Mixtiles or Framebridge? (A Review)

One thing I took for granted growing up was how many things decorated the walls of my home. Family portraits, candid photos, paintings, and prints— all framed and hung so nicely. When we bought this house a few months ago, I underestimated how much work and money it would take to fill all the walls to transform the space from empty to cozy. That’s when Framebridge and Mixtiles came into the picture.

Some things I learned during the search process:

  • Framebridge and Mixtiles are at opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to wall decorations.
  • Mixtiles offer affordable quality that is simple to hang; Framebridge is cheaper than a traditional frame store.

It’s not that we don’t have art and or items to hang. We’ve collected prints and artwork from around the world. We made sure to buy things with the idea of displaying them on our walls. It certainly depends on what decor ideas you’re looking for, but there are many options, and it’s hard to figure out which one is right for each space.

How do I order Mixtiles?

You’ve no doubt seen the ads or have if you’ve ever spent any time looking for framing options. Mixtiles present themselves as simple to select, easy to hang, and beautiful to look at framing alternatives. With Instagram and Facebook integration, it’s easy to upload your images and crop as necessary. I uploaded nearly 25 images and fiddled around with them all until I had culled it down to 16 photo tiles. I wanted to fill the blank wall in the stairwell that leads to the upstairs living area. This process was straightforward, and I was finished checking out in under twenty minutes.

What was the delivery process like?

The frames were delivered in under a week. They arrived via USPS in a large 3 lb box. Inside the box were four trays with four images each. I read reviews that sometimes, because of the process, the cutting wasn’t precise. I had no such bad luck. At first glance, everything looked great.

Were the Mixtiles hard to hang?

I sketched out my preferred pattern on the floor and used post-it notes to denote ideal spacing. Once receiving final visual approval from my wife, I went to work hanging. The tiles went from on the floor to on the wall in just under five minutes. Each tile has a simple removable strip covering the adhesive that peeled right off. Thankfully I have not had to remove or rehang any of them yet. The post-it notes worked perfectly for spacing, and I think the final product looks great.

How do I order from Framebridge?

For years, I’ve been inundated with podcast spots about Framebridge. Seemed like every podcaster I followed must-have houses like the ones I grew up in. They all extolled the simplicity and beauty of their Framebridge frames. So with a pair of matching prints my wife and I want to use as the focal point in the living room, we decided to see what Framebridge could do.
Ordering using the Framebridge app proved difficult. Either “failure to process” or “payment errors,” the app didn’t work, so we moved to a computer. There, we completed the order and opted to let the experts at Framebridge select our frame for us.

They emailed us a label, which we printed out and put on the tube. I dropped it off at a local UPS store and waited for the art to arrive. After emailing back and forth with designers about our preferences, we selected two types of frames and completed the order.

Delivery and Unboxing

Framebridge treated our works as individual art pieces meaning they framed and returned each individually. One arrived on Wednesday, and the other showed up Saturday. The packaging is sturdy and secure. Unboxing the art offered a real “Oh Wow” moment as each frame, unique in its design but complimentary in theme, looked great next to one another.


Unfortunately, hanging proved a flaw in the Framebridge experience. Framebridge provided the nail and hook to support the artworks, but because each piece was treated differently, there was a lack of uniformity. Typically the wire used to hang art should extend halfway up the back of the frame from where the top of the D-ring. In our case, one wire reached 3 inches and the other 3.5 inches up the back. To fix this, I’ll need to pound another hole in the wall to compensate for the hanging wire location difference.


Mixtiles are the simplest way to spruce up your space. The 8×8 photos are easy to hang and supposedly easy to move. The ordering process is quick, and the quality is good for the price. This is a reliable alternative to shipping off your photos to a frame store. Framebridge’s quality is hard to find fault with. The frames are beautiful and definitely conversation starters. We had issues with ordering and hanging, but the frames themselves are outstanding if you can get past those two details.

Both are great alternatives to a traditional frame store experience. At these stores, you do have the opportunity to talk directly with a framer and pick out exactly what you want, but you are paying more and waiting longer for the completed product.

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