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If you’re like me, you’re always looking for ways to save time and money, especially in the kitchen. I like to cook but between work, my family and our ever-changing world, I don’t always have time to shop or plan meals. So, I set out to find a food solution that would be convenient to my busy schedule and provide delicious food for my family.

Over the years, I’ve tried a few different meal service boxes but found the ingredient variety was limited and the cost to be a little high for what you get. Admittedly, I even tried Misfits Market a little over a year ago, but at the time, it just wasn’t for me. Some of my items got substituted for things that I didn’t know how to cook (what the heck do you make with persimmons!?) and felt like I couldn’t really customize my box to my preferences.

Recently, however, Misfits Market sent me a “we want you back” email explaining that they had totally revamped their grocery delivery box. Now, rather than receiving a random box of vegetables, Misfits Market allows me to build my order with a variety of food products that I want, including fresh produce, fruits, grains, and even pantry items like chocolate and peanut butter. You can find the items you’d find at your local supermarket, and then some.

So, I decided to give Misfits Market another try and see if I liked their new system better. Plus, my neighbor shared this discount code for $10 off my first box (COOKWME-GV1QTR), so feel free to use it and pass it along!

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I customized my box with tons of yummy produce and even added a few pantry items with their popular new products. The service has expanded its offerings to include essentials like wine, meat, protein alternatives, dairy alternatives, and dairy products, which makes all the difference. The service provides a full grocery service for those who might not live in a neighborhood with quick access to healthy and affordable ingredients.

My Misfits Market box shipped right to my doorstep. The whole process was quick and easy. But I’m sure you’re mostly here to hear about what was inside my box, so let’s get to it. Spoiler alert: I was extremely impressed!

Easy, convenient grocery shopping is a must!

Convenience is key in most things I do, which is why a meal or grocery delivery service was so appealing to me in the first place. If I can order my groceries for the week between meetings and throwing in a load of laundry, I call it a win! So, Misfits gets a thumbs up in that area from me. 

I love that I can build a Misfits Market order anytime day or night. You create an account they autofill your cart with bestselling products they think you’ll love or have purchased before. Of course, you can customize, pause, or skip your order. You can change your delivery or shop now for the soonest delivery if you forget or need more than one order in a week.

organic produce

Fresh, organic produce is the best!

One of my fears with food delivery boxes is always that the food will be spoiled or expired by the time it gets to me. Let me tell you, that was not the case with my Misfits Market box. Everything was fresh and might I add, delicious.


Did you know that oftentimes, the products you find in the grocery stores have traveled great distances from the farm to your local grocery store? Misfits Market delivers fresh produce in every box. They partner with local and regional farmers in your area to cut out the middleman and reduce the amount of time it takes to get your produce from the field to your plate. That way, the produce can be picked ripe and you get the freshest items possible. The majority of items are organic, which means free of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and GMOs, so you’re getting nothing but nutrient-rich food.

While we’re on the subject of fresh, I have to shout out the tomatoes from my last box. While they were a bit smaller than what I used to buy at the grocery store, they tasted amazing! They were ripe, plump, and juicy–the perfect tomatoes for my BLT. 


If you’re also buying the bacon and bread from this service, you can rest assured that it’s top quality and available at the most competitive price possible. I love Dave’s Killer Bread and Niman Ranch pork. Along with sustainably sourced fruits and vegetables, the pantry items are chosen with just as much care. For instance, their oat milk from Minor Figures is a carbon-neutral product.

I can stock up on grocery items that I love!

Here’s another reason I am so ga-ga over the Misfits Market grocery program. I can order my favorite discounted grocery items in bulk. Yep! I purchased 15 loaves of Cobblestone bread (the take and bake kind) at a discounted rate (that may sound crazy, but have you tried this bread?!). I put 12 loaves in my freezer so I can pull them out and thaw them as we need them. Why did I buy 15 loaves? My whole family loves this bread, but it’s kind of pricey at our local health food store. I added it to my Misfits Market box and got it for 40% less than I normally pay. 

Along with essentials like eggs, dairy, and bread, they’ve got tons of discounted pantry items available like peanut butter, pasta, nuts, and sweets, too. Sometimes (read: most times), I even indulge and order organic dark chocolate or Lily’s peanut butter cups. Many of these brands are ethical and sustainable, so you can purchase them without guilt.

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Meal Planning just got easier!

I was already feeling pretty good about giving Misfits Market another chance (and clearly it was a hit), but when I saw the recipes section it sent me over the edge. This takes the grocery subscription box to the next level. 

Misfits Market also has a blog where they share hundreds of recipes for their food items. There’s something for everyone, from pasta dishes to salads to desserts. Plus, Chef Bobby Flay works with them on many of their recipes, so using their recipes is also teaching me tips and tricks about cooking in general.

This feature makes it so much easier to meal plan. When it’s time to build my box, I just browse through their recipes (created by a renowned Chef!), add items to my box and in less than 30 minutes, I have made my menus for the week and purchased the ingredients I need. And if I’m tight on time, I build a box with staples that I know the family loves and search for recipes in their blog once the items arrive.

With so many options as an online grocery service, there’s nothing you can’t find.

OK, let’s address the ugly vegetable in the room.

I knew that Misfits Market advertises their “ugly produce,” but I have to say I was disappointed when I opened my box. In my head, I would open my box to a giant mutant zucchini with two heads and a heart-shaped pepper, but other than some slightly small (but extremely juicy) tomatoes, nothing was abnormal. 


The produce that is misshapen or “ugly” comes that way because they’re arriving straight from the farm to your door. These produce items are 100% organic and aren’t treated with harsh chemicals that make supermarket produce look so perfect and uniform. They’re equally (if not more) delicious as what you can shop in the grocery store, they’re just chemical-free and no food, ugly or not, goes to waste.


The truth is, many of these “ugly” veggies look completely normal, and combined with their other dry goods and pantry essentials, you can make a luxurious five-star meal for a reasonable cost. 

More than just a produce delivery service

Although they first became famous for their produce, Misfits Market is so much more than just a source of fruit and veggies. They also have wine, high-quality proteins, and other ingredients to fill your pantry. Misfits have expanded to include an impressive and large catalog of highly desired items, making it a one-stop shop for all of your grocery needs.


There are three separate categories for food, including food (produce and pantry items) wine, and cold items (including meats and dairy)


Order the same quality, you would get at expensive organic specialty stores for a fraction of the price. Plus, their blog often offers easy weeknight recipes and tips on how you can save even more money by using certain food storage hacks.

Most importantly, wine

It’s helpful to know that this service can make meal planning way easier, but the fact that they’ve expanded to wine means that you no longer have to wait in a long line at the liquor store or supermarket to get your Cabernet or Merlot on. 


For an $8.99 service fee (waived for a 6-bottle pack), you can choose between high-end wines that may be organic, use sustainable practices, are vegan, or are low-sulfite. They then sell curated bundles which help to highlight and enhance flavors in your selected wine. I mean, since when is one bottle enough? 


While they don’t sell individual bottles, the bundles are sold in packs of three, which helps to deliver in a sustainable way while providing you the biggest savings possible.  

The result is just as affordable as your local store and way tastier.

How is Misfits Market “different” from grocery stores?

Finding tasty organic food is one thing, but knowing your food arrived in a sustainable way is just as important! Most of their produce is non-GMO and organic, and they even offer a transparent list of the ingredients they’re currently selling and information on where they came from. 


You might be wondering: how exactly can they charge such low prices for high-quality groceries? Because they offer direct access to excess supply and “ugly” friends and veggies. Anywhere else, you’d pay a premium, but by cutting out the middleman, Misfits Market products become extraordinarily affordable. 

So, what is my honest opinion of Misfits Market?

I mean, do you even have to ask? I am a Misfits Market fan.  I will admit, I was on the fence when I tried them last year. There wasn’t anything wrong with what they sent me, per se, I just wasn’t overly impressed. Plus, they would sometimes substitute other items in place of what I picked, so meal planning was hard and I often got ingredients I didn’t use. 


With the new program, I get to pick exactly what I want and there are no more substitutions. So, you only get what you order. Plus, this service has grown rapidly, serving all of the lower 48 states and they are expanding into an online grocery service with an impressive variety of products. Who knows what they’ll offer next?


misfits market

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The Verdict

I am stoked on Misfits Market! I can plan and shop in just minutes and the produce is fresh, organic, and costs less than what I’d pay at the grocery store. I love that I can stock up on other grocery items, too (at Misfits Market’s discounted prices).

While many produce boxes are available across the USA, I love how this brand makes weekly grocery shopping more convenient and accessible. Unlike in-person stores, you always know what’s going to be in stock, can order from the comfort of your own home, and reduce food waste while doing it! Products being up to 40% off is just the cherry on top, along with the fact that they also carry coffee, tea, and alcoholic beverages.

In addition to all the herbs, veggies, and fruits that they sell according to sustainable values, their pantry essentials, and other ingredients are also operated with the same values. 

Furthermore, it’s suitable for all kinds of diets, including keto, paleo, omnivores, pescatarians, vegetarians, and vegans thanks to its wide selection of products. That means that you can buy cheap, organic food for the entire family here, even if everyone has a different diet!

With the added benefit of it being delivered straight to your door, you can free up your time for some much-needed self-care like I was able to. I really appreciate the ease, convenience, and affordability that Misfits Market gives me and I’m glad that I gave them another try because now I’m hooked!

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