Back-to-school sign in a pandemic

How to Get Your Kid Back-to-School Ready in a Pandemic

Your child is getting ready to head back to the classroom (and see their friends) for the first time since the pandemic started. But we also realize that with the delta variant, there’s a lot of anxiety for parents. How do I keep my child safe while they’re in the classroom? What can I do to mitigate their risk of catching covid? Here are a few easy ways to get your kid back-to-school ready in a pandemic. 

Build a Healthy Immune System

While we’d love to think there is a simple band-aid solution to keeping our kids safe from covid, the foundation of a healthy immune system is imperative. Making sure your child spends ample time in the sunshine will help them stay healthy by giving them plenty of Vitamin D. Mary Ruth’s Kids Health Bundle is the perfect kit to add to your arsenal of immune-boosting vitamins. Of course, consult your child’s physician before giving them supplements.

Other immune boosting tips are, making sure they get plenty of sleep no matter how old they are, eating healthy well-rounded meals, and getting in some physical activity. By establishing this foundation, your kids get to start school as strong as possible.

Choose Comfortable Face Coverings.

If you choose to send your child to school in a mask, you want to make sure their mask is comfortable. Remember, your kids will be wearing these for several hours a day without a break. There’s nothing worse than an itchy, scratchy piece of cloth over a sensitive area of your skin. 

For children, we absolutely love these Enro Solid Tech Face Masks. These lightweight masks are super soft and comfortable to wear. It also has a bar across the nose to keep it in place as well as keep your child’s glasses from fogging up (they make them for adults too!). 

As a plus, they also come in a variety of engaging patterns and color choices for kids.

Choose Outdoor Play Dates

Has your child become a social butterfly at school? Obviously, after a year in isolation, they’re ready to get back into playing with kids their own age. But how do you navigate that with a pandemic? 

Indoor transmission rates are higher than outdoor rates. The great outdoors provides a safer alternative. That’s because outside, there’s fresh air in circulation, which means it’s more difficult to contract the virus. Still, it would be wise to have your child wash their hands immediately afterward. Everyone’s health needs are unique, so talk with your child’s pediatrician to understand their individual risk.

Reinforce Good Hygiene

One of the best first lines of defense against covid and the flu is hand washing. Make sure to establish good handwashing habits with your kids. They need to wash them for 20 seconds (sing the “Happy Birthday” song twice).

Make sure that if your child wears a mask that you wash it every day when they come home, or that you give them a new mask each day and wash them at the end of the week. We recommend using a fragrance-free or sensitive laundry detergent so that your child isn’t breathing those fragrances in all day.

Answer Your Kids Questions

The coronavirus might be scary for kids, but fear can be more detrimental than helpful. Ease their worries by answering their pressing questions. They are still just kids, and we don’t want to put the weight of the world on their shoulders. Teach them to be safe, and trust you’ve done your best. Getting your kids back-to-school ready in a pandemic may seem daunting, but with these tips, it doesn’t have to be.

*Not intended as medical advice. Meant for educational purposes only. For medical information, please visit the CDC website or contact your doctor.*

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