How to Host the Perfect Family Dinner

There’s no better quality time to spend with your family than dinners, especially around the holidays. Whether you’re a first-time host or have lots of experience hosting family meals, here are some ways to host the perfect family dinner. 

Invite everyone in advance.

The first step to hosting a family dinner is inviting everyone! Make sure to invite everyone far enough in advance for them to plan to attend. You can ask everyone by phone call or text message. Make sure to include where and what time the family dinner will be. 

Communicate menu details.

When inviting your guests, make sure to communicate about the menu and ask about any special dietary needs. One way to share the menu is to ask who is bringing what. This is most effective when everyone is together in a group text message so that everyone knows who is bringing what and what side dishes or desserts are still needed. Another way to communicate about the menu is to say what you will be serving and ask people to bring additional dishes. Either way, make sure that everyone feels included in the conversation and knows there will be something there for them to eat!

Create a warm atmosphere.

Being a good host starts before everyone arrives. When it’s time to host your family dinner, it helps to create a warm atmosphere in your home. This process might begin with cleaning your living space. You can also set up seasonal decorations to give your area a warm visual appeal. Don’t underestimate the importance of a good-smelling home; dig out a nice candle or room spray. You could also play music on a low volume or light a fire in the fireplace in the cold winter months. Don’t forget to check practical things, too, like if your powder room is clean and stocked. 

Set a welcoming and functional table.

Everyone loves a beautiful tablescape! Your guests will notice and appreciate your efforts in setting out a nice tablecloth, napkins, silverware, and special dishes. With that said, use tableware that sets the mood but can also handle the worst. You know your family best: if you invite children or have messy eaters in your family, use tableware that can handle spills or drops. 

Be a good host.

Once your first guest arrives, make sure they feel welcome and included, and do what you can to make them feel comfortable. Offer to take any coats or bags and offer your guests a drink or appetizer before the meal. When you are ready to sit down and eat, get everyone together and let them know dinner is being served. This is also an excellent opportunity to say a blessing or give thanks before the meal. 

Keep the conversation flowing. 

Dinner conversations are one of the most important parts of family events! Consider having some conversation starters prepared. You could also have some games handy, especially if your family has favorite games or traditions. Make an effort to talk to every person at your gathering, whether big or small. They will appreciate catching up with you and maybe getting to know you better. 

Now you’re ready to start hosting!

Hosting a family dinner is no easy task, but it is some of the most fun and rewarding quality time you get with your family. With these tips in mind, you are ready to host the perfect family dinner that your guests will remember for years. 

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