How Airsign Vacuums Blur the Line Between Form and Function

For design-oriented people, the most minor item in your house can stand out as either an object that adds to the aesthetic of space or an object that takes away from it. When it comes to functional items like a vacuum, for instance, it can be tricky to find an item that is beautiful enough to store outside of the broom closet, let alone one that is affordable. Luckily, the Airsign Vacuum puts the same attention to detail in their product design as their customers do for their living spaces. Get the Airsign HEPA Vacuum and enjoy the benefits of an affordable, sustainable, and above all beautiful product in your home–without sacrificing function.

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Just The Start 

Airsign’s vision revolves around the idea that function doesn’t need to come at the expense of form. In general, vacuums are known to be expensive, bulky, and only serve the purpose of cleaning. In this industry, Airsign saw an opening for a product that was practically begging to be improved. To create the Airsign HEPA Vacuum, the brand researched, interviewed, studied, and tested until they created a product that challenges the idea of what a vacuum should be. 

Though the product is the brand’s flagship, The Airsign Vacuum is just the start of what will be a long line of beautiful and functional items for this brand. To learn more about the company’s vision and direction, take a look at its story.

The Airsign HEPA Vaccum 

The Airsign HEPA Vacuum is an all-surface vacuum with a lightweight wand that allows you to reach hard-to-get areas with ease. The Vacuum is designed to give users an easy-to-use experience that will stand the test of time, as well as be visually pleasing. 

Unlike normal vacuums, the Airsign’s motor stays on the ground while the user holds the wand. This means that the vacuum has room for a bigger engine; resulting in more powerful suction. The vacuum uses replaceable bags to hold dust away from the motor; creating a longer lifespan for the device. The Airsign also requires little to no maintenance over time due to the nature of its easily replaceable parts. 

According to reviewers, the Airsign is “…beyond powerful, easy to maneuver and is as easy on the eyes as possible when it comes to something like a vacuum”. While this seems to be the consensus among reviewers, some stated that they wished the motor head had more height adjustments and worked better on high pile carpeting. Read more Airsign reviews by scrolling to the bottom of the product page.  

Design & Aesthetic 

The visual aesthetic of the Airsign HEPA Vacuum is easily the most well thought out part of the vacuum’s design. The detachable motor features a sleek, simple design with clean lines and a cubic shape. The brand aimed to create a vacuum that could look like it belongs in your home. Place it proudly on display and see how well the vacuum fits the design of your space. 


The Airsign HEPA Vacuum has four essential features: A charcoal filter, a powerful motor, replaceable AirBags, and an all-surface wand. 

The Filter

The HEPA-14 Filter is a charcoal filter that removes 99.995% of harmful particles like bacteria, viruses, dust, pollen, dander, mold, and other allergens. The idea here is that instead of just cleaning your floors, you are also cleaning the air. The sealed system of the vacuum’s design ensures that the air coming out of the vacuum is clean, as well as protects the motor from dust and debris over time. 

When it’s time to change your filter, simply swap it out like cassette tape. While the website doesn’t state exactly when to replace it, a good rule of thumb is to follow the timeline of their refill subscription service: every 6 months. 

The Motor

Airsign uses a 250+ air watt motor for their HEPA vacuum. In layman’s terms–this is enough to power an electric scooter. Enjoy extreme suction power at an affordable price with the Airsign.  To change the level of suction, adjust the settings to low, medium, or high. 

The AirBags 

The Airsign vacuum uses replaceable AirBags instead of a typical dust bag. This acts as the first filter in the sealed system to trap dirt. Anyone who has used a cheap vacuum over time has probably noticed the pet hair smell that occurs every time you turn on an old vacuum. This is because dust and dirt have found their way into the vacuum’s motor or filter system. With the Airsign HEPA vacuum, the life of the vacuum is extended by the bags working to keep dust away from the motor. This is by far the most hygienic option for a vacuum. 

The brand recommends that users change out the bags when they are 2/3rds of the way full. Luckily, the vacuum has a fullness gauge located right below the nozzle so that you never have to guess. 

The Wand

The Airsigns’s wand features a hose handle for better control and comfort while cleaning. At the end of the hose is a large floorhead that can cover any service with a kick switch to change from hardwood to rug settings. 


The “all-surface” design is largely due to Airsign’s interchangeable vacuum heads. The vacuum comes with a large floorhead, a brush tool, and a crevice tool. 

Additionally, the vacuum comes with a comprehensive 2-year warranty. The warranty covers the replacement and repair of the overall operation of the vacuum as well as its individual parts. There are several exceptions to be aware of however before you purchase the vacuum. To find out more about the airsign warranty, check out their information page. 

How Much Does an Airsign Cost?

Airsign offers two methods of pricing for the vacuum: a flat rate of $295.00 for just the vacuum, or a subscription service which places the vacuum at $275.00 with a fee of $35 every six months. The subscription provides a refill of 4 bags and a new filter kit every billing cycle. If you prefer to buy replacements on your own time, the bags cost $20.00 per pack of 4. Likewise, the filters are priced at $35.00 individually.

Pros and Cons

The Airsign Vacuum seems to be a powerful, affordable, and beautiful home product. Like any purchase, however, it is important to take a look at the pros and cons.


  • Easy To Use- The design of the Airsign is made to be easy to move and easy to clean.
  • Warranty – The warranty is a safety net of sorts for anyone who doesn’t want to risk receiving a faulty item.
  • Great Website – The easy-to-navigate website will ensure you can replace parts, contact customer service, and purchase products with ease.
  • Quiet- tightly sealed gadgets ensure a quieter suction than what you may be used to.
  • Powerful – the bigger engine on the vacuum means a more powerful suction.
  • Affordable- The Airsign is priced at $100 less than its closest competitor.
  • Recyclable and Biodegradable Materials- The vacuum is built using recyclable materials that can help you reduce waste.
  • Less Maintenance- Each part of the vacuum is made with simplicity in mind. Easily replace the different parts of your vacuum through their technicians.
  • Long-Lasting- The design of the Airsign is made to protect the motor and preserve the life of the vacuum.


  • Multiple Parts- While the motor features a beautiful design, the hose and nozzle are not as visually stunning. This means that if you want your vacuum on display, you may have to find storage for its accessories.
  • Hardwood vs Rugs- Some reviewers have stated that the vacuum doesn’t work as well on area rugs as it does on hardwood surfaces.

Is the Airsign Vacuum Right for Me?

The Airisgn HEPA vacuum is perfect for anyone looking for a reliable, powerful, and affordable vacuum that isn’t hard on the eyes. If you’re the type of person who cares about beauty as well as function, then the Airsign may be right for you. You should buy the Airsign Vacuum if :
  • You want an affordable, long-lasting vacuum
  • You have mostly hardwood surfaces or thin rugs
  • You want a vacuum that can match the aesthetic of your home whether on display or in the storage closet
  • You like to vacuum at any time of day or night without disturbing roommates
  • You want your air as clean as your floors
  • You want sustainable, recyclable products in your home
The Airsign Vacuum goes beyond just the function of a regular vacuum. Through every aspect of the design, Airsign maintains beauty, function, reliability, and sustainability. Check out the Airsign website to buy yours today.

Shipping and Returns

Airsign offers free standard shipping on all products in the continental United States. Shipping typically takes 1-5 business days with the option of express shipping. If you try the vacuum and aren’t satisfied, Airsign has a 30-day free return policy. If you find yourself with reservations, email their team at and they will send you return instructions along with a pre-paid shipping label.

Service on The Airsign

If you have any issues with your Airsign HEPA Vacuum, reach out to to receive information on replacements or repairs.
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