Misfits Market vs. Thrive Market: Which One is Right for You?

📅 June 14, 2024

In a Rush? Get the Fast Facts

  • Misfits Market:
    • Offers up to 40% off organic groceries.
    • Free to join, with a $6.99 flat rate shipping starting cost.
    • Specializes in local, in-season produce, plus meat, dairy, and pantry staples.
    • Weekly customizable deliveries.
    • Focuses on reducing food waste by using “ugly produce.”


  • Thrive Market:
    • Offers savings of up to 30% on high-end, organic, and sustainable brands.
    • Subscription fee of $5 per month.
    • Sells a wide range of products including groceries, personal care items, and eco-friendly products.
    • Options for as-needed orders or autoship.
    • Aims to be carbon-negative by 2025 and is already Climate Neutral-certified.

In the era of countless subscription boxes, it can be hard to decide which ones are actually necessary. Do you really need a subscription box for coffee, candles, and groceries? And what’s the difference between a produce subscription box and a grocery delivery service? While subscription boxes can be helpful, you don’t want to end up knee-deep in cardboard every month. So how do you know which subscription box is right for you? Today’s toss-up: Misfits Market vs. Thrive Market. 

Misfits Market and Thrive Market: An Overview

Before we dive into specifics, here’s the basic idea of both subscriptions.

Overview of Misfits Market

Misfits Market boasts an organic selection of sustainably sourced groceries at 40% of the cost of regular grocery stores, which is a great deal — especially in this economy. While Misfits Market started out with only produce, they have now expanded stock to include meat, dairy, and pantry staples. Misfits Market is truly becoming a one-stop shop for your grocery needs.

With Misfits, you select your desired delivery day, and each week you fill up your cart within the three-day shopping window. Choose from the variety of in-season produce, available meat or dairy, and available pantry staples. Then just like clockwork, it’ll be there on your doorstep each week, so you can cross grocery shopping off of your to-do list. 

Misfits Market

Thrive Market Overview

Thrive Market is a subscription service that specializes in the organic, sustainable, and clean food brands that cost much more in grocery stores — but this service offers more than just groceries. From eco-friendly toilet paper to organic beauty products, they’ve got just about everything. While the brand used to offer only pantry products and frozen items, you can now get produce, dairy, refrigerated items, and deli essentials, too. 

Thrive Market works on an as-needed basis, but they also have an autoship option. That way, you can pick various items that you want automatically shipped at your desired frequency, which lowers the overall cost and boosts convenience. 

Thrive Market

Pricing and Product Offerings

Misfits Market: According to the website, Misfits Market is free to join and doesn’t have an ongoing subscription fee. However, shipping is a flat rate by zip code that starts at $6.99 per order, and to complete your purchase, you need to have at least $30 worth of groceries in your box. This company specializes in local, in-season produce, but also has meat, seafood, dairy products, and bakery items, all for up to 40% off. 

Thrive Market: Thrive Market does have a fee to join. According to the website, the subscription currently costs $5 per month, though the brand guarantees that you’ll make your annual membership fee back in savings. (If you don’t, Thrive Market will pay you back the difference in Thrive Cash.)  This service advertises savings of up to 30% on the highest quality items, which is 10% less than Misfits Market, but you’re more likely to find the organic, sustainable packaged brands you love. You can also now get dairy, bakery items, fresh produce, deli items, and prepared foods. 

Environmental Impact

Misfits Market: Almost half of the food grown in this country is thrown out due to minor imperfections or surplus. This brand’s mission is to rescue certified organic and non-GMO produce that would otherwise go to waste and offer it at much lower prices than your average grocery store. Misfits Market also aims to use only the most eco-friendly packaging on the market. 

Thrive Market: This brand aims to be the world’s first climate positive grocery store. Thrive Market is already Climate Neutral-certified, but wants to be carbon-negative by 2025. The warehouses also recycle or repurpose 90% of their materials and the brand continues to cut plastic usage wherever possible. 

Misfits Market vs Thrive Market: Pros And Cons

Misfits Market


  • Free to join
  • Advertises up to 40% in savings
  • Repurposes “ugly produce” for a more sustainable shopping model 
  • In addition to produce, also offers meat, seafood, dairy products, bakery items, and more 
  • Weekly deliveries make it easy to shop organic and eat seasonally
  • Stock changes from week to week

Thrive Market


  • Offers high-end, organic, and sustainable brands for less
  • Now sells produce and refrigerated items in addition to pantry items, frozen food, personal care items, wine,  beauty, and more 
  • Advertises up to 30% in savings
  • Ship groceries as needed or on an autoship schedule 
  • Paid monthly or annual subscription

So Misfits Market Vs. Thrive Market: How do they compare to one another? Both offer a more convenient way to shop that lowers overall cost, though the best option for you depends on exactly what you’re looking for. 

Misfits Market: The Most Affordable Produce

If you’re looking to eat more fruits and vegetables — and to save money and the environment while you’re at it — Misfits Market is the way to go. While you can also get boxed goods, meat, and other essentials, this service specializes in discounted produce that would otherwise get thrown out. As a result, you can save up to 40% on your grocery bill while also eating organic and healthier. It’s free to join and you can customize your grocery box every week. 

Misfits Market

Thrive Market: The Brands You Love For Less

If you often find yourself spending hundreds of dollars at Whole Foods in order to get specific brands, Thrive Market is the best option for you. While it’s not as affordable as Misfits Market, you can choose exactly which organic and sustainable brands you want in your on-demand or autoship boxes, and you can save up to 30% in the process. In addition to these pantry essentials, you can also order refrigerated items, food from the bakery or deli, frozen items, meat, seafood, vitamins, beauty, and personal care items. 

Thrive Market

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