Your furniture plays a huge role in your apartment. After all, the overall style of your home is a reflection of your personality, tastes, and hobbies. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find pieces that are comfortable, efficient, affordable, and stylish while still making your home feel like home. You might be convinced it’s time to settle for “cheap and functional” with none of the beauty or style.

Fortunately, the truth is that you can have the best of both (or all) worlds. Modern living has gifted us with beautiful, functional furniture for every occasion. Create the ultimate ambiance and save precious space by trying out the following items in your apartment.

Floyd Bed Frame

This stylish, low-profile bed frame made from wood will be the new centerpiece of your bedroom. Best of all, it offers not just an expensive and minimalist aesthetic, but a storage solution with its customizable gliding shelves. The Floyd is a much less bulky alternative to platform beds with built-in drawers, instead offering a sleek appearance for a reasonable price. This bed frame is truly modular and allows you to decide between storage on one side or both. It’s timeless, versatile, and has the ability to fit into any space.

Ikea Norden Gateleg Birch Table

Tables can make your home feel smaller, which is why an expandable dining or kitchen table is ideal. This compact drop-leaf table is ideal for small spaces and allows you to comfortably host guests when they come over. Then, stow it away when they leave, opening up that precious floor space. Perfect for a kitchen, dining room, or breakfast nook, the Norden table also features a middle storage compartment for flatware, office supplies, or anything else you might need to hide from sight. Consider adding a stain to the birchwood for an elevated look.

Hysile Contemporary Floor Lamp with Table

This brushed brass floor lamp comes on a marbled base and features a built-in side table. Often, fitting in both a lighting and end table solution can be clunky, but this streamlined piece effortlessly combines the two. Illuminate your spot and have a place to put your drinks, books, ashtrays, or catchall trays. If you don’t have room to spare in your living room and want an elegant and contemporary option, look no further. Buyers note that it’s sturdy, well-designed, and offers superior bang for your buck.

Lori Wall Bed

Murphy beds are an incredible option for studios or bedrooms that need to be converted into daytime offices, but the hydraulic springs and lifting mechanisms can make them expensive. That’s why Lori came up with a much more affordable version that doesn’t have that fancy lifting mechanism but still makes your home more spacious. While it does require two able-bodied adults to operate, it’ll help transform your room, and has a clean, low-key design. The Lori is available in both vertical and horizontal configurations.

Moon Pod

This isn’t your college bean bag - the Moon Pod is no doubt the ideal investment for individuals who suffer from anxiety, want to be comfortable while working, or simply need a great place to lounge. While the price is higher than that of competing beanbag brands, the zero-gravity sensation and health benefits of the Moon Pod make it the best beanbag on the market. It offers multiple seating options, including a fully reclined one that you can sleep on.

Tufted Corduroy Gusseted Floor Cushion

This floor cushion is the perfect way to add seating without the bulkiness of a couch. Whether it's for a game night with friends or a stay-at-home movie night. This floor cushion offers versatile seating and beauty in a casual, bohemian setting. You can add it to a chair or bench, or simply keep them on the floor for a relaxed vibe. Floor pillows help make a space charming and cozy, and they’re also a great way to add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral space.

Drum Storage Coffee Table

This drum storage coffee table has a stylish metallic finish (available in 3 colors) and comes in 2 sizes. Simply take the lid off to store magazines, books, blankets, or anything else that your heart desires. This table makes it easy to tidy up and creates a statement in whatever room it's in. The top is made from sustainably sourced mango wood and features finger cutouts so can lift it easily. The spun metal body and the wood grain surface make for a striking contrast.

Modular Industrial Storage Collection

Looking for a statement decor piece that will also store all your living room essentials? This modular storage piece features a mango wood body and blackened steel frames and legs, consisting of a console, bookshelf., and open/closed storage shelving. Opts for the entire system for your living room, or mix and match a la carte pieces for, workspace, and shelving, and book storage solutions. An elevated piece that blends in well with existing decor and has a slightly industrial look.

Urban Chair and a Half Twin Sleeper

Cuddle up with some popcorn on movie night in this deep, boxy armchair. If you get tired, pull it out to reveal a half twin sleeper, which is ideal for naps or nights when you’re too lazy to get to the bedroom. A durable wood frame is kiln-fried for added durability, while the mattress combined high-density foam and gel-infused memory foam. Choose from dozens of weaves, materials, and patterns for a truly customized experience.

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