Keep Cool With The Best Window AC of 2022: July AC Review

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  • East-to-Install Window AC Unit
  • Sleek and Stylish Look
  • Quiet Sound
  • Eco-Friendly Alternative

When you think of a classic window AC unit, it’s probably a giant, noisy clunker of a machine that has an eyesore effect. Luckily, if you don’t have central air, buying a window unit has become a whole lot easier thanks to a new air conditioner on the market. July AC offers two unique sizes to cool every space in your home or apartment with an aesthetic appeal. Here’s everything you need to know about the July AC.

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July AC units offer energy-efficient cooling for small spaces. The smaller option has 6,000 BTU and cools up to 250 square feet, while the medium-sized AC unit cools up to 350 square feet with 8,000 BTU.

The July AC units are generally on par with competitors in terms of how well or how fast they cool, however, summer utility bills can get expensive, so the energy efficiency and affordability of July AC units make it a great option for anyone in the market for a new window AC unit.  

Although it may not cool any quicker than a normal window unit, it’s a more silent alternative. The nearly noiseless July runs more smoothly and quietly than other models that provide a not-so-pleasant noise while you’re trying to sleep. The small is rated at 50 decibels while the medium is at 54 decibels. Compare that to a normal window AC unit with a decibel rating of 80!

The July units feature several automated modes including Cool, Heat, Dry, Fan, and Auto. The AC unit can automatically change the mode based on the temperature and humidity in the room, allowing you to focus on your other activities! This AC unit also features voice-controlled activation and is wi-fi enabled, giving you more control over how to cool your spaces.

To be even more energy-efficient, there’s also an eco setting that will turn off the air conditioner when it reaches the desired temperature, as well as a sleep function that keeps the temperature perfectly adjusted all night long. You can also set timers and turn them on from your phone before you get home, ensuring a perfectly refreshing arrival.


Thanks to its direct-to-consumer model, July can provide a luxurious product at a low price for customers. The small unit will run you $479 while the medium unit costs $529. Though this price may be higher than your average hardware store price, the energy efficiency, aesthetics, and quiet are well worth it.

July also sells a variety of panel covers that allow you to customize the look of your AC unit. Switching up your aesthetic with some different panels will cost you $50 per panel. There are additional accessories that can be bought a la carte, like a clear plexiglass DIY kit. Get cleaner air with their sky-printed air purifying filters, and carbon-activated filters, which each cost $30.

For an attractive cooling option that has a decent amount of bells and whistles including voice-enabled tech and wifi, it’s a summer investment that also adds to your home decor.


Unlike normal window AC units, the July units feature a sleek, simple design that can suit any apartment or home aesthetic. Moreover, July creates several unit covers to further customize your unit. With eight options to choose from, you can create a customized look for your AC unit, allowing it to seamlessly blend into your aesthetic. Its flat panels make it an easy-to-clean window AC unit with a simple wipe-down rather than dealing with a dusty grill.

Unlike most window AC units which have buttons on the front, July puts theirs at the top, lending to its streamlined look. While some people like that the buttons are on top, it makes it tough to adjust or even glance at the unit and see what temperature it is. There’s also an included remote control to make these features more functional.


This easy-to-install window AC unit comes with screws, side wings, a purifying air filter, and the unit itself, along with two magnetic cover panel options. It arrives in a box with an expandable frame that fits snugly in your window with a satisfying click, keeping the unit in place. The sides can be widened or narrowed based on your window for an even more customizable fit. You can even purchase alternative sides to suit your aesthetic or needs. For example, if you live in a busy neighborhood, you may benefit from the Insulation Side Panels, as these can block some of that pesky street noise.

You can easily find videos online of the co-founder and other testers demonstrating how easy it is to install. Unlike bulkier units, you won’t have to waste money on a TaskRabbit or professional installer. We love that the easy installation makes it more accessible to a range of users. They also offer free installation in NYC.

It’s worth noting that like similar models, the July won’t work with slider or casement windows, nor through the wall. Buyers must have a single or double-hung window. 


Beyond the eco setting on the July, it’s one of the most sustainable options, making it worth the price tag. July also uses an eco-friendly refrigerant called R32 that reduces environmental impact and your bills by up to 10%. R32 uses 2/3rds less harmful emissions than similar air conditioners. Your July window AC unit will use about 10% less energy, which is better for the environment and your energy bills.

The brand has also started a carbon offset program that mitigates the usage of every unit it sells. Plus, they partner with Handy and to dispose of old A/C units in an eco-friendly way that prevents refrigerant leakage.

Keep Score

  • Performance

    The July AC is a top contender when it comes to the best window AC unit given its silent performance and smart features like WiFi and voice-enabled controls.

  • Design

    This is what made the July go viral in the first place - the sleek, user-friendly design is also easy to clean and acts as an accent piece rather than an appliance that disrupts your home.

  • Installation

    This is what made the July go viral in the first place - the sleek, user-friendly design is also easy to clean and acts as an accent piece rather than an appliance that disrupts your home.

  • Sustainability

    This is what made the July go viral in the first place - the sleek, user-friendly design is also easy to clean and acts as an accent piece rather than an appliance that disrupts your home.

Pros and Cons


With its gorgeous look, cool add-ons, and seamless function, there are many things about this appealing AC unit that many consumers will love.

  • Noiseless and easy-to-clean 
  • Blends in well with any style
  • An attractive way to hide vent grime
  • A tech-friendly choice with a compatible app and voice control
  • The ability to cool your house before you get home


While the July AC has plenty of perks, it’s not for everyone. Here are some critical factors to consider in your search for the right air conditioners.

  • It is only small/medium-sized and can’t cool an entire house
  • It doesn’t offer any performance advantage over other budget air conditioners on the market
  • It doesn’t work with every window
  • It doesn’t have a digital temperature display on the unit


July has completely reinvented the boring and dated air conditioner into a gorgeous design object that also happens to be perfectly functional. If you don’t want an AC that looks like your grandma’s old window unit, give July a try. While it’s fully sustainable, performs well, and looks good while doing so, what puts this unit over the top is its smart capabilities and easy-to-install packaging.

With many of us dreading that yearly AC installation, July takes the anxiety and hard work out of the equation. Plus, given the customized fit and the heat setting, it can be a year-round solution that keeps your room warm and cool when you need it most.


They ship for free within the USA and Canada.

This easy-to-install window AC unit comes complete with this how-to installation video. If you’re still confused, you can call them at 347-973-4029.

The July can fit in single/double hung windows that open vertically and are sized between 19” to 39.5” wide with a minimum opening of 15.13”. They don’t yet have a model for slider windows.

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