Levain: World’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Delivered to Your Door

Dubbed the best chocolate chip cookies in the world by many since 1995, plenty of people find themselves planning a trip to NYC to try the famous Levain Bakery cookies. Luckily, the brand now offers Levain frozen cookies, delivering that ooey, gooey goodness wherever you need it, without needing to plan a trip. They even carry them in certain grocery stores. And beyond their famous chocolate chip,  this bakery offers other flavors. Get your comfort food fix and read everything you need to know in our Levain bakery review below.

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These cookies are over the top in every definition of the word. They’re thick and generous with chocolate chips, leading to an epic pull action when you rip one in half. If you have a sweet tooth, chances are you’ve heard of Levain. Those in the tristate area have access to the brand’s local bakeries, but they can be shipped to your door or bought frozen at a local Whole Foods Market. There’s also local Levain cookie delivery in some cities via Caviar and Doordash. Still, many people are wondering if the Levain frozen cookies stand up to the fresh-baked version. 

According to reviews, non-New Yorkers get to experience that same iconic Levain experience with the frozen cookies, which taste nearly identical. Of course, they don’t show up warm, but you can make them gooey by putting them in the oven for several minutes. Both fresh and frozen cookies yield the classic Levain texture – a moist, slightly underbaked center and a crisp outside. 

All cookies are baked from scratch at their own bakeries, using the most simple and high-quality ingredients possible. Using top-of-the-line chocolate, flour and butter provides a better flavor and texture. Each classic cookie is six ounces and around an inch thick.

The next popular question is: what exactly is on the Levain bakery menu? Here are some of their other bestselling cookies:

The Dark Chocolate Chip and Oatmeal Raisin are ideal for those looking for a less sweet experience. The original is their Chocolate Chip Walnut, although this may not be suitable for individuals with nut allergies. 


Gift boxes come with gorgeously wrapped cookies in a set of four. They arrive in clear cellophane and are tied off with a dark blue ribbon. This material helps maintain the texture and freshness of the cookie within. Then, they’re delivered to your door in a royal blue Levain Bakery box which is wrapped in a white ribbon.


The size is also impressive – for anyone who rolls their eyes at miniature cookies or finds themselves wanting more after one cookie, these thick and oversized beauties won’t leave you with a craving after you consume one. they come pre-baked, so you just have to worry about reheating them at home. 

The one downside of the cookies sold at Whole Foods is that they’re significantly smaller and thinner than the fresh and shipped ones. Rather than the four giant 6-ounce ones, they contain eight 2-ounce ones, making them significantly smaller. While the big ones are the most famous, these smaller ones are a little more practical and a better size for portion control. While they are missing the crisp exterior, they’re still a very exciting option for newbies. 

The brand also allows you to request a delivery date for Levain bakery delivery orders, which is useful for those sending a pack as a gift. Each pack comes with four cookies, which will last you at least a week. And thanks to that just-right fudgy center, they don’t get stale over time. They also donate leftover food at the end of the day, helping out local charities and making them a brand that really does give back to the people. 


  • 4-Pack: $29
  • 8-Pack: $49
  • 12-pack: $69

Their prices have increased from the past couple of years when a four-pack of cookies cost $27.  Yes, you can buy lower-quality cookies at lesser bakeries or a grocery store,  but your moments of indulgence deserve the best! If you love chocolate and desserts, this might be a once-in-a-while splurge.

Pros & Cons


  • Delicious, fresh-baked taste in fresh/frozen varieties
  • Oversized cookies
  • Crisp exterior and gooey interior
  • Great customer reviews


  • No full-sized cookies at whole foods
  • Expensive
  • Not ideal for people who prefer cookies crisp all over
  • Some people find them too sweet


Ultimately, there’s nothing that rivals that experience of a freshly baked cookie from the award-winning bakery itself in NYC, but if you’re located far away or don’t want to stand in line for hours, the Levain frozen cookies are no slouch either. Regardless, these cookies are a drool-worthy experience, and they should invent a candle that recreates the scent alone. They’re the OG of bakery cookies. And while the chocolate chips are definitely a crowd favorite, the variety pack is your best bet, allowing to you figure out what your favorite is.

And even if you’re not a sweet tooth, we urge gifting a pack of these baked-to-order cookies to someone in your life who is – just make sure they don’t have severe food sensitivities. Best of all, if you’re not sure what someone’s favorite flavor is, you can get them a gift card so they can browse at their leisure. Cookies baked by mom are always the best, but Levain is a close second. 


“luh-VAIN” or “luh-VEN” is suitable. The word means yeast in French, and it’s named this because they first started making artisanal bread for restaurants around NYC before they began their cookie venture.

All the cookies are pre-baked, despite their gooey center. Therefore, you can safely bite into the soft center.

Never microwave them! Although this works with some cookies, it results in these gooey creations becoming hard. Reheat them in the oven at  350℉ for 5-10 minutes until they regain their gooey texture.

Thanks to the moist nature of these cookies, they last around a week. Still, you’ll want to move them from the bag to an air-tight container at room temp, and you can always re-freeze them to maintain freshness and enjoy them past that week-long period.

No – the cookies are perishable, and therefore these cookies are only shipped within the United States.

They ship to all the states, including Alaska and Hawaii but excluding Puerto Rico. Ground shipping takes up to two days, and Levain bakery charges $10 for this. Next-day shipping is $19, while overnight shipping costs a whopping $49. Unfortunately, they don’t accept returns, but issues can be dealt with by emailing myorder@levainbakery.com

Their brick-and-mortar locations are in NYC, Wainscott, New York, Maryland, and DC.

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