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With all the synthetic fabrics being used in fast fashion, it can feel impossible to find high-quality fabrics that look good and actually feel good on your skin. The struggle is especially real for those with sensitive skin or allergies. That’s why luxury loungewear company Lunya prioritizes premium fabrics – they even have a whole section on their website dedicated to it. Founder and CEO Ashley Merril started the company after she found herself lacking clothing that made her feel good about herself, but also helped her feel comfy after a long day.

With a breeze, loungewear-inspired feel, Lunya sells all kinds of women’s clothing and in sumptuous fabrics. They’re also famous for their washable silk clothes. With stores all over the US, more and more women are buying this chic brand, but the question remains: Is buying Lunya worth it? Find out everything you need to know in our Lunya brand review below. 

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Many women are looking for a silk nightgown that also doubles as a slip dress, and Lunya fills that niche. Lunya sells silk and cotton lounge sleepwear garments that can be worn outside the house, filling a unique space in the fashion industry. Silk is one of the most luxurious materials you can put on your skin – it’s hypoallergenic and has an amazing texture, but unfortunately, it’s notoriously fragile. Enter Lunya – this brand sells machine-washable silk that’s durable enough to last you years. Although silk is their most popular offering, they offer super soft cotton, linen, and modal materials that have an extremely cozy feel. 

There are many positive reviews when it comes to the design, quality, comfort, and fit of Lunya’s fabric. The seams are constructed solidly without loose threads, and the silk material has a nearly sueded, matte finish with a light glossiness. Buyers appreciate that the bottoms have tiny rubber mounds to grip at the waist without digging your skin.

Their bridal pajama collection shouldn’t be missed, either. Although weddings are all about the couple getting married, one of the best parts is hanging with your bridesmaids and wearing matching looks at the event. Lunya has an entire bridal collection filled with chic, airy essentials for the ultimate Instagram moment. 

Some of their most popular best-sellers include:

Anyone desiring less of a feminine look will adore their oversized Cool Every Body Tee, which is even bigger than your classic boyfriend tee. The Lunya Washable Silk Tee Set provides a bit more coverage and warmth with its oversized top.

Silhouettes range from revealing and skin-bearing to more modest, loosely fitted looks. Unlike brands that only cater to certain body types or demographic, this is an elevated everywoman brand that’s accessible for ladies of all ages, shapes, and sizes. There are many positive reviews when it comes to the design, quality, comfort, and fit of the Lunya fabric. 


It’s hard not to be immediately obsessed with Lunya’s aesthetic. Their relaxed yet elegant garments are European-chic and flattering for a range of body types. The high-quality fabric hugs the body in a certain way, and just from how these garments look on the site’s models, you can tell that they don’t cheap out in this aspect. 

All of the pieces have a delicate, airy look but are actually extremely durable. They’re stunning in their simplicity, without too many frills or additional details, and this makes them look even more expensive. Color options are sophisticated and include neutrals, pastels, and more vibrant options.


You won’t find any cheap polyester clothing here, and that’s one of the most important aspects. Lunya’s major feature is its unique fabrics, including washable silk. Usually, silk needs to be dry-cleaned, which is an expensive and time-consuming hassle.  For people who find certain fabrics itchy or irritating, Lunya is a must-have. Silk is even naturally thermoregulating, which means that it keeps you cool in the warm weather and cozy in the winter. 

Lunya’s versatility is also a key feature – there aren’t many gowns that you can wear to a formal event but also snuggle up to under your duvet. This is a way for women to feel empowered, sexy, and comfortable for absolutely any occasion, whether it’s a gala or a hot date with Netflix and some wine. 

Their clothing has thoughtful and functional details seamlessly added in, like attached belts, pockets, and adjustable dress backs. Not sure which pieces to choose for which occasion? They have a “Good For” section on their site, with sections like Date Night, Work From Home, Cold Nights and Hot Sleepers. If you’re still scratching your head, another cool feature is their Virtual Styling Appointments.


Their accessories include sleep masks, silk scarves, leg warmers, hair accessories, and socks (silk and regular). They also sell silk bedding at a higher price point. They even created a Travel Kit of essential garments for when you’re on the go. The garments are made from a fabric that’s designed to boost blood flow and oxygen levels, helping tired travelers recover from jet lag faster. 


Some might consider Lunya’s prices high, although they’re still lower than most designer brands. If you’re only buying this brand to sleep in, you may not get the best return on your investment. But if you work from home, plan on wearing it out, or are looking for something cozy yet put together to lounge in on the weekends, it’s well worth the price tag. These fabrics are also longer-lasting than your average fast fashion brand, and that longevity also adds to the value. 

Pros & Cons


  • 100% washable silk
  • Thoughtful designs for all body types and ages
  • Sensitive-skin-friendly and extremely soft fabrics
  • A sophisticated range of colors


  • Fabric can wrinkle after washing
  • High price point for loungewear
  • Items frequently sold out in certain sizes/colors
  • Some feel that silk isn’t as soft after washing


We love this new trend of loungewear that can also be worn outside. It’s true that what you wear affects your mood, and this is a brand that feels as amazing as it looks. 

If you’re like me and absolutely hate the feeling of cheap, unbreathable fabric, Lunya is a more comfortable and buttery alternative that still provides a highly coveted aesthetic.

While the prices are a high splurge on something you’ll sleep in, they’re so much more than that. This line of loungewear will also earn you compliments at restaurants, parties, and more. Its versatility, combined with the positive reviews from customers, leads us to recommend Lunya as one of the best clothing brands for women.


All of Lunya’s sleepwear is machine-washable. Always wash with cold water on a delicate cycle and lay flat to dry if possible

Lunya uses FedEx for orders. Ground shipping takes 7-12 business days in the United States, while international orders can take up to 12 days and costs $10 flat. They ship to Canada, New Zealand, France, Germany, Italy, the UK, Australia, Spain, and the Netherlands. They do ship to Alaska and Hawaii, but shipping costs $19 and it’s the same window as international shipping. 

This brand will accept unworn and unwashed items within 30 days of purchasing. They need to be in their original packaging and condition – just head to their online Return Portal and enter your email in the box. The return must include the original packing slip and a return label.

You can shop online here or in person at their brick-and-mortar locations in Los Angeles, NYC, Boston, San Francisco, Atlanta, and Houston. 

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