Which Fitbit is Right for You? A Review of 5 Styles

Which Fitbit is right for you?
The wearable technology industry is flooded with competition and options. Just because there are more options doesn’t mean you need them. Amazon’s Fitbit selection throws over 100 choices your way, which doesn’t even count the other players in this space. Fitbit remains the gold standard in wearables, but not all Fitbits are created equal. Depending on who you are and what you need, it’s helpful to know what will work best and why.

Best Fitbit for Professionals


See it on Amazon – Fitbit Versa 3 Health and Fitness Smartwatch

Fitbit Versa 3

Full touch screen capabilitiesPremium Subscription required for some uses
Activity and sleep trackingLimited health reports in comparison to other options
Full GPS

Step-counters are so 2018. In today’s world, you want a fitness tracker that can keep up whether you’re on your post-work run or pre-work swim. And don’t worry if you forgot to start tracking a session; built-in sensors identify the workout you’re doing and start monitoring automatically.
The Versa 3 has a large screen that makes reading the notifications easy. It allows me to set weekly goals and track my progress instead of treating each day in a vacuum. Sometimes work gets in the way of workouts, and I need to reschedule. I’d suggest maximizing your output and getting a subscription to Fitbit Premium. This opens you up to a world of guided exercises, programs and videos that are sure to help you break a sweat.
While not officially a health-tracking device, the Versa 3 monitors blood-oxygen levels, skin temperature and breathing rate, which can help guide your workouts and overall health.

Best Fitbit for Moms


See it on Amazon – Fitbit Charger 4

Fitbit Charge 4

Connect to SpotifyBlack and white screen only
Water-resistant to 50mPreprogrammed messages only for Android
Sleep Scores“Only” holds a charge for four days

Is your infant or toddler becoming slightly too enamored with your smartphone? Are you looking for ways to check your notifications without attracting the attention of baby eyes?
This sleek and frankly downright beautiful Fitbit is compatible with iPhones and Android devices (though only Android users can, right now, respond with preprogrammed replies). Measuring half the size of a traditional smartwatch (only half an inch thick), the Charge 4 doesn’t have the heft of other products on the market. Meaning you can subtly check your messages and plan accordingly.
Using the Swipe feature unlocks a range of alternative screen options to help you maximize your Fitbit experience. I love connecting to Spotify or checking the weather with the swipe of a finger and glance. I also like to check my sleep score. This feature tracks my sleep over the week and provides some feedback and suggestions to make getting to sleep, as difficult as it can be with children, better.

Can this replace my iPhone?


See it on Amazon – Fitbit Sense Advanced Smartwatch

Fitbit Sense

Great battery lifePricey
Oxygen level detectorsLoose band
Stress and sleep measurement and trackers

This Fitbit is the one most often compared directly to the Apple Watch. Retailing at around $330, this Fitbit is the most expensive in the Fitbit catalog; however, it is still considerably more affordable than Apple’s offering. With the high price point comes a six-month subscription to FitBit Premium and its cache of workout videos from Barre3 or meditation offerings from Aaptiv.
While I wouldn’t recommend replacing your iPhone with this watch, the Sense has the broadest range of features that get you closest to your phone. With a high-resolution, high-pixel display, the Sense is beautiful to look at and easy to show off either in gold or gray. Swiping screens to access apps from Deezer or Spotify to Alexa or Starbucks, this Fitbit is a powerhouse in functionality.
One of the significant perks included with the Sense is the EDA scan feature. Measuring the amount of sweat on your skin, this app monitors your stress levels and helps you combat anxieties by identifying when you are in a triggering situation or state of being.

On a Budget?


See it on Amazon – Fitbit Inspire 2

Fitbit Inspire 2

Great entry price pointLimited interface
Water-resistant to 50mLimited monitoring options
Interchangeable bandsNo music connection

If you’re content with carrying a phone and wearing Fitbit during your workout, then the Inspire is the best Fitbit on a budget. Like many recent Fitbits, this one has ditched its old button in favor of sensory technology. Squeeze on the sides to activate, and off you go! Set on dim mode, this tracker is suitable for use outdoors as the display is easy to see. If you are unhappy with the visibility, just swipe over to settings and change as you see fit.
This Fitbit offers the most basic fitness tracking tools you’ll need with an accelerometer and optical heart rate monitor. It does lack the ability to track flights of stairs, so if that is one of your preferred workouts, you may want to look elsewhere. On account of the screen size, you have to swipe between screens to see monitoring data on calories and steps, but this division allows users to really focus on key metrics as opposed to being bogged down by noise. In addition to workout features, this fitness tracker still possesses Fitbit’s outstanding sleep tracking technology.

Best Option for Kids


See it on Amazon – Fitbit Ace 2

Fitbit Ace 2

DurableNo “goals” setting
Stain-resistantLimited monitoring tools
Kid-friendly interfaceNo GPS

Maybe your little loved one has got the workout itch, and you’re looking for ways to scratch it. Then look no further than the Fitbit Ace 2. Designed specifically for kids aged six and up, this fitness tracker is more durable and easier to use than others on the market.
Coming in a variety of colors, you’ll have no problems finding playful options that are sure to attract and impress your child. These bands are also stain-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about them getting it dirty at recess. Children are not typically known for their grace or care. The Ace 2 is an incredibly durable device that stands up to wear and tear that kids love and mothers fear.
Since most kids are fluent in screen technology, the Ace interface will come as a breeze. Swiping, clicking, and tapping on the screen allows users to activate all necessary controls. I love the fact that I can follow the data and see what progress is being made.

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