Fun Activities for Kids on St. Patrick’s Day

As March 17 draws closer, don’t leave your day up to luck. There are so many fun things to do with your kids to make this St. Patrick’s Day a memorable holiday. From preparing green food to going on a treasure hunt, here are some fun activities for your kids on St. Patrick’s Day.

Make Irish Food

Start your St. Patrick’s Day with a fun breakfast. You’ll want something green like these St. Patrick’s Day pancakes. Top with whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles, and your little leprechauns will be thrilled.

If you’re interested in more traditional food, try making some Irish soda bread with your little ones. It tastes like a giant scone and would be delicious with breakfast or even an afternoon treat with some tea.

Have a Costume Contest

After reading some exciting St. Patrick’s Day books, let the adventures inspire you to hold a costume contest with your children.  See who can wear the most articles of green clothing or have them dress up like leprechauns using this fun hat activity. After you choose a winner, allow them to decide what St. Patrick’s activity they’d like to do next!

Make A St. Paddy’s Craft

Fun activities on St. Patrick’s Day usually include a fun craft! One of our favorites is leprechaun traps. These traps are fun to make the day before the holiday and left out overnight to “lure” an unsuspecting leprechaun into it. You will want your trap to look tempting enough for the little guys to crawl into, so use some gold coins or candies to help lure them! Here are some traps made with pots of gold and rainbows to trap a leprechaun to grant your children some wishes.

Listen to Irish Music

The Irish are known for their passionate and hauntingly beautiful music. Find a playlist to listen to Irish music as you go about your day. You could also find some videos of traditional Irish step dances to watch. It’s great fun to try and imitate these dances and also a great way to exercise!

Go On A Treasure Hunt

An activity that will surely put a smile on your children’s faces is a treasure hunt! Don’t worry; setting it up is a breeze using this free printable. Plant the clues around your house and help your kids follow them. Your kids will love following the clues leading to a St. Patrick’s Day treasure. Your treasure could be something like chocolate coins or something that has a rainbow on it. Just remember that the treasure is only half the fun-the hunt itself will bring plenty of joy.

Learn About St. Patrick’s Day

Most of us love to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with good food and fun activities, but do you know who St. Patrick actually is? You can watch a movie or read a book about St. Patrick. See if your kids can pick up on why a shamrock and the color green are associated with this day. This holiday is also a great time to learn about Irish culture. Discover the history of castles and stone circles. This is a great opportunity to pique your children’s curiosity about other cultures.

Play An Irish Game

We can’t forget about fun games to celebrate this exciting day! Shamrock bingo is a thrill for your kids that you all can play over and over. The best part is it is easy for you! No prep or cleanup is required.

Another great game is St. Paddy’s themed memory game. This DIY memory game is not only fun to play but also fun to make! Let your kids get creative as they color the squares and make matching four-leaf clovers.

Plant Shamrocks

Shamrocks are usually considered a lucky charm, especially when they have four leaves. They are also beautiful with their rich green color. Start a new St. Patrick’s tradition by planting shamrocks with your kids. Not only will it add a pop of color to your house, but it will also give your children a chance to learn a little about the science behind growing plants.

Whether or not your kids can catch a leprechaun or find the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, we hope these activity ideas will help inspire you to have an exciting St. Patrick’s Day.

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