How Many Toys Do My Kids Need?

Did you know that 8 out of 10 children play with twenty or less of the toys they actually own? Of course, we want to give our children the best, but is it actually benefitting our kids to give them lots of toys? Read on to find out how many toys do my kids need.

What Toys Do My Kids Really Need?

Do you know how many toys are in your child’s toy collection?  Chances are if you’ve ever given them a birthday party or exchanged gifts at Christmas, they have received plenty. Having toys everywhere is overwhelming and often adds stress to your environment. Sometimes the number of toys your kids have may even provoke you to want to throw them away!

Children do not need lots of toys to make them happy and successful. Toys that provide outlets for creativity and learning are great to have. Here are some ideas for toys that not only provide an enjoyable time but also encourage mental growth.

  • Blocks and building toys for encouraging creativity
  • Dolls and character toys to build social skills and role-play
  • Arts supplies for creative design
  • Sensory items like water, sand, dry pasta, and rocks
  • Books to foster imagination and even encourage empathy

What Is the Twenty Toy Rule?

The twenty toy rule is a simple one: let your kids choose twenty toys to keep in their room. With the excess toys, you can decide to store or donate them. Although this may seem like an extreme rule, you might be surprised at how well it works. By getting rid of the excess, you are leaving the toys that actually matter to your children.

There are no hard-set guidelines you have to follow when doing the twenty or fewer toys. You can decide to limit toys to twenty but allow an exception when it comes to doll accessories or something similar. Use the twenty rule to springboard your toy decluttering and mold it to work for you and your family.

Benefits of Fewer Toys

There are several benefits to having fewer toys in your home. Stop asking yourself how many toys your kids need, and embrace the freedom of less!

Increased Imagination

Children who do not have an overload of toys are given the opportunity to use their imagination. This can give them the freedom to explore their own creativity without the distraction of unnecessary toy distractions.

Fewer toys mean they get to try activities outside of just toys. Try making some crafts together to increase their creativity and imagination.

Exploring the World Around Them

When there is less to do inside, your kids might look for something to do outside. Exploring the outdoors is such an important part of a child’s life. It encourages them to exercise and get plenty of fresh air.

When it comes to choosing the number of toys for your child, you know best. As their parent, you understand them and know what is most beneficial for them. Remember that having lots of toys does not equal a happier child, but a parent who cares for them and spends time with them will mean the world.


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