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Lovevery (pronounced love-every) is a US-based kids’ lifestyle brand that sells play kits, play gyms, and other toys that help your child’s imagination while furthering their development. After co-founders Jessica and Rod started to read more studies on how integral the first three years of life are, they went out on a mission to create ground-breaking development experiences for little ones. With a blend of doctors, experts, and Montessori teachers, Lovevery subscription boxes are a must-have for new parents. The kits available range from infants to kids up to three years old.

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Lovevery play gym collection is focused on stage-based play. You may be asking yourself: what is stage-based play? It’s based on the idea that children have different needs at different stages of development. These toys are designed to specifically cater to these needs. Play Kits are available in four categories based on age: 0 to 12 months, one year, two years, and three years. Each kit contains several toys, a book, and a guide for parents, offering guidance on how to use the toys within to help your little one reach new milestones.  

The toys are sold within the Lovevery subscription. To sign up, you enter your tot’s birthday (or your due date) and Lovevery will suggest one of their signature play kits. And users won’t get locked in either – you can skip boxes or cancel the subscription at any time, allowing you to try a one-off kit before further committing. One unique aspect of their Lovevery subscription box is that customers get to see exactly what’s in the box before ordering, so no unwelcome surprises are coming your way. Boxes for infants up to one year old are filled with texture. They can include sensory links, double-sided mobiles, mittens, and wooden books. Older kids might receive thoughtful accessories like a play sink, puzzles, and more sophisticated toys and books. 

Another popular best-seller (and award-winner) is the Lovevery play gym with 2,000+ reviews. It’s a play mat that’s suitable for five developmental zones and includes multiple detachable activity toys and cards. It also comes with a cover that turns this infant mat into a cuddly fort for older children. Along with the play gym, their jaw-dropping Block Set is another crowd favorite, consisting of 70 heirloom quality pieces that work together for more than 20 stage-based activities.

With it, your little one can build cities, tell stories, and more. The solid wood building blocks can be threaded together, stacked, or used as dominoes. 

The play kits and their other products take a Montessori approach, besides the fact that they do believe in baby talk. Reviewers agree that kits are appropriately challenging for the age groups they’re listed under.


All the toys are made from infant-safe, sustainable materials that also happen to be natural. They’re not an eyesore on your shelves either. The sleek, bright, and modern aesthetic of Lovevery play kits and the Lovevery block set is one of the major reasons that parents opt for the brand over competitors. The toys themselves are a delight to look at, acting as decor in your living space, nursery, or child’s bedroom. Think soft-high contrast toys and unusually shaped blocks in chic colors of the rainbow. They’re kids’ toys that don’t look like kids’ toys – instead, they’re a universally well-designed and attractive addition to any home. 

All the pieces are designed to encourage open-ended playing, allowing kids to invent new ways to play with toys as their development grows. Everything is exceptionally well-designed, based on the review. Fabrics are plush and organic (think gorgeous felt flowers), while toys are made from materials that are built to last rather than flimsy, thin plastic pieces. 


The craftsmanship and elevated design are major features when it comes to this brand. It’s not often that a parent is proud to display their child’s playthings in their home, but with this classy line of products, you won’t mind displaying them out in the open on shelves and more. Parents and critics alike both love how creative all the toys and accessories are  – they’re a lot more original than similarly priced items you might find at your local toy store, and the fact that they include a thoughtful curation of books is also a plus. 

Doing things the Montessori way is another feature of this Lovevery – especially for parents who have enrolled their kids in Montessori schools and are already familiar with the method. The brand sells a huge range of kits due to the multitude of development stages that babies and kids go to. These kits are often titled after themes that the contents revolve around, like The Charmer, which is intended for sensory stimulation – sound and touch specifically – or the Senser kit, which is made to build motor skills, strength, and coordination while teaching babies about their bodies. As they get older, the boxes get them where they need to be, physically and emotionally. 


For infants up to a year old, a play kit will cost $80 a box. It ships every other month. All other age groups get a $120 box every three months. Prepaying for boxes can also help you save money, lowing the cost per box as low as $72 for babies. Although people are skeptical of the price tag, these toys are high-quality and very durable. They also work to educate and entertain your child in an innovative, screen-free way, which is priceless. At $140.00, their Play Gym is also an investment that can maximize the other Lovevery products, and the same goes for The comprehensive Block Set at $90. The Montessori Playshelf, on the other hand, is a bit of a splurge, and other wooden shelving options can be found at a cheaper price from Ikea.

Pros & Cons


  • Stylish toys designed by researchers/practitioners/academics
  • Kits designed for every stage of the early brain (0-36 months)
  • Sustainable, high-quality products built to last
  • Glowing customer reviews


  • Toys are expensive, especially with a monthly subscription
  • Some toys have many pieces which can easily go missing
  • Your kid might not love every toy in every kit
  • Not all toys can be shared by multiple children


From encouraging tummy time to helping your child learn how to read, Lovevery toys help parents of young children who are often wondering: what am I supposed to do with my baby when he’s awake? Many are finding that Lovevery play kits are the answer. Although this monthly subscription costs a premium, it grows with your child, ensuring that they’re at the right developmental stage and never getting bored of playing with the same toys. For anyone interested in the Montessori method or looking for kids’ toys that have an eye-catching look and encourage unique thinking in your little one, Lovevery and their well-curated play kits are worth a try. The play guide that comes with the kits is also an unexpected bonus – they contain a wealth of information and insight into how to use the tools. Together, it all creates an experience that helps you get to know your kids, along with helping them figure out who they are.


They’re based out of Boise Idaho in the US. It’s where toys are designed, but they’re manufactured throughout Asia.

The Activity Mat and Learn to Focus Zone can go in the washing machine as well as the Montessori Ball. Wash in cold water on gentle and press squeakers to remove water. All products should be air-dried.

Right now, they’re only available online and can be purchased directly from also have some products available on Amazon for purchase.

Buyers have 30 days after delivery to return the product, which must be unaltered. They’ll send a prepaid return label, and shipping is free within the US and Canada.

Ground shipping is free for over $75 in the US and Canada. For orders less than that, the fee is $5.95

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