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Why Geologie Skincare?

The custom-fit aspect of this line, as well as the fact that it provides a comprehensive regimen make it a top choice. It simplifies a process that can often be overwhelming and tough to navigate with so many options. This is a product that’s both beginner-friendly and suitable for connoisseurs, providing pore and blemish-free facial skin. 

Their products aren’t just a set of the same products that you get – instead, as your skin deals with different ailments like wrinkles, oily or dry skin, and dark circles, Geologie deals with each of them with different products. They understand the fundamental truth that the skincare you use now may not work down the road as your skin ages and changes. 

They even have their own Medical Advisory Board, headed by the New York Times featured Dr. Steve Xu. Xu is a strong advocate for evidence-based cosmetic products and works with the brand’s cosmetic chemists to develop formulations.

With drugstore alternatives, you spend little money and get harmful ingredients or preservatives, without attention to your specific skin issues. With luxury alternatives, you end up paying a premium for the bottle and rare ingredients with unproven results. Geologie sits between the two, with solutions that are tailored to your needs and delivered right to your doorstep. 

Key ingredients in Geologie Skincare

Niacinamide – A redness and inflammation reducer which also minimizes the appearance of pores.

Kojic acid – An antimicrobial melanin inhibitor that helps with skin-pigment disorders like uneven skin tone, age spots, or scarring.

Retinol – A non-abrasive, anti-aging exfoliator that stimulates collagen growth and increases skin cell turnover.

Salicylic acid – A natural acne treatment derived from willow bark that unplugs blocked skin pores and sheds dead skin cells.

Hyaluronic acid – A lightweight moisturizer and wrinkle reducer that increases hydration without weighing down skin.

Squalane – A soothing/anti-inflammatory moisturizer that keeps hydration locked in at a cellular level.

How Geologie chooses a skincare system for you

They ask you basic information like your name, age range, gender, and what you feel your skin issues are. The quiz then asks users what results they’d like, including:

  • Sun/UV protection
  • Less oily skin
  • Smoother/softer skin
  • Wrinkle Reduction
  • Reduced Discoloration/Blemishes
  • Reduced acne

There’s even a “not sure” box to click if you’re a total skincare novice – there’s nothing to be ashamed of!


The packaging is one of the clear positives of Geologie Skincare, with a dark, handsome aesthetic that’s more minimalistic and male-oriented than lots of the other skincare options. In an industry that’s mostly marketed towards women, skincare for men is a trend that’s slowly been popping up in the past couple of years, and Geologie is one of the pioneers leading that trend. This is a skincare line that men can feel confident shopping for, and women can feel confident gifting to men on birthdays or holidays.

The sizes of the containers themselves are generous, boasting a 90-day supply of products. Many expensive skincare products are sold in tiny bottles that often run out in about a month. 

Included with ingredients are information cards (one for morning and one for night) that explain the contents, ingredients, and instructions on how to use them.

What does the Geologie Skincare product line consist of?

This will depend on your skin type and the quiz that you fill out for the brand before purchasing their line, but some popular a la carte Geologie products include:

Everyday Face Wash – A staple that they provide 2 bottles of, the Everyday Face Wash comes in both scented and unscented versions.  It comes in a clear gel form with a light lather and doesn’t leave skin feeling stripped thanks to its key ingredient of salicylic acid.  This is available in both an exfoliating version and a sensitive skin version. 

Vital Morning Face Cream – Formulated with SPF 10 sunscreen, this cream protects you from UV rays. The cream is thick due to its repairing properties. This may be ideal for cold climates but doesn’t absorb as well in overly hot and humid environments. Still, the cream does eventually absorb without an oily residue. The brand also sells SPF separately if you’re looking to upgrade from drugstore sunscreen. 

Repairing Night Cream – While the day cream is formulated to protect, the night cream is all about restoration. People describe this as being one of the most effective Geologie products, easily taking care of oversized pores and blackheads. This texture is also thick, but this allows it to work more effectively overnight. 

Nourishing Eye Cream – Since your under-eye area is too sensitive for normal face cream, this is an essential part of the routine and helps nix dark circles in no time. Its key ingredient, kojic acid, works to lighten these circles. There are two eye creams – one with a dark & puffy focus, the other with an anti-wrinkle focus.

Moisturizing Hydro-Gel – If you find the regular moisturizer to be a little too heavy, consider the Active Recovery Hydro-Gel Moisturizer, which has more of a lightweight gel texture but still helps lock in moisture.

Under a section dubbed “routines,” you can buy sets for specific goals and skin types, like the Essential Acne Set, the Sensitive Skin Trial, or a full skincare routine, which contains 5 products. 

We love the personalized, high-quality ingredients for specific skin types, as well as the easy-to-follow routine and instructions for beginners. Additionally, they offer a subscription service and rewards program. Buyers also appreciate the non-scented options for sensitive skin or those easily irritated by artificial fragrances. However, some users do complain that their moisturizing cream is a little thick, but this can be solved by either diluting the cream or using a little less of it. 

How much does Geologie cost? 

When compared with the offerings of competitive skincare brands, Geologie is somewhat average. Still, they do lean on the more affordable side when considering the ingredients and quality. They let you choose specific products if you’re looking to experience without commitment, but also offer a good deal on subscription services, which remain an option. 

Based on the generous volume of products provided, correct ratios between products so that you never run out too soon. This is a big deal since there are many size discrepancies in skincare, including large quantities of face wash and tiny bottles of moisturizer. They also frequently have sales, including their current one, which offers 20% off on all products. Subscribing rather than completing a one-time purchase will also save you money. 

30-Day Sets/Routines: Most of their 30-day sets contain two products and normally cost $30.00. The complete skincare set offers the best bang for your buck, offering multiple products for just $50.

90-Day Sets/Routines: A 3-month set that’s not on sale will cost you $65.00, while the full skincare routine costs $150.

What are Geologie reviews saying?

As always, customer testimonies are important to consider before purchasing a product, no matter how well it’s marketed. On Geologie’s website and Amazon, thousands of customers consistently leave 4 and 5-star reviews. The majority of reviews with any negative comments had to do with the thick texture of the cream. 

Other factors to consider

Don’t live in the United States? Geologie offers international shipping to Canada,  the UK, and Australia. They also offer a significant “hero” discount for teachers, military, first responders, and healthcare workers, with a 50% initial discount, and 30% off on all purchases or subscriptions after that.

They have a 14-day money-back guarantee, minus original and return shipping costs. They also have a customer service team that’s usually around to help. However, in the few poor reviews that we could find online, customers did mention that they had to repeatedly contact customer service to get an update on their order. 

Geologie used to offer free shipping but recently increased it to a flat fee of $4.95. They’ve partnered with Route, a company that helps deal with unexpected issues (i.e. lost or stolen packages) that happen to your order in transit. Route is automatically added to all orders for free.

Should you buy Geologie skincare?

Whether you’re considering dipping your toes in the world of skincare, switching up products, or getting someone a gift, this line delivers results and looks good while doing it.  Rather than catering to one demographic or a “one size fits all” approach, Geologie offers personalized regimens for all skin types and tones  They’re helping change the misconception that skincare is a luxury or something that only women can use.  Instead, Geologie is focused on making skincare more accessible for men while taking the guesswork out of the online buying process.  The purity of their formulas is also worth noting  – they don’t use any filler ingredients, unlike most skincare products – just active ingredients in concentrations with proven results. From their science-driven approach to the company’s transparency, Geologie is a long-term skincare investment that you can count on – no gimmicks included. You should buy Geologie skincare if you want:
  • A customized skincare routine
  • Skincare at an affordable cost
  • Handsome, male-oriented packaging
  • A clean ingredient list 
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