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In a Rush? Get the Fast Facts

  • High-quality, heirloom bedding
  • Organic cotton, French linen, and Merino wool
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • More affordable than other high-quality bedding brands
  • 30-day trial for purchases


Nothing is more important than getting a good night’s sleep, and choosing the right bedding is key to getting those uninterrupted z’s. There are a few factors to consider when buying bedsheets, including weave type, thread count, and material. If you’re looking for soft and luxurious bedding, read on to learn more about Looma Home.

Looma Home

What is Looma Home?

Looma Home is a company that sells luxury, heirloom-quality bedding and other fabric products made of 100% organic, sustainably sourced materials. Looma sells sheet sets, duvet sets, pillowcases, blankets & throws, and even cozy wool socks to keep your feet warm. Each of their products is available in several beautiful natural color options to match your style. With Looma bedding, you’re sure to earn some compliments and provide an expensive look to your bedroom.

Why shop Looma Home?

Looma Home offers sustainable bedding that’s designed to last a long time. They describe their products as heirloom quality, and they even provide a forever warranty on their sheets to prove it. But equally important as the quality of Looma’s products is how they feel, and Looma offers a variety of fabrics to help you find exactly what you’re looking for in your bedding. The best part of shopping at Looma Home is the free worldwide shipping and a 30-day trial of your new bedding, making shopping for your new bedding online easy and stress-free.

What thread count is best for bed sheets?

Many people think that thread count is the only thing to pay attention to when buying sheets. The higher the thread count, the softer the sheet, right? That’s not true. While thread count refers to the number of vertical and horizontal threads within a square inch, it’s not the only factor to pay attention to.

Many people find that a number between 200-and 600 is the best thread count for most styles of bed sheets, creating a more supple and soft texture. However, the weave type of cotton and the length of the fibers are just as important. For instance, percale offers a more crisp and cooling feel, whereas sateen provides a smoother feel.

Rather than searching for a high thread count that won’t make a difference in comfort but will make a dent in your budget, pay attention to thread length. When it comes to Looma, fiber length is especially important to pay attention to. The length or the “staple” of the cloth signifies the fine individual strands that make up a raw piece of cotton. Looma opts for 100% long-staple Himalayan cotton, which offers the ultimate blend of coziness and durability.

What kind of bedding does Looma Home offer?

Looma Home offers sheet sets, pillowcases, and duvet sets to best fit your needs. The bedding comes in three kinds of fabric: Organic cotton, French linen, and merino wool. Customers rave about the deep pocket of Looma Home’s sheet sets, which are designed with an 18-inch pocket that will cover even the thickest of mattresses.

How Looma Home compares to competitors

Direct-to-consumer brand Looma Home stands up to its most famous competitors in terms of quality. While reputable brands like Brooklinen have been considered a safe bet for many, Looma sheets are quickly taking over as the newcomer that offers stellar quality for a more affordable price than Brooklinen.

This is seen in their innovative lifetime warranty and focus on being a fully sustainable company. Additionally, customers who have tried both often say that Looma Home offers a better initial softness than Brooklinen sheets, which tend to have a “plasticky” texture straight out of the packaging.

Our Looma Home Review

There are so many benefits to buying Looma Home products, from quality to sustainability to customer experience, that it’s no wonder Looma has so many dedicated customers. Here are some of our favorite things about Looma Home.

Sustainability & Making an Impact

Looma Home makes sustainability seem easy; you can do it in your sleep. Using environmentally-friendly organic cotton, Looma boasts of saving 215 days of drinking water, 3.5 kg of CO2 emissions, and 120 square feet of land grown without pesticides. Your Looma Home purchase goes even further through Looma’s partnership with girls’ schools in Rajasthan; Every Looma set sold sponsors a month of education for girls.

Where are Looma Sheets Made?

Looma Sheets, consisting of 100% organic Long-staple Himalayan cotton, are manufactured by independent farming families in the Himalayan basin. FairTrade America ethically runs every farm. By buying the raw material themselves, Looma can position itself as one of the most affordable ethical bedding companies, providing extremely high-quality cotton for a reasonable price.

Seriously Soft Sheets

One of the main words customers use to describe their new bedding is “soft,” and Looma Home assures us that they only get softer with each additional wash. This is thanks to the long fibers of their cotton, which ensures that your bedding only gets silkier with age.

Of course, softness is subjective, and for this reason, Looma offers several different materials and weave types for various kinds of sleepers. The primary materials offered are cotton, Merino wool, and French linen. While cotton is universally the most popular (and versatile) bedding option, French linen is extremely durable, hypoallergenic, and anti-bacterial. It’s also ideal for hot sleepers.  On the other hand, Merino wool is perfect for cold sleepers that don’t find linen or cotton cozy enough. Within the cotton sheets, there are different weave types based on preference:

Sateen: A smooth and silky cotton for year-round usage that’s neither too crisp nor too slippery.

Percale: This heavy type is a little crisper than sateen, offering a freshly starched feel ideal for hot and cold sleepers.

How Do You Clean Looma Sheets?

Looma sheets are relatively low maintenance to clean. This is because of their high-quality composition, which improves the quality after each cycle in the washing machine. If you wash them with the following method, they’ll last a lifetime.

You’ll want to wash your Looma sheets every week in terms of frequency. Rather than throwing them in with a regular cycle, wash on a cold, gentle cycle with similar colors. This will ensure longer-lasting sheets with no pilling or color fading.

Tumble dry on low heat and remove from the dryer as soon as the cycle is done, which will prevent wrinkles from forming on your bedding.  Consider washing your sheets before using them for a softer feel.

Easy Shopping Experience

Looma Home makes it easy to find your new bedding. Their website offers searches by the product you’re looking for, your preferred fabric, or even your feel. Do you want crisp, cool, hotel-like bedding? Or buttery soft, and smooth bedding? What about something ultra-soft and cozy all year round? Looma Home allows you to search for bedding with these feels more easily.

Not only that, Looma gives every customer a 30-day trial on each purchase to make sure you’re sold on your sheet sets. Rest easy, knowing that you have time to try out your new luxury bedding!

Fast & FREE Shipping

Nothing is better than free shipping, and Looma Home offers shipping worldwide at no cost. Your order typically ships the same day they receive the order and arrives within 4-7 business days.

Forever Warranty

Looma believes in the quality of their products, and they back it up with a forever warranty. This warranty makes buying these luxury items worry-free and ensures that you have high-quality heirloom items forever.

Should you buy Looma Home?

If you’re looking for the best bedding on the market, there is no better place to look than Looma Home. These sheets are incredibly soft and comfortable, and they are made with the highest quality materials that are also sustainable. That being said, some shoppers do find that the sheets are a little too deep for some mattresses.

Still, Looma’s fantastic website and easy searching capabilities, combined with their fast, free worldwide shipping and 30-day trial, make online shopping an easy choice. Now you can buy your new luxury bedding without even getting out of bed! That sounds like a dream come true. Consider this organic and ethically crafted option if you’re looking for a decor accent in gorgeous colors to make your home more beautiful. It has an heirloom quality that seems as though interior designers picked it out – no one will guess that you ordered it online!

Looma Home

Pros & Cons:


  1. Sustainability Focus: Looma Home is committed to sustainability, using 100% organic, sustainably sourced materials. They contribute to environmental conservation and support education through partnerships with girls’ schools in Rajasthan, making it an ethical choice for eco-conscious consumers.
  2. Variety of Materials and Weaves: Looma Home offers a diverse range of materials, including organic cotton, French linen, and merino wool, catering to different preferences and needs. Additionally, they provide different weave types like sateen and percale, allowing customers to choose bedding that suits their comfort preferences.
  3. Quality and Comfort: Customers frequently praise the softness and comfort of Looma Home’s bedding. The use of 100% long-staple Himalayan cotton contributes to the soft and silky feel, and the company claims that their sheets get even softer with each wash. The focus on quality is reinforced by the innovative lifetime warranty.


  1. Deep Pocket Sheets: Some customers find that Looma Home’s sheets have a deep pocket, which may be too much for certain mattresses. While this can be a matter of personal preference, it’s worth considering for those with thinner mattresses.
  2. Subjective Softness: While many customers describe Looma Home’s bedding as incredibly soft, softness is a subjective experience, and individual preferences may vary. Some shoppers might have different expectations or preferences when it comes to the feel of their sheets.
  3. Limited Information on Cleaning: While Looma Home mentions that their sheets are relatively low maintenance, the provided information on cleaning is somewhat general. Some customers might prefer more detailed care instructions, especially for maintaining the quality of the bedding over time.


Is Looma suitable for a certain kind of sleeper?

Whether you have sensitive skin or hate the rough feeling of short-fiber bed sheets, Looma has appeal for many different kinds of sleepers. In a sea of big box brands and cheaply manufactured sheets, this is a company with values that stands out from the crowd.

Many customers call Looma bedding the most comfortable sheets they’ve ever had, confirming that they do, get softer with each wash. Beyond the quality of the Looma sheets, this company’s customer service goes above and beyond to make sure that their customers get exactly what they need.

Looma might be the best bedding for you if:

  • You want sustainably sourced bedding that supports local communities and the environment
  • You have sensitive skin and dislike synthetic fibers
  • You’re a hot or cold sleeper that needs temperature regulation
  • You’re seeking luxury at a great value
  • You prefer organic bedding
  • You want a lifetime warranty policy

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