Maev Dog Food Review: Is raw dog food better?

By Finders & Keep
📅 February 10, 2024

In a Rush? Get the Fast Facts

  • Raw Nutrition for Dogs
  • Wellness Focus
  • Convenient Delivery
  • Personalized Formulas
  • Range of Products including vitamin Bars

As a proud dog owner, I have been on the hunt to find nutritious and supportive food for my dog. The bagged and boxed kibble in the store was not what I was looking for. I know that dogs’ digestive systems were not made to consume dried and processed food. That is when I stumbled upon Maev, a raw dog food provider. Here is my Maev Dog Food Review.

Why Shop Maev?

Providing nutritious food for my dog is a priority and when I found Maev I was immediately hooked. This company is so much more than just your run-of-the-mill dog food producer. They are a wellness company. The creators of Maev passionately founded this company to reconnect your dog with its wild roots.

Maev food provides city dogs with the nutrition they need to thrive. It is so disappointing to go to the store and find rows and rows of kibble to feed to my dog when I know he needs much more than that. The founder of Maev, Katie Spies, also felt the same way. She decided to work with food scientists and veterinary nutritionists to come up with the best possible food for our dogs. After finding this out, I was thrilled to place my order.

Why Choose a Raw Food Diet?

My first impression of Maev was that they understand dogs. As I read through their website, I found out that my gut feeling about kibble was right. Our furry friends weren’t meant to dine on this overly processed food that lacks nutritional value. Maev took three years to better understand the nutritional needs of our dogs. They discovered how important a raw meat and vegetable diet is.

Maev makes it so easy to provide the best for our pets. Each bag of human-grade meat and vegetables comes frozen. When it arrives at your door, you simply transfer it to your freezer. The raw dog food remains frozen all the way up to mealtime. If your dog prefers it a little less frozen, you can get it out of the freezer about ten minutes before mealtime to thaw just a little. I love how convenient it is! This frozen food fits so well into my busy schedule, and I don’t have to worry about remembering to get it out of the freezer hours before my dog eats.

Maev Products We Love

There is so much I love about Maev. Here are a few of my favorite products they offer.

Dog Food With Wellness Goals

For me, the importance of personal wellness goals is high on my priority list, and I wanted the same for my pet. Maev has a selection of raw dog food that is formulated to meet the specific needs your dog has. I love the four available options.

  • Weight and Digestion
  • Anxiety and Mental Health
  • Hair and Skin
  • Hip and Joint

No matter what needs your dog has, Maev has got you covered.

Daily Vitamin Bars

A supplement for my dog? Sign me up! Maev’s Daily Vitamin Bars make it a breeze to fill in the gaps in your dog’s nutrition. Dogs that dine on kibble would greatly benefit from these bars. By switching them over to a raw food diet and supplementing with these amazing bars, your dog’s health is going to thank you. These vitamin bars come in the same formulas as their raw dog food.

Bone Broth Topper

Who hasn’t heard about how amazing bone broth is for human health? But dogs also gain massive benefits from drinking it. Bone Broth Topper contains collagen and glycine. These important nutrients provide your dog with needed joint support. City dogs will especially benefit from the bone broth because it helps detox the body from pesticides found outside on sidewalks and grass.

Pros and Cons:


  1. Nutritional Excellence: Maev provides a raw diet with human-grade meat and vegetables, offering dogs the nutrition they need to thrive.
  2. Wellness-Focused: The brand goes beyond typical dog food, emphasizing overall wellness. They offer specialized formulas addressing specific needs like weight, digestion, anxiety, mental health, hair and skin, and hip and joint.
  3. Convenient and Time-Saving: Maev’s frozen dog food is delivered directly to your door, making it a convenient and time-saving option for busy dog owners. The frozen food remains intact until mealtime, providing flexibility in feeding schedules.


  1. Price Point: Raw dog food tends to be more expensive than traditional kibble. The premium quality of Maev’s products may come with a higher price tag, which could be a consideration for budget-conscious consumers.
  2. Frozen Storage Requirements: While the frozen delivery is convenient, it also requires adequate freezer space. Some pet owners may find it challenging to accommodate the storage needs of frozen dog food, especially if they have limited freezer space.
  3. Transition Period: Switching a dog from traditional kibble to a raw food diet may require a transition period. Some dogs might take time to adjust to the new diet, and owners may need to monitor their pets during this adjustment phase.


I am thrilled to now be a Maev customer. They make it so easy to place an order and have nutritious dog food delivered right to my door. I love the unique supplements that are made from real ingredients. Maev is now my sole dog food provider for my favorite friend.

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