Fan the Flames with Planned Date Nights

Although spontaneity is a fun trait in any relationship, the truth is that work schedules often make spur-of-the-moment date nights difficult. While you can (and should) seize those last-minute opportunities when possible, try a more proactive approach. Instead, think ahead and plan date nights for you and your partner.

It might seem unromantic to plan date nights way ahead of time, but it actually shows your partner how important they are to you. Instead of waiting for a moment when they can be “penciled in” to your schedule, they can look forward to your planned date night in advance. So, how can you keep the spark alive with planned date nights?

At-Home Date Night Ideas

Typically, a date night includes “going out” activities such as dinner, a movie, a walk through the park, skating, shopping, etc. However, your home is a very intimate place and holds lots of potential for a lovely date! If you aren’t sure where to start, consider one of the following at-home dates.

1. Get dressed up with nowhere to go.

“Home” usually means “comfy clothes.” Even though getting dressed up to go out may feel like a chore, getting dressed to stay in doesn’t have to! Putting on something fancy helps set the mood for your date night and makes it a lot more fun.

2. Create a menu and cook a meal together.

While you can certainly cook a meal for your partner, cooking one together provides an opportunity to work as a team. Plan the menu ahead of time, then enjoy the fruits of your labor together. We recommend a nice steak dinner! Learn more about planning a special Valentine’s meal for two.

3. Host your own at-home game night.

Get out all of your favorite board and card games. Keep track of who wins each one, and decide on a prize for the ultimate victor. Don’t forget to prepare plenty of snacks.

4. Build a home theater together.

To spice up movie night, try building a fort around the TV. Or, drag your mattress to the living room and set up a “sleepover” movie night. Bonus points for dim lighting. Again, don’t skimp on the snacks! If the weather is nice, try building a backyard theater by hanging nice sheets on your fence, then projecting the movie onto the sheets. A plastic pool filled with blankets and pillows creates a soft, warm “outside bed.”

5. Try to paint the same picture.

This date idea is fun if you are artistic, but even more fun if you aren’t. Choose a painting on Google images and see who can better replicate the image with a canvas and paint.

6. Clear a spot in the living room, then YouTube a few dance classes.

The wonderful world of YouTube makes an excellent resource for date nights. Try searching for several different dance styles (ballroom, salsa, etc.), and give it your best shot.

7. Have a backyard picnic.

If the weather cooperates, pack a picnic basket and take a trip to the backyard. We recommend packing a pretty blanket, a candle or two, cold-cut sandwiches, fruit, lemonade, and a delicious dessert. This date is especially fun if it’s dark and you can see the stars.

8. Schedule a spa night complete with candles, music, and massage oil.

Particularly if it has been a stressful week, an at-home spa night helps you and your partner unwind. Try professional massage techniques on each other’s neck and shoulders. Don’t forget to set the atmosphere!

Take Turns Planning Dates with Your Partner!

If you like to have a date night every week, we recommend that you and your partner take turns planning them. Then, each of you only has to plan a date twice a month. If you prefer to have your date nights every other week, then you each only have to plan one a month.

The most important thing is that you keep each date personal to your relationship. The point of spending time together is to strengthen your relationship and to have fun with each other. Enjoy every chance you get to experience the spark.

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