Lovevery Play Kits Subscription Review

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đź“… February 9, 2024

In a Rush? Get the Fast Facts

  • Sends developmentally appropriate toys for kids 0-3
  • Personalized by age
  • Flexible subscription
  • $80-$120 per kit
  • Sustainable materials


As a parent, you want the best for your children. No matter their age, you will spend time worrying about what they are interacting with and how it affects their development. The company Lovevery seeks to ease that concern by providing your children with safe, sustainable playtime options that are age-appropriate and designed to benefit your child’s development. Here is our review of the Lovevery Play Kits subscription boxes.

Love Every

What is Lovevery?

Lovevery (pronounced “Love-every”) offers products designed to create developmental experiences for young children and their parents. They focus on “playtime with purpose,” and offer toys designed by child development experts to give your child the best and healthiest playtime options for each stage of their development.

Loveevery’s most popular products are part of  The Play Kits subscription. Each delivery of your child’s Play Kits contains toys personalized to your child’s birthday to give them the best toys for their current stage in life. Each kit also comes with additional resources and information for parents about your child’s developing brain.

The stage-based Play Kits subscription is available for children from 0 months to 3 years of age. From 0-12 months, Lovevery sends kits every 2 months which start at $80 per kit (around $40/month). From 1-3 years, the Play Kits are delivered every 3 months and increase to $120 per delivery. Loveevery Play Kits have free shipping in the contiguous United States and Canada, and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Lovevery offers several other stage-based playtime products that promote healthy child brain development. These toys include the Play Gym, Montessori Playshelf, block sets, and many others at various price points and designed for a wide range of ages.

Our Lovevery Play Kits Subscription Review

The Lovevery kids toy subscription service has many great things to offer. Is it the right fit for your child? Here are a few of our favorite things about the Lovevery Play Kits subscription.

Age-Appropriate Play

From the time you subscribe, your Lovevery Play Kits are customized to fit your child’s age based on their birthday. The Play Kits meet your child where they are and help them grow using appropriate stage-based research. No more worrying about whether or not toys are over-or under-stimulating for your child.

As you watch them grow up, new subscription kits are mailed to you to help your child build new neural connections and keep learning. No matter when you subscribe, Lovevery is here to help your child grow while fostering closer relationships with you.


If there’s one thing every parent learns, it’s how to be flexible. Lovevery offers flexibility in many different ways, including payment options. You can also save up to 10% by prepaying for your Play Kit subscription in advance or save by getting a referral if you know a friend who is already a Lovevery customer.

If needed, you can skip or cancel your Lovevery subscription at any time, and you can start your Lovevery subscription whenever you (and your child) prefer!


Along with the flexible payment options offered by Lovevery, the Play Kits subscription is relatively affordable. The kits range from $80 to $120, averaging about $40 each month at full price. The Play Kits provide a wide variety of toys that are well worth the money. On top of free shipping to the contiguous United States and Canada, additional ways to save money, high-quality and sustainable products, and the ability to skip a kit if needed, these subscription kits are almost a steal. Not to mention that the learning opportunities they provide your child’s growing brain are priceless. There’s a reason parents say these kits are the “only toys you’ll need.”

Safe and Sustainable Materials

Lovevery makes its products with sustainably harvested wood, organic cotton, non-toxic paint, and baby-safe plastics. The toys meet and exceed global regulatory safety standards. Your child can use (and abuse) these toys without any fear of harm.

Lovevery builds their toys to last so that you can pass them on to another family or span generations. Lovevery remains dedicated to several sustainability goals, including achieving net-zero carbon emissions in every part of their supply chain by 2030.

Love Every

Pros & Cons:


  • Developmental Benefits: Lovevery Play Kits Subscription is praised for its focus on creating developmental experiences for children. The toys are designed by child development experts, ensuring that they align with the child’s age and promote healthy growth and learning.
  • Personalization: The subscription provides personalized kits based on the child’s birthday. This customization ensures that the toys are age-appropriate and suitable for the child’s specific developmental stage, offering a tailored and effective play experience.
  • Flexibility and Affordability: Lovevery offers flexibility in terms of payment options, allowing parents to save by prepaying or receiving discounts through referrals. The subscription is considered relatively affordable, with kits ranging from $80 to $120 and the ability to skip or cancel at any time, providing financial and scheduling flexibility for parents.


  • Price Point: While considered affordable by many, the price range of $80 to $120 per kit may be a drawback for some parents, especially those on a tight budget. The cost could be perceived as higher compared to other toy options in the market.
  • Limited Age Range: Lovevery Play Kits focus on children from 0 to 3 years old. While suitable for early childhood development, the subscription may not cater to older children, limiting its usability for families with kids outside this age range.
  • Subscription Commitment: Despite offering flexibility, some parents may be hesitant about committing to a subscription model. The need to skip or cancel the subscription at any time might still be a concern for those who prefer a one-time purchase rather than an ongoing commitment.

Should you subscribe to Lovevery Play Kits?

If you are looking for meaningful playtime toys that double as learning tools, you will enjoy Lovevery Play Kits. Child development experts design these toys to serve your child’s needs at each stage of their development.

You may also enjoy the peace of mind knowing that the beautiful toys your child is playing with are also safe and sustainable. Lovevery also provides parents with the flexibility to skip or cancel at any time based on the decisions you make as a family: You’re never locked into a package.

For the high quality of products you receive, the peace of mind, and the learning opportunities you provide to feed your child’s developing brain, these products are worth the investment. Once you have them, they are sure to last and be passed on to other generations to enjoy. Every family should have a Lovevery Play Kits subscription!

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