Genius Amazon Buys Under $30 You’ll Use Every Day

Amazon has just about anything you could want or need. In fact, this retailer sells an estimated 12 million products, and while that selection is definitely welcome in some scenarios, other times, it can be super overwhelming. Take it from me — I’ve been reviewing and writing about Amazon products for almost a decade now, and I’ve only seen a fraction of this retailer’s inventory. That said, no matter how many topics I cover and how much time passes, some items keep showing up over and over again. More often than not, they’re the genius, affordable products people use every single day. 

While aesthetics are important, in my opinion, functionality is key when it comes to a great purchase. Think about it: If you use something day in and day out, it pays for itself countless times over. When something saves you time, minimizes waste, boosts your quality of life, or helps you go about your day with more ease, it’s worth every single penny — especially if it only cost $30 or less to begin with. Below, I’ve rounded up over 40 things (all sold on Amazon) that I’ve bought over the years and still use constantly in my own home. And judging by their thousands of five-star ratings, other reviewers are just as obsessed as I am. 

1. This Magnetic Box Cutter With A Ceramic Blade

I’m no longer using my good kitchen knives to open Amazon boxes. Thanks to its magnetic design, this Slice mini box cutter lives on my refrigerator. As soon as a package comes in (which, let’s be honest, happens a lot), I grab it, push the auto-retractable safety button, and use the ceramic blade to slice open the box. It’s rust-proof and lasts 11 times longer than metal, plus it’s also great for opening food packages and plastic.

2. This Phone Grip That's Also A Kickstand & Magnetic Mount

The Mobi phone handle is my current phone grip, and I love it for several reasons: For one, it has an ergonomic three-finger design for a comfortable, secure feel. For another, it doubles as a kickstand, and finally, its metal design is both super sturdy and compatible with most magnetic phone mounts. It even has holes so you can add a strap.

3. A Bag Hook So You Never Again Have To Put Your Stuff On The Dirty Floor

No bar hook? No problem. The Clipa2 instant bag hanger stores around the strap of your pocketbook (or your briefcase, camera bag, or backpack). It then clips around chair backs, hangs over bathroom stalls, or defies gravity at the end of a table or a bar; that way, you never again have to put your bag on the dirty floor. Get it in eight different colors, each made from premium metal alloy that supports up to 33 pounds.

4. These Color-Changing Smart Bulbs So You Can Control Your Lights With Your Voice

I now have these Kasa smart bulbs in every room of my house. They sync up to your Alexa or Google Home so you can turn your lights on and off using just your voice — and with the free app, you can dim, brighten, set schedules, monitor your energy uses, and choose from 16 million color options. Best of all, they work without a hub; all you need is a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection.

5. This Bluetooth Tracker That Helps You Find Your Keys & Your Phone

If you’re constantly losing your keys, the Tile Mate is a life-saver. (In fact, it’s my go-to gift for most holidays and birthdays.) It’s both a Bluetooth tracker and an alarm, so you can find your keys whether they’re lost in your house or at a bar. What’s more, double-press the Tile and it’ll work backwards, helping you to find your phone — even if it’s on silent.

6. Some Silicone Lids That Stretch To Fit Most Containers

In an attempt to limit my plastic usage, I got these Unwasted reusable lids, and I’m a big fan. The silicone comes in a range of sizes and stretches fit most kitchenware, from cups and food storage containers to bowls and pots. They’re also food-safe, leak-proof, and create an airtight seal, so you can keep your food fresh in any container.

7. This Sleep Mask That Doubles As Bluetooth Headphones

Especially if you’re a light sleeper, these sleep headphones are truly genius. They both cover your eyes with soft, breathable fabric that blocks out light, and they direct sound (music, podcasts, white noise, whatever you listen to before bed) straight into your ears with their wireless Bluetooth design. According to reviewers, they’re “easy to sleep in comfort-wise” and great for listening “without disturbing [your] partner.” Some also use them while running in cold weather.

8. These Pimple Patches That Heal A Blemish Overnight

I’ll never again be without these pimple patches. They’re essentially just tiny, round, transparent bandages that contain hydrocolloid, so they absorb the contents of a blemish in less than eight hours. Put them on before bed, and the area will be smaller and less irritated by morning!

9. This Soap-Dispensing Brush So You Can Clean The Shower — While You're In It

I’ve found an unlikely use for this Scotch-Brite Soap Scrubber — and it’s been life-changing for me. Instead of using it for dishes, I fill the soap-dispensing handle with Dawn dish soap, white vinegar, and water. Then, every week, I use it to scrub down the tub and the glass enclosure while I’m in the shower. It kills two birds with one stone, and it keeps my bathroom sparkly-clean.

10. An Outlet Extender With A Built-In Shelf & Night Light

If you never seem to have enough outlets, this outlet extender is a cheap, simple fix. Plug it into the wall, and it’ll provide five new AC outlets, three USB-A ports, one USB-C port, all carefully angled so you can use them simultaneously. It even has a built-in shelf and dawn-to-dusk night light. 

11. These Erasable, Reusable Sticky Notes That Stick Without Damage

I used to go through sticky notes like my life depended on it, which wasn’t the most eco-friendly habit. Then I found M.C. Squares, which are basically like little whiteboards that you can erase and reuse thousands of times. The back has a micro-suction foam that sticks to most shiny materials without damaging them, so you can put them on desks, windows, cabinets, and appliances. 

12. A Universal Strainer That Clips Right Onto Your Cookware

Unlike a standard colander (which takes up a bunch of space in your kitchen), this clip-on strainer is super compact. It also attaches to the edge of most pots and pans, no matter the size, so you can strain pasta, vegetables, and meat straight from the cookware. Since it’s made from silicone, and flexible and dishwasher-safe. Get it in your choice of four colors.

13. This Spicy Honey That's Amazing On Basically Everything

It’s basically just honey infused with chili peppers, but I’ve already gone through four bottles of Mike’s Hot Honey. I use it on roasted Brussels sprouts and broccoli to give my vegetables a gourmet edge — but other reviewers love it on wings, pizza, cheese, and even ice cream. No matter what you put it on, it gives it a sweet, spicy flavor.

14. These Glasses With Magnetic Lenses, So You Can Switch From Sun Protection To Blocking Blue Light

“So versatile and well-made,” one reviewer wrote about these interchangeable magnetic glasses. “No more clutter of multiple sunglasses in my car,” another said. Which each pair of frames, you get four different lenses that snap right on with magnets: three polarized sunglasses in all different colors, and one blue-light-blocking cover to minimize strain from screens. That way, you can switch between functions in seconds.

15. This Reusable Water Bottle That Puts Other Designs To Shame

I have tested out dozens of different water bottles, but the Owala FreeSip has been my go-to for over two years now. It does it all: The BPA-free double-wall insulation retains temperature for up to 24 hours. The patented FreeSip spout has two sections for both chugging and sipping through the built-in straw. The push-button lid has a lock to prevent leaks and a flip-up handle for easy carrying. Get it in three sizes and 15 colors.

16. This Affordable Scraper Tool With Countless Unexpected Uses

You have no idea how useful the Scrigit Scraper is until you own one. It’s essentially just a pen-shaped piece of plastic with a wedge tool on one side, and a rounded flat tool on the other. That said, you can use it to scratch off stickers, paint, dried-on food, lotto cards, dirt — you name it. Best of all, it’s dishwasher-safe and way better than using your nails.

17. These Vertical Hangers That Save Tons Of Space In Your Closet

Running out of room in your closet? These genius, space-saving hangers can hold up to six articles of clothing at once. Then simply unhook one of the sides, allowing your clothes to hang vertically. They come in a pack of six, each made from durable metal that can support up to 30 pounds.

18. This Drain Protector That Catches Every Hair

Before getting the TubShroom, I had to snake my drain at least once a month. Now, I haven’t done it in years. The revolutionary mushroom-shaped design allows water to flow through while catching every single hair. When it’s full, just pull it out and wipe it clean. This one’s made out of metal (which is sleeker and easier to clean than the silicone version, in my opinion) and comes with a drain stopper for baths, too.

19. A Pot That Automatically Waters & Aerates Your Plants

I unintentionally kill just about every plant that comes through my door. Luckily, there are these self-watering, self-aerating planter pots, which come in four sizes and five colors. The deep reservoir minimizes root rot, while the 12-ounce capacity keeps your plants watered for weeks at a time. While they’re made from plastic, they’re still stylish and UV-stabilized for durability.

20. The Reusable Notebook That Allows You To Digitize Your Notes

This is not your average notebook. For one, thanks to the included Pilot Frixion pen and whiteboard-like paper, you can erase and start over countless times. For another, thanks to the QR codes at the bottom of each page, you can take a picture of your work and use the RocketBook app to beam it to the cloud, so you can save it digitally forever on Google Drive, DropBox, OneNote, Slack, E-mail, and more. Each Rocketbook notebook has 32 pages of dotted grids and comes in tons of color options.

21. These Drops That Completely Dry Your Nail Polish In Minutes

If you don’t have the patience to wait for your manicure to dry, you’re not alone. That’s why I (and thousands of others) love these OPI drying drops. Two little drops on each nail make your polish dry-to-the-touch in one minute and completely dry in five, so you can get back to your life. (The formula also has jojoba oil and vitamin E to nourish your cuticles.)

22. These Silicone Chair Leg Protectors That Fit Most Shapes & Sizes

Forget those annoying, sticky pads that constantly fall off your chair legs. These silicone protectors stretch to fit most sizes and shapes, and they have a layer of felt on the bottom so your furniture glides against the floor without noise or scratches. You get them in two sizes and three colors, including the transparent ones that match anything.

23. This Lip Balm That Both Nourishes & Tints

It’s made from dermatologist-tested ingredients that deeply nourish your lips, and it’s tinted to give them a pop of color. No wonder Honest tinted lip balm has over 18,000 reviews. You can get it in seven different shades, but whichever one you choose, customers love that their “lips feel moisturized” and they look “naturally put together” in one fell swoop.

24. This Revolutionary Bathroom Air Freshener That You Can Take Anywhere

Poo-Pourri isn’t your average air freshener. You spray it into the bowl before you go, and the essential oil-based formula traps odors below the surface of the water, so you can flush without a trace. This travel pack comes with five scents (Original Citrus, Lavender Vanilla, Tropical Hibiscus, Lavender Peppermint, and Vanilla Mint), all in compact bottles that fit well in your bag or in small bathrooms.

25. These Tiny Tools That Re-Seal Bags To Keep Food Fresh

If you’re anything like me, you open a bag of chips, eat a handful, and forget about the rest for a few weeks. After that, they’re too stale to finish. These mini bag sealers have been a game-changer for me. Using two AA batteries and a tiny heating element, they fuse plastic and foil bags back together, so they the contents stay fresh until you want more. This pack of two has built-in hooks and safety knives, too.

26. These Smart Plugs So You Can Control Your Electronics With Schedules, An App, Or Your Voice

To put it simply, I’m obsessed with these Kasa smart plugs. I use them alongside my holiday lights and Christmas tree so I can control them from my phone and put my decorations on automatic schedules. That said, others use them to smartify lamps, humidifiers, and appliances, or to make sure that their dangerous electronics (like their hair straighteners) can be turned off after you’ve left the house. Since they’re Alexa- and Google Home-compatible, you can even control your devices with your voice.

27. These Cushiony Waterproof Slippers That You Can Wear Basically Anywhere

There’s a reason these cloud slippers keep going viral: They’re just so darn functional. Yes, they’re thick and cushiony so you feel like you’re walking on clouds — but they’re also fully waterproof, so reviewers wear them to the beach, to the pool, to the store, to get the mail, while walking the dogs, and even in the showers at the gym. They also come in dozens of colors and sizes.

28. The Last Can Opener You'll Ever Need To Buy

I had a drawer full of can openers that only half worked — until my mom got me this Kuhn Rikon can opener for my birthday. Now, it’s the only one I’ll ever own. It locks onto cans and effortlessly opens them without creating any sharp edges and without touching the food. Then it lifts the lid off vertically so no handling is required. It also has mini pliers and a pull-ring opener built right in. Get it in black, red, or white.

29. This Microwave Splatter Shield That's Also A Colander & Food Cover

Tired of cleaning dried-on food splatters out of your microwave? Available in three sizes and three colors, this multipurpose collapsible food cover ensures that your microwave stays sparkling clean. It also functions as a heat cover while serving, or you can flip it over and use it as a colander or a tray. When you’re done, wash it in the dishwasher and collapse it down into a flat disc for easy storage.

30. This Cult-Favorite Hand Cream That Works When Nothing Else Will

I can’t count how many articles I’ve written about O’Keeffe’s Working Hands cream, so I’ll let other people do the talking here: “This is the only moisturizer that has worked for me,” one reviewer wrote. “My formerly cracked Barista hands love this product,” another raved. “After about 1 week of daily use my hands are perfectly healed.” In short, the revolutionary formula creates a creates a protective layer over the skin for relief within days, guaranteed. (They also make a formula for cracked feet.)

31. This Donut-Shaped Pet Bed That Soothes Anxious Animals

Alright, technically you won’t be using this product every day — but your pet will. This donut-shaped anti-anxiety bed is designed to cuddle dogs and cats from every angle, mimicking the texture of their mother and creating a calming, plush environment where they can unwind. It comes in a bunch of sizes and colors for any pet, plus it’s machine-washable for your convenience. (My high-strung rescue dog is lying in his as we speak.)

32. This Side Table Tray That Clips Onto Your Sofa's Arm Rest

No side table within reach? No problem. This brilliant clip-on tray uses its extendable arms to attach to most sofa and chair arms between 3.5 and 13 inches. It then creates a flat, sturdy surface for your snacks, drinks, remotes, and even your phone or tablet. It comes in two sizes and three colors.

33. This Non-Damaging Putty That Stops Your Stuff From Toppling Over

Homes in earthquake-prone areas. Households with chaotic pets and kids. Collectors with valuable antiques and heirlooms on display. Mobile homes with sliding appliances. Just stick it to the bottom of your stuff, and Quakehold! Museum Putty is a life-saver that keeps all of your things in place. Since it’s non-damaging and works on almost any surface, you can even use it to secure decor to your walls.

34. The Crease-Free Hair Tie That's Constantly Around My Wrist

I’m one of those people who always has a hair tie around my wrist, and for the past year, it’s been Teleties. For one, these spiral hair coils are super durable, waterproof, and hold my thin hair without breakage, tangling, or creasing. For another, they come in countless colors and patterns so they actually look like trendy bracelets around my wrist. Finally, the multiple sizes mean that there’s an option for every hairstyle and hair type.

35. This $12 Mini Waffle Maker That's A Breeze To Use

Crispy, fluffy homemade waffles have never been easier — even in my tiny kitchen. The Dash Mini waffle maker comes in tons of adorable colors and designs, and it creates 4-inch waffles with no buttons or confusing mechanisms. Just pour in the batter and when the light goes off, it’s done. It also heats up in minutes and cleans easily thanks to its dual non-stick surface. Use it for hash browns, pizza biscuits, and cake mix, too.

36. This Windshield Treatment That Makes It Way Easier To See In The Pouring Rain

If you commute or drive often, reviewers say that Rain-X glass treatment is “a must-have for wet weather driving” and “one of the best products” on Amazon. Apply it to your windshield, and instead of billowing out in a waterfall pattern, rain will simply bead up and roll away, seriously improving your visibility in harsh conditions. It’s easy to apply and can also be used on hazy headlights and foggy mirrors.

37. This Brilliant Tray That Lets You Freeze 1/2-Cup Portions

For those who live alone, like to meal-prep, or hate wasting food, Souper Cubes is a brilliant invention. This silicone freezer tray holds sauce, soup, desserts, or leftovers in 1.2-cup sections. That way, you can defrost a single portion at a time and leave the rest for later. Thanks to the flexible silicone, food pops right out. The tray is also BPA-free, dishwasher-safe, and even oven-safe up to 415 degrees.

38. This 3-Tier Serving Tray That Collapses For Storage

Maybe it’s just that I have limited cabinet space, but I think this collapsible party tray is the coolest thing since sliced bread. When open, it has three tiers so you can save space on your table while displaying your appetizers, desserts, or charcuterie. When the party’s over, you just twist it down; the metal legs collapse and the built-in magnets keep the tray flat for effortless storing.

39. This Weird Pink Paste That Cleans Practically Anything

I’ve used The Pink Stuff to remove stickers from jars, rust stains from cookware, caked-on food from the stove, gunk from the baseboards, stains on the countertop — you name it. This cleaning paste has gone viral multiple times over because of its effective but non-scratch gritty texture, which removes discoloration or grease from just about any surface. You don’t have to take my word for it, though — check out its 160,000-plus reviews on Amazon instead.

40. This Fidget Cube That's Well-Designed From Satisfying Materials

Fidget toys haven’t gone away — but they have gotten way better. Take theFube, for example. This fidget cube has a patent-pending design with matte rounded edges, well-made materials, and six sides of tactile buttons, switches, wheels, and joysticks. Reviewers have called it “very satisfying” and say it “actually works” to soothe anxiety and boost focus.

41. This Fabric Shaver That Makes Your Clothes & Upholstery Look "Brand New"

Before you throw out those rough leggings, that linty sweater, or your pilling couch, do yourself a favor and try this rechargeable fabric shaver first. Its razor-sharp blades behind the damage-free shield will remove lint, fuzz, and pilling from virtually any fabric. According to reviewers, after using it once, their stuff looks “brand new.” Since it’s rechargeable, you won’t have to worry about limiting cords or battery replacements, either.

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