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Many people think that a bed is just where you lay your head at night, but it’s so much more than that. It’s a place where you recharge to be your best self the next day. Cozy bedding is the best (and most affordable) way to upgrade your bedroom and sleep more soundly at night. Bedding from premium brands like Looma Home and Brooklinen can help provide that heirloom-quality feel to your bedding. Today, we’re going to do an in-depth comparison of the two companies so you can cut through the hype and get down to the nitty-gritty.

What is Looma Home?

Looma Home is a modern sustainable interiors company with a focus on organic cotton sheets. They also sell products like wool socks and throws. They offer a range of materials, from crisp percale to relaxed French linen. Their best-selling choice is long-staple sateen, which has a smooth feeling but is less cooling than percale. Color schemes are chic and elevated, and their materials are ideal for sensitive skin to their ultra-soft and breathable nature.

What is Brooklinen?

Brooklinen Home is a well-known, high-quality bedding company based out of Brooklyn, NY. They also sell bath towels, robes, and loungewear. They have no shortage of options, offering several different kinds of classic cotton sheets and bedding, as well as unique materials like brushed flannel and heather cashmere. Brooklinen sheets are ideal for hot and cool sleepers alike, and offer a hotel bed aesthetic and feel. Color schemes are classic and clean-cut, just like their products.


Both brands feature cotton sheets as their best-selling option. Cotton is a popular choice since it’s more breathable, moisture-wicking, and age better than synthetic alternatives. The weave is just as important in fabric (and more important than thread count) in determining the texture of your fabric.

Looma Home offers organic cotton, French linen, and merino wool, with the following weave selections.

  • Sateen
  • French Linen
  • Percale
  • Flannel

Sateen is their best-selling option with French linen coming in second. Due to the clean, organic nature of the bedding and its manufacturing process, this is ideal for sleepers with even the most sensitive skin. Their percale sheets are best for hot sleepers, while those who run chilly might prefer flannel, sateen, or linen.

Brooklinen offers sheets, duvet covers, and pillowcases. This bedding is available in these weaves:

  • Luxe Sateen
  • Classic Percale
  • Washed Linen
  • Heathered Cashmere
  • Brushed Flannel

The variety of choices may lead you to ask: which Brooklinen sheets are best? Just like Looma sheets, Luxe sateen is their most popular choice, but if you sleep somewhere cold or run hot, their percale offers a crisp feel that’s less slippery. Linen is a year-round fabric, while the luxurious heathered cashmere and brushed flannel are warmer options that offer the coziness of jersey material with a more sophisticated look.


Looma definitely takes the edge when it comes to sustainability – after all, being kind to the environment is kind of their biggest focus when it comes to convincing customers. Still, Brooklinen’s ethics shouldn’t deter you from buying their sheets – they feature a transparent supply chain, are made with organic cotton or flax, and are OEKO-TEX® certified, meaning that the sheets have been tested for harmful substances.

Looma, on the other hand, puts a spotlight on being eco-friendly, Their 100% organic cotton sheets are processed according to GOTS, which ensures your sheets are free of any toxic finishing agents, pesticides, or dyes.  Their environmentally cotton saves up to 215 days of drinking water and up to 3.5 kg of CO2 emissions.

Wondering where Looma is manufactured? They collaborate with independent farming families in the Himalayan basin, and every farm is ethically run by FairTrade America. Additionally, each foundation set purchase sponsors a month of tuition for a student at the Hanuman Girls’ School in Rajasthan, India.


Softness” is usually the main criteria that people focus on when purchasing sheets or duvet covers. Of course, softness is subjective. Reviewers do note that Looma sheets are softer directly after purchasing, whereas Brooklinen bedding is noticeably rougher and requires a cycle in the washing machine and dryer to get rid of a “plasticky” feel.

No matter what brand you get, sheets will soften over time with every additional wash. For both brands, the material you choose is important. If you sleep hot and prefer a cool, crisp feel, percale cotton is your best bet. Sateen offers a similar feel with a more satin-like texture that some people describe as slippery.

Cold climate dwellers and those who get chilly at night will prefer the jersey-like softness of flannel. At Brooklinen, you can choose between Heathered Cashmere

And Brushed Flannel, while Looma offers solely flannel.

Due to Brooklinen’s 480 thread-count sheets, they’re very durable and will hold up through tons of washes. Their pillowcases utilize envelope closures, which reduces clumping more than a side opening.


Both brands offer their bedding either a la carte or in bundles. When buying in bundles, shoppers can save up to 25%. It’s worth noting that Brooklinen frequently offers sales and discounts on their website.

At Looma, there’s no a la carte pick of flat or fitted sheets, but their sheet sets do start from $188, and their only current bedding bundle offered is in linen material. This bundle costs $480 and provides a fitted sheet, flat sheet, duvet cover, pillow shams, and pillowcases.

Brooklinen, on the other hand, has a range of differently priced sets due to their larger catalog of choices. Their popular options are a classic move-in bundle, which starts at $425 saves buyers 17% on percale cotton fitted sheet, flat sheet, duvet cover, pillows, comforter, and set of 4 pillowcases.

Their other bundles include the Hardcore bundle, which starts at $198 and includes a similar offering, minus the comforters and pillows. The Core Set (from $109) and Starter Set (from $99) are their most affordable options but don’t come with duvet covers, comforters, or pillows.

Brooklinen’s percale sheets, a la carte, start at $53. Their sets, which include a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and pillowcases begin at $99. Sateen is a little pricier, with a la carte options starting at $65 and sets from $115. Linen hits a mid-range price, while heathered cashmere and flannel are their more indulgent options that only come in a core set, not a starter set. Heathered cashmere is the most expensive choice given the material, with prices starting at $279.

Looma percale and sateen sheet sets start at $188. The next price bump up will get you their organic flannel sheet set, and the French linens are the most expensive, starting from $280.


Brooklinen’s colorways lean on the classic side and are neutral enough to work with any bedroom. Looma offers subtle colors along with unusual picks like slate, terracotta, and olive green that can help elevate your bedroom decor.

If you’re design-minded with a focus on trendy colors, opt for Looma’s more unique choices. Brooklinen mainly stocks the classics, but they do have a larger range of print and pattern options than Looma, which sticks to minimalist solids.

Other factors to consider

Warranty: In terms of warranty length, Looma boasts a forever warranty. Brooklinen’s only lasts a year (which they advertise as 365 days), giving Looma the edge.

Shipping: Brooklinen ships orders internationally for a flat fee and offers free shipping within the US and orders are processed between 1-4 business days. Looma offers free shipping worldwide, no matter where you live. Orders are processed (and apparently arrive) within 4-7 business days. If you’re wondering where does Brooklinen ship out of, the answer is Brooklyn, NY, where the company was born.

Should you buy Brooklinen?

Brooklinen has been vetted by both critics and consumers for years. They’ve been considered a reliable, high-quality bedding brand for decades with no shortage of options and bundles. Due to the range of choices, it’s likely that every kind of sleeper will find a set of sheets that works for them. This variety also means that they have a more affordable selection for different shoppers, especially ones who want to buy fitted or flat sheets separately.

Should you buy Looma Home?

The Looma Home offerings may not be as abundant or versatile as their competitor. Still, their eco-friendly approach and focus on quality lead us to believe that this brand is the superior choice in the difficult decision between Looma Home vs Brooklinen sheets. When you’re dozing off in your cloud-like, comfortable Looma bedding, you can rest assured that the company will have your back.  From the values behind their lifetime warranty to their social activism and environmental awareness, Looma represents everything that a bedding brand should strive towards in 2022.

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