Solely Jane’s website now to learn more about the company and what they have to offer.

Solely Jane


As I mentioned earlier, with Solely Jane shoes, you can swap one Solemate shoe top with another any time you want or need to change the look of your shoes. This makes Solely Jane a very versatile product. You could even toss an extra Solemate in your bag before you head out to work and swap them at the end of the workday before heading out for an evening out on the town.

For travel aficionados or jet-setting executives, Solely Jane provides both fashionable comfort and practicality. No more worrying about weighing your suitcase down with a pair of shoes to match each outfit or sacrificing style to avoid overpacking. You can just bring along one Classic Comfort Sole and as many Solemates as you need to coordinate with every outfit and satisfy any occasion.

Because of their versatility, style, and comfort, Solely Jane reviews from past customers are very positive. Reviewers rave about how they can easily customize the look of their outfit with a new Solemate. Many have also shared that they can wear the shoes for multiple hours at a time without experiencing any pain.

The Classic Comfort Sole

Solely Jane’s Classic Comfort Sole serves as the foundation for each of the different Solemate designs. As its name implies, the company’s designers created this piece with comfort in mind. It features a plush 4-millimeter EVA foam footbed covered in durable, black synthetic leather. The Classic Comfort Sole has a 2 ½-inch heel and a ¾-inch platform to give users a little extra height. Some of the other key features of the Classic Comfort Sole include its supportive arch, rocking toe angle, and broad heel. 

You can purchase the Classic Comfort Sole in whole sizes between 6 and 11. According to Solely Jane, the sole fits true to size. If you typically wear a half-size, the makers recommend ordering the next full-size up.

There are two long channels along each side of the Classic Comfort Sole. These channels make it possible to slide in and secure each of the different Solemates, which we’ll explore below.


The Solemates are what makes Solely Jane so unique. As described above, there are channels along the sides of the Classic Comfort Sole. Simply slide one Solemate out of the channel and replace it with a different Solemate, and voilà, you’ve got a completely different pair of shoes all ready to wear.

There are 12 different Solemate designs to choose from, which means you can create 12 different shoes with just the one Classic Comfort Sole. Each Solemate is available in sizes 6 to 11, just like the Classic Comfort Soles. The website lists additional information about the fit of each Solemate to help you determine whether it should fit true-to-size or a little on the wide side. For some of the styles, you may also see recommendations to size up for the Solemate if you have a wider foot or enjoy a roomier fit.

Here are Solely Jane’s 12 different Solemates:

  • London:  The London Solemate offers a fun and stylish fit with its camel-colored hand-woven straps and high ankle fit.
  • Phoenix Etherea:  The neutral color and attractive cross strap design of the Phoenix Etherea will nicely complement everything from a nice pair of jeans to a business suit.
  • Phoenix Onyx:  You can’t go wrong with a classic black sandal, such as the Phoenix Onyx. With its cross-strap design, this sandal is anything but boring.
  • Adelaide Snake:  If you’re looking for a fun and comfortable animal print, try the Adelaide Snake Solemate. This slingback style features a tan and brown faux leather snakeskin look to liven up any outfit.
  • Adelaide Black:  This is a simple, yet stylish, black slingback Solemate—perfect for the workplace or an evening out with the girls.
  • Jamaica:  This red synthetic leather strappy Solemate can stand out as the focal point of your entire outfit. The gold buckles around the ankles even offer a little extra sparkle.
  • Miami Love the elegant look of a wrap-around sandal? If so, the blush pink Miami Solemate may be for you.
  • Raleigh:  The backless design of the strappy Raleigh Solemates makes them ideal for warm weather, beachy climates, and other fun summertime activities.
  • Malibu The Malibu Solemate comes in a stunning gray faux leather. It has an ankle strap with an intricately designed laser top, making it the perfect addition to your wardrobe for work or play.
  • Savannah:  If you like to live on the wild side, you’ll love this leopard-print Solemate with a buckled ankle strap.
  • Sydney Cinnamon Dress up a pair of jeans in the spring or get ready for fall with this warm cinnamon slide.
  • Sydney White:  The white faux snakeskin of this slide makes it a versatile piece that can pair nicely with both casual and dressy outfits. 

 Check out Solely Jane’s website to explore all the different Solemate options that are available and see exactly how they slide in and out of the Classic Comfort Sole.


Solely Jane’s products are very reasonably priced, especially when compared to buying multiple pairs of traditional shoes in assorted styles, colors, and patterns. The Classic Comfort Sole is currently priced at $59.99 with each of the 12 Solemates costing $33. 

If you plan to purchase two or more Solemates, the Classic Comfort Sole Bundle can help you save even more money. The bundle includes one Classic Comfort Sole and any two Solemates of your choice. It costs $99, which is $26 less than you’d spend to purchase each item individually.

Explore Solely Jane

Solely Jane Pros & Cons


  • There are 12 different Solemate designs to choose from.
  • You can match your shoes to various outfits without spending as much money to purchase numerous pairs.
  • Packing shoes when traveling won’t require half of your suitcase anymore.
  • The Classic Comfort Sole Bundle saves $26—nearly the cost of a Solemate.


  • There are currently no closed-toe shoe options.
  • You will have to size up or down if you are a half size.
  • Only sizes 6 through 11 are available.


Solely Jane shoes are versatile, comfortable, stylish, and attractive, the perfect combination for any ladies looking to upgrade their wardrobe without dipping into their savings. With 12 different Solemates available, you can create the perfect shoe for work, play, and everything in between. Pick your two favorite Solely Jane Solemates and add them to the Comfort Sole Bundle today!

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