The Floyd vs The Thuma – Which is the best bed frame?

 For many, investing in a quality bed frame is a sign that you’ve reached a new level of adulting. Keeping your bed off the floor lets you clean underneath it while creates creating extra storage space in your bedroom, and it also makes a box spring optional rather than essential.


How to Choose a Bed Frame

Consider a simple option, which will allow the frame to fit in with your existing style and bedroom decor easily. Both of the frames we’ll be examining in this guide are platform bed frames. No box spring? No problem, thanks to the solid base or slats in a platform bed. Platform beds also offer a firmer experience for sleepers, which translates to less back pain. The Floyd and the Thuma bed are two of the best platform beds by direct-to-consumer brands. They offer chic, functional bedroom furniture that ships straight to your door.

Still, making the right decision isn’t always so straightforward. Weighing the pros and cons and choosing which option to go with can sometimes feel overwhelming. We compiled a list of factors to help you decide which bed frame will fit your lifestyle and bring you peace of mind.

platform bed
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What is the Thuma?

The Thuma bed frame is a no-assembly bed frame that is ideal for IKEA lovers, or anyone who has no idea what to do with a toolbox. At just over $1,095 for a queen, it has a simple, elegant look and unbeatable durability. But just how does the no-assembly feature work? Apparently, the pieces lock together like a game of Tetris — easy peasy! Whether your interior design style is contemporary or traditional, this frame won’t stick out like a sore thumb anywhere, thanks to its versatility. It arrives in three boxes, designed to move easier through staircases and hallways, so those in walkup apartments or tight spaces don’t need to be worried.

thuma bed
Courtesy of Thuma

What is the Floyd?

Floyd is a direct-to-consumer brand that brings a 100% customizable bed frame to the market. It comes in more basic options but also allows you to add on all the bells and whistles you want. Starting at just $795, it’s one of the most affordable platform beds you can buy. Like the Thuma, it also doesn’t require tools for assembly. Instead, nylon ratchet straps add extra security and stability. Putting it together is effortless, and its modular design is an attractive addition to any room. Customers have an option to add on a headboard and/or under-bed storage. Plus, the modular build makes the frame more versatile, fitting both smaller and larger mattresses.

floyd bed
Courtesy of Floyd

Bed Frame Cost Comparison

Starting at $795, the price of the Floyd goes up in increments as you tweak and customize it to your heart’s desire. The most basic model is for a full/queen with no headboard. Quality is outstanding, and if you’re opting for the best features and materials, it’ll cost you $2,455. By comparison, the less customizable Thuma bed costs $1,295 in its most expensive model.

If you prefer basics and don’t want to be burdened by many decisions, opt for the Thuma. If you’re seeking storage options and a style statement, consider the Floyd.

Bed Frame Materials

The Thuma contains 100% genuine, repurposed wood. This is both a sustainable approach and lends a unique look to each of the bed frames. Rather than a generic factory look, they come with their own unique imperfection, knots, and grains. Slats are also eco-friendly, made from recycled plastics, and help reduce noise.

The Floyd is held together by a lightweight honeycomb core. It’s available in either FSC certified walnut veneer or Birch plywood, which is famous for its strength and longevity. Additionally,  powder-coated steel supports help to create a sturdy frame.

floyd bed
Courtesy of Floyd

Thuma vs Floyd: Function

Both of these bed frames are sturdy and easy to put together, but just how do they match up in terms of functionality?

The Thuma has about 9 inches of space underneath, which is more than enough room to store shoes, suitcases, or jackets underneath. While the Thuma is strong thanks to its double-strength slats, has a 1,500-pound weight capacity, and is easy to put together sans tools, users can also accidentally dismantle it. Especially if you frequently move your bed around. This shouldn’t be a dealbreaker if your bed stays in one area. Each of the legs is covered in cork-padded bottoms to keep your floor safe.

The Floyd has an expensive look with clean lines and sells for a reasonable price, but some users do note that the low profile look can prove tricky for ankles or shins if you accidentally run into it. Storage-wise, you can choose between under-bed storage on one side, both sides, or neither. The Floyd has a 600-pound weight limit.

While the Floyd has the option of adding in sleek built-in storage, the Thuma’s height allows you to store things beneath, without the extra cost.

What about the aesthetic of the bed?

The Floyd has the look of a floating bed, which many consumers love. Its sleek and low profile makes it a must for modern or minimalist homes. It can be tweaked to fit your needs, with options like either birch or walnut wood, and a choice between white and black accents.

While the Thuma also has a modern look, its bare wood material gives it a more rustic or mid-century look. The look of the frame is also chunkier and more substantial than the Floyd. The Thuma’s headboard, aka their PillowBoard, is available in a light linen or a dark charcoal tone. Multiple buyers describe the frame as “beautifully designed”.

thuma bed
Courtesy of Thuma

Other Factors to Consider

  • Sleep trials: Ordering anything bed-related online can be risky, so protect yourself by only buying a bed with a sleep trial. This is essentially a test period that lets you decide if you want to commit or not. Both of these brands offer sleep trials so you can figure out which frame is a good fit for you and your lifestyle. Thuma offers a 100-night risk-free trial with complimentary returns, while Floyd’s return period is only 30 days.
  • Shipping: Floyd’s shipping costs are broken down according to car total – anything under $75 will cost you $5, while cart total of over $1,000 costs $149. Thuma, on the other hand, offers free shipping.

The Floyd vs The Thuma: Which bed frame is better?

They both offer different benefits, but generally, the Floyd offers a more modern look, while the Thuma offers a more timeless and conventional one. If you prefer an exposed wood headboard as opposed to an upholstered one, the Floyd may be a better decision. The same goes for anyone who finds that the Thuma doesn’t let you tweak as many features as you’d like. However, the Thuma is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint, using rubberwood from trees that can no longer produce latex and would otherwise be disposed of.

However, both of these home companies work hard to deliver a level of affordable luxury to customers with a functional, minimalist effect. These popular bed frames don’t suffer from creaking, bunching slats, unlike cheap alternatives.  Ultimately, what makes the best bed frame comes down to preference.

Why buy a direct-from-consumer bed frame?

While there’s nothing wrong with going to a trusted retailer for your bed frame, buying directly from a brand allows them to target the customer’s needs better and maximize their budget. These direct-to-consumer furniture brands also have a more personal touch when it comes to customer service, and allow more customization options for your purchase.

Should you buy the Thuma?

The Thuma is a safe bet with a focus on craftsmanship. When it comes to easy-to-assemble bed frames, this one stands up to designer competitors on the market. Many customers note that it’s completely silent. The Thuma is high enough to store items underneath but also won’t overwhelm a small bedroom. However, unlike the Floyd, you can’t make this frame bigger if you change mattresses sizes.

You should buy the Thuma if you want:

  • A timeless and conventional style
  • A padded, upholstered headboard
  • Eco-friendly materials and process

Should you buy the Floyd?

The Floyd is durable, and its unique honeycomb core makes it more lightweight than the Thuma. It has a more minimalist aesthetic than the Thuma, and cleaner lines. Unlike the Thuma, it has self-contained under-bed storage on smooth gliders, but you may be limited when it comes to the height of the items you store. If you upgrade your bed size, the movable panels can accommodate it.

You should buy the Floyd if you want:

  • A minimalist, modern look
  • An exposed wood headboard without padding
  • Multiple customizable options for your needs

For more buying info, check out the Floyd or Thuma today.

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