Firebelly Tea Review: Better Than Coffee

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We have been on the hunt for a hot tea that not only has a great taste but one that has the potential to transport us into a new flavor experience. Firebelly Tea’s rich blends have forever changed what we think of hot beverages. 

Introducing Firebelly Tea

On first seeing Firebelly Tea, we fell in love with the minimalistic design and muted colors of its packaging. These sleek boxes will look beautiful when displayed on your cabinet shelves. What’s even more enticing is the contents of these tea boxes. From the rich and bold Crowd Pleaser to the light and fragrant Breath of Fresh Air, it was easy to find the exact flavor experience we were looking for. 

Tea Flavor and Ingredients

Firebelly Tea is what is considered a “true tea”. This simply means that the tea comes from the tea plant, Camellia sinensis. You don’t have to worry about added fillers and fake ingredients. Many store-bought teas contain unspecified “natural flavors” which are actually toxic and not natural at all. With Firebelly Tea, you know exactly what you are getting. 

This loose leaf tea makes it easy to see exactly what is in the blend. Teabags hide crushed-up and poor-quality ingredients. With Firebelly, you can easily see the ingredients of each tea blend. The gorgeous tea makeup allows for a rich sensory experience from sight to smell and finally to taste. 

Firebelly Tea Blends Review

Firebelly Tea has an extensive collection of teas. They have something for the tea connoisseur and the coffee drinker alike.  We want to share with you some of our Firebelly Tea top picks. 

Black Tea

For a new twist on black tea, we recommend the Forest Fresh blend. It is filled with antioxidants and has a surprising relaxation effect. The woodsy notes of cardamon and woodruff procure a delightful surprise to a regular black tea. Try making it into a latte using the Breville milk frother.

Green Tea

Green tea has been known to have health benefits for the drinker. However, drinking plain green tea made by dunking your tea bag up and down a few times can get old fast. Zest for Life is an exciting tea mixture that includes ginger, chili, and lemon verbena. Use this as a steady caffeine source that won’t make you crash like coffee. 

Herbal Tea

We cannot get enough of Firebelly’s delectable Paradise tea blend. The delicate notes of lavender and rosehips transport us to an English garden. As an herbal tea, it would be an excellent choice to sip as you unwind at the end of a long day. 

Another herbal favorite is the After Dinner Mint tea. With hints of creamy chocolate and a fresh burst of peppermint, this tea is delicious when enjoyed with a sweet dessert. 

For the Coffee Lover

We get it. You can’t quite give up your coffee addiction. Firebelly has something for you. Try starting your day with No Ordinary Joe. This bold tea contains licorice root and cocoa shell. It is an excellent coffee substitute that will make you wish you had tried tea ages ago. 

Firebelly Tea’s specially curated blends make for a rich and exquisite cup of tea. Along with all of their tea blends, they offer tea time accessories and tutorials on how to properly prepare your beverage. We hope that you will enjoy this tea experience as much as we have. 

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