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📅 June 14, 2024

In an era marked by unprecedented uncertainties, the escalating frequency and intensity of extreme weather events highlight the critical importance of preparedness. And as our world grapples with the unpredictable consequences of climate change, the occurrence of natural disasters has become an unfortunate reality. From hurricanes and wildfires to floods and earthquakes, communities globally find themselves at the mercy of nature’s unpredictability. In such challenging times, prudence dictates the need for proactive measures, and having a well-thought-out emergency kit is not just a precautionary step but a vital necessity. 

It is amid these uncertain times that we conducted thorough research to ensure the efficacy of our emergency preparedness measures. In this quest for resilience, we stumbled upon LuminAID—a true game-changer in the realm of emergency essentials. Beyond the conventional, LuminAID presents a solar lantern equipped with a built-in battery capable of not only illuminating the darkest hours but also charging essential devices like our phones. It’s like the superhero of prepper supplies. In the face of escalating climate challenges, LuminAID emerges as a beacon of innovation, significantly enhancing the practicality and adaptability of our emergency kits to meet the evolving demands of our times.

LuminAID: An Overview

LuminAID, a trailblazer in portable lighting technology, emerged in 2010 from the visionary minds of STEM pioneers, Anna Stork and Andrea Sreshta, when they were students at architecture school in New York City. Focused on addressing the critical need for reliable light in disaster relief after the devastating earthquake in Haiti, LuminAID introduced its first product—an innovative solar lantern. Over time, LuminAID’s technology has evolved, marking a significant milestone with the integration of phone-charging capabilities into the solar lantern design. The company’s commitment to providing safe, sustainable light for those in need has made the LuminAID solar lantern a symbol of resilience and compassion. Inspired by humanitarian efforts and discussions with relief workers, the collapsible, waterproof, and solar-powered lantern became a lifeline, particularly in disaster-stricken areas. LuminAID’s technology, initially designed for accessibility and portability, expanded its impact with the addition of phone-charging capabilities. This thoughtful evolution showcases LuminAID’s dedication to innovation, ultimately transforming a simple lantern into a multifunctional tool capable of providing light and communication during critical moments.

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Comparing LuminAID Solar Lanterns: PackLite Max Vs. PackLite Titan


Winner: It’s a tie

Both the PackLite Max and PackLite Titan are purpose-built for disaster relief, guaranteeing resilience and durability in challenging environments. Rigorously tested in the field and relied upon by humanitarian aid workers, these solar lanterns meet stringent durability standards and boast IP67 waterproofing and dust proofing. Beyond their robust construction, both products come with the assurance of an Off-Grid Guarantee and a 100-Day Return Policy, further attesting to their durability.

Ease Of Use

Winner: PackLite Titan Solar Lantern

While the PackLite Max requires inflation with your mouth, utilizing a valve, the Titan solar camping lantern takes convenience to the next level with its innovative Twist-to-Inflate design. This hands-on approach not only makes inflation swift and effortless but also eliminates the need for individual inflation, ensuring a user-friendly experience that can be easily shared with others. The Titan’s design streamlines the process, making it a standout choice for those prioritizing simplicity and accessibility.

Battery Capacity

Winner: PackLite Titan Solar Lantern

Both the PackLite Max and PackLite Titan are equipped with a built-in battery pack for phone charging and can store a charge for up to 2 years. However, the PackLite Titan stands out as the winner in battery capacity for extended off-grid use, featuring a substantial 4000 mAh battery compared to the Max’s 2000 mAh. This translates to double the brightness, runtime, and enhanced phone-charging capabilities. However, the Max is a great choice for casual use, day trips, weekend camping, or as a reliable 2-in-1 lantern and phone charger.

Size And Weight

Winner: PackLite Max Solar Lantern

The PackLite Max 2-in-1 power lantern takes the lead in the size and weight category.  Weighing just 8.5 Oz, it’s among the lightest, and compact enough to fit in a backpack or emergency kit. When flat, it’s the size of a paperback book (6″x6″x1″) and inflates into a 6″ cube. The PackLite Titan shares the same size but weighs 12.5 Oz, carrying twice the battery capacity. If you prioritize ultralight backpacking, the Max’s 4 Oz lighter weight is a clear choice, but if battery capacity is what you are looking for, the Titan should be worth the extra weight.

Light Modes

Winner: PackLite Titan Solar Lantern

Both models, Max and Titan, feature true solar-powered lanterns using LuminAID’s inflatable body for soft, wide illumination. The Max solar lantern hits 150 lumens on Turbo mode, suitable for a 200-square-foot tent, with 50 hours of runtime on low. In comparison, the Titan solar lantern outshines with a 300-square-foot lighting area on Turbo mode and an impressive 100 hours on low. Both models have dimmable brightness and an emergency flash mode, but with the introduction of a red light mode for night vision, Titan takes the cake. With that said, if it is just for 1-2 people, the Max gets the job done with ample light and runtime.


Winner: PackLite Titan Solar Lantern

The PackLite Titan emerges as the cost-effective winner, with individual lanterns priced at $75.00. They also offer free U.S. shipping over $99. Despite the Max being a solid choice for those watching their budget, the Titan’s Solar Lantern not only provides better value but also introduces the practicality of a red light mode.


Overall Winner: PackLite Titan Solar Lantern

Emerging as a winner in four categories, the LuminAID Titan can be considered the overall winner as if it is a safer choice for families. However, the LuminAID Max is the better option for light-packers and individual use. BUT, originally designed as a disaster relief aid, for us, they’re both winners. And we know you agree too!

PackLite Titan 2-in-1 Power Lantern

While they’re both legitimate options, PackLite Titan solar lantern came out on top in the battle between PackLite Titan vs PackLite Max, winning several categories.

Although the LuminAID PackLite Max solar lantern may be better for individual use, the Titan solar lantern’s ease of use, 2x brightness, 2x runtime, and the ability to charge more gadgets have us agreeing that they take the cake when it comes to prepper supplies.

One reviewer said: “Me and my family love the Titan 2-in-1 Power Lantern. Lightweight and gives off an abundant amount of light. The red light feature is perfect for walking along the beach at night time. The solar power source provides peace of mind during power outages as well as the ability to charge your cell phone. I have purchased one of these for each member of my family.”

PackLite Titan 2-in-1 Power Lantern


PackLite Max 2-in-1 Power Lantern

Even though the LuminAid PackLite Max solar lantern came in second place, there are still plenty of reasons why this product has been LuminAID’s most popular model for emergency kits and camping and may be the right choice for you.

With 150 Lumens that can light up a family-sized tent and a runtime of 50 hours that can handle extended power outrages, this camping lantern ensures you’re not left in the dark. While it doesn’t come with a red light mode, its white light is still widely appreciated. With a very lightweight and inflatable design, this solar lantern still beats carrying a flashlight and extra batteries.

One reviewer said: “I have reordered this lantern a bunch of times. These make wonderful gifts. Very reassuring and calming soft light under our many power outages. They hold their charge for many months and charge my phone and flashlight and mini light too. I like knowing that my purchase funds are light for displaced refugees in disasters and war zones. Durable, convenient, folds flat for storage.” 

PackLite Max 2-in-1 Power Lantern


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